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Many Laker fans question the decision to trade Lamar Odom to the Dallas Mavericks. A team who just swept the Lakers out of the playoffs.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban joined the Dan Patrick show this morning to talk about many things, including the Clippers acquiring Chris Paul, the possibility of Cuban buying the Dodgers and, of course, the trade for Lamar Odom

Cuban said that it’s no mystery to him why the Lakers would trade Odom to the Mavs. He simply said “Thank you very much”, and moved on.

You can read the conversation, between Dan Patrick and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban below, or you can listen to the entire interview via Fox Sports LA.

Dan Patrick: Why did the Lakers trade Lamar Odom to of all places…You?

Mark Cuban: You’ll have to ask them

DP: But you have to wonder, saying wait a minute? They are willing to trade Lamar Odom to…us?

MC: Nope, I don’t wonder those things, I say thank you very much and move on.

DP: Who Initiated Lamar Odom coming to the Mavs?

MC: Lamar’s agent.

DP: Called you and said?

MC: Would you be interested?

DP: And you Said?

MC: Yes

DP: I’m trying to think of the end game for the Lakers here…

MC: I think what you are missing, and a lot of people are missing is the new collective bargaining agreement changes everything. It changes how you build a team, how you manage a team, how you maintain a team. All the rules are different. With the Mavericks, in the past if I made a mistake I can fix it by bringing in more money… Now with the current system, once you are in luxury tax territory then there is a lot of inhibitors on how you can improve your team.

DP: But [The Lakers] could have traded Odom to a lot of different places I would think.

MC: The difference is who would just take it without giving any money back?…Being under the cap has a lot more value now…I think it’s impacting the decisions of a lot of teams.

DP: But the Lakers have that TV deal?

MC: That’s not the point it’s not about affording [the luxury tax]. Will having all that revenue allow them to potentially go into the luxury tax when others won’t? Absolutely! There is that risk that they take that chance, but at the same time once you are in luxury tax you have the mini-mid level [exception] instead of the mid-level [exception]. You can’t be a recipient of a sign-and-trade deal once you are in the luxury tax…Your ability to make trades are diminished. All these elements that are different if you are a tax payer.

Lamar Odom, Mark Cuban, and the rest of the Dallas Mavericks visit the Lakers at Staples Center in about a month. (January 16th @7:30pm)