As many of you know, Mark Cuban and Phil have had a ‘war of the words’ over the past few years, with one countering the other. It was Cuban’s turn to try and 1-up Phil and he did just that. About 2 weeks ago he took a jab at Phil, calling him ‘Jeanie’s boy-toy.’

Phil didn’t seem too bothered by it and neither did Jeanie. In fact, both of them embraced Cuban’s comment.

Well yesterday, Cuban had a few comments about his respect for Phil:

“I like him a lot. Anybody who can intellectually give you some [expletive] instead of ‘Your mother wears army boots’ quotes, you’ve got to like that. He takes it and then he gives it back.”

He went on to say he was just ‘messing with Phil.’ Giving the media something to talk about and apparently, getting them to use the word ‘boy-toy.’ Well Mr. Cuban, that worked.

However, in all seriousness, Cuban did give his take on Phil’s possible last year coaching. The Mavs owner said he’ll miss Phil if this is indeed his last year coaching but said it won’t be hard to know what Phil’s doing:

“I’ll go to and see what he’s up to.”

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    i hope he buys the dodgers…