Well, Kobe gets no love these days… Your thoughts?

FoxSports: “Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak has done such a good job of stockpiling talent, I’d argue that LeBron James could compete for a title — and probably win one — with the Lakers’ second team. That unit features Lamar Odom, who’s way more talented than any among James’ supporting cast, and Trevor Ariza. There’s also Sasha Vujacic, who’d average between 15 and 18 points as a spot-up shooter with the Cavs.”

  • sketch

    this guy mark kriegel is an idiot! a friggin imbecile! has this guy been watchin our lakers at all? sure they’re talented as fcuk, but how many times have we needed the real king, KING KOBE to close out the game for us?

    lehype has proven himself to be a non-closer and a guy who can’t hit the free throws down the stretch to win the games. unless he gets a dunk, lebron is basically useless!

    mark kriegel, STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FCUKIN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!STFU!!!!!!!!

  • Mitch4Pres

    f uck mark kriegel. who is he anyway? i dont understand why so many people ride lebron’s nuts so hard and give kobe such little credit. i thought things had finally changed after last year when he won mvp. i thought people stopped taking him for granted but i guess not. Pretty much, this is just another retarded comment about lebron to add to the long list of retarded comments about lebron that come out of idiots mouths. f uck mark kriegel and all lebron d ick riders.

  • kisofdeath

    dude this just shows how underrated mo will is. He’s always been one of my favorite guards and the bucks had one of my favorite back courts with mo will and michael redd…

    LO is one of my fav players too but honestly i would take mo will over LO any day

  • zgum

    pls no love for lebron… this is laker nation!

    …. but i agree, our bench is awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Reason they’re so good is the experience and influence Kobe has brought to the team. The team is Kobe raised, Lebron needs to raise his own team.

  • deemac1

    Whats hilarious is that if you take Paau off our team we pretty much have the same team we’ve had for the past 2 yrs that the analyst were saying arent very good and Kobe needs more help! lol So now that we are winning we have a second unit that could win a title with lebron. Lol Gimme a break

  • Smush Walton

    Let’s see how Cleveland would do with Vlad and Luke. They probably would not be much help.

  • Lakers 24 7

    …How bout Lebron wins a title with his OWN team first, and then we talk about this….

  • LakersFirst

    I agree with this statement from Mark Kriegel:

    “Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak has done such a good job of stockpiling talent,”

  • http://www.vidaguerrasbutt.com/vida-guerra-playboy-picture-a_17.html#pic daboss1849

    Mitch great job with Luke, rad, mbenga, and mimh. Those guys will push us over the top LOL


    This guy is a clown.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #59111 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You forgot drafting Farmar, Bynum (and keeping Bynum, not listening to idiots that wanted Kidd instead), trading for Ariza, resigning Sasha, Trading for Pau Gasol, etc, etc.

    I like how people only mention the bad things, but neglect the good things, but hey I guess those are only fickle Laker fans, not the true fans.


    How is this a diss to Kobe? All the guy is saying that the Lakers second unit is better than the starting line up of the Cavaliers (aside from Lebron of course). His way of thinking comes from their current record of 31-8 with a starting lineup that can’t compete with the Lakers second unit (aside from Lebron of course), and Lebron would have better success with the Lakers bench because of it.

  • KING-BQ1981

    STFU mark… LeBron iz a good Player, but not as good as Kobe is. You Will see, LeBron will choke in the POs…

    Magic #1 in the EAST!!!!

  • Fred A.

    Hey you guys I think this guy might be retarded!!!!!
    Do you yhink so?

  • 85

    It feels like the media has a mission this year: To make Lebron MVP. Everything he does they make it like its the best thing that ever happened in the game. When Kobe does anything they say: Well if lebron had does teammates he would have done the same.

    Kobe is very underrated. I’m not saying this because I’m a Lakers fan but Kobe should have at least had 3 MVP awards.

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #59125 Will Be Quoted Here]

    are you kidding? if you can’t tell that this is a dis then there’s no help for you! reading comprehension fellas! someone help him out!

  • sketch

    KING BQ,


    it was meant for LAL4Life.
    [Comment ID #59124 Will Be Quoted Here]

    are you kidding? if you can’t tell that this is a dis then there’s no help for you! reading comprehension fellas! someone help him out!

  • bernzter

    It’s all media…

    They don’t want Kobe because he is maturing enough and is a great contender against MJ23 for true greatness… But then again KB24 has shown time and time again that he is willing to learn and adapt to meet the demands of the team…

    The only thing missing for KOBE is for his team mates to step up to the challenge…

    About LBJ… Media just has to shut up and know their role that KB is a classier player, Lebron likes to bruise his opponent… Kobe likes to dismiss him gracefully (ha! if it was like that it would be opera on the basketball court! LOL).

    So this Mike dude, get off your rocker and just say what is the truth… Kobe rules… LeBron still has to mature…

    Nuff said…

  • bernzter

    My bad on the last post.. It’s Mark not Mike… m’s they’re confusing.. LOL

  • ab4sure

    Give Lebron Bynum and look out. Bynum would average 5 dunks a game. Eliminate Lebron and Kobe and the Lakers kill the cavs.