Here’s a chat session done with ESPN’s Sportsnation. Very interesting…

Lakerfans (Everywhere): With the word out of LA that the asking price is too high for JO what happens? Does Indy come down or is a 3-way deal going to be needed to team Jermaine up with Kobe?

Picture (Metafile)Chris Sheridan: (1:05 PM ET ) The best rumor I heard out here was that the Lakers had turned their attention to acuirin Shawn Marion in a sign-and-trade involving Luke Walton, another player and the Lakers’ pick, which I’m told the Suns would use on Spain’s Rudy Fernandez.

  • SILO

    Now thats not that bad of a trade if its only going to be luke a draft for marion. My only problem is that marion is a role player but a all star role player THAT IS INCREDIBLY STREAKY AND CHOKES IN BIG GAME. Shawn Marion is NO THIRD OPTION. He feeds of passing and being set up for ally oops, open threes, and put back dunks. Though he is a great rebounder and one of the best defenders in the league he still has his noticeable faults.

    Luke on the other hand i would think he would be happy to go back to az, since he went to college there and will welcomed to the suns with open arms. His passing would be phenomenal with the suns system and with the combo with steve nash, passes will be going every and any where.

    If i were the lakers, i would be very careful with this trade, i would try to get one more player from them like barbosa if they give them a draft pick. Try to remove some key parts from the suns. While the lakers should profit the suns should be breaking down.

    Suns are going through a huge transition period right now. They have gotten nowhere with the roster right now and they need to get better but they need a shake up. Barbosa a great bench player and he isnt getting paid much so the money portion would work and i got no problem ditch one more filler in there to get marion and borbosa.

    Though, i would prefer Ron Artest. A better offensive player, he can create his own shot and a much tougher defensive player. A more reliable player on the offensive end as a third option.

  • hellbydante

    hmm.. would acquiring Marion act like some sort of safety for the lakers and finalize the decision to go ahead and trade LO and Bynum for O’Neal and Troy Murphy?

  • Ciek

    Sounds good…But than again it was just a rumor in a chat session lol

  • *LaKeRfAn15*

    They should get marion!!!!
    line up in 08
    andrew bynum
    lamar odom
    kobe bryant
    mo williams
    shawn marion
    08 nba champions!!!

  • kgmvp

    I want to see Shawn Marion to Boston not in L.A.

  • Papihitman

    Rudy is better than Marion, Remenber this.

  • Rounder8055

    If we can get Marion for Walton, Kwame, and the 19th pick and still have the possibility of getting Gasol or JO for Odom and Bynum, that would be sick!!!

    DO IT MITCH!!!!

    2008 Line-up
    MLE (Mo Williams)/Farmar
    Kobe Bryant

    Mo Evans

  • Another_LAL_Fan

    Yeah… I think that’s the point ‘hellbydante’!
    If the Lakers get his hands on Marion, then trade Odom and Bynum to Pacers may not look too much to pay.
    But I’m with ‘SILO’ on that. Artest looks like a best fit to LA. Think more in d-fense ways…
    But, remember that we still need a starter point guard! ‘SILO’ made a sugestion there, where the Lakers could aquire Barbosa and Marion!
    Then why, not try Bibby? I mean, he’s more dificult to get then Barbosa, of course. But, while LA pick on the draft is far more interesting for Phoenix, Sacramento is crazy about move Artest! And I think that if LA can get those two, Marion and Barbosa, with Walton, the pick and a filler, then they have a shot on Bibby and Artest whit the same offer and one more player.
    Or maybe work on Marion or Artest alone, and try the free agency on Mo Williams.
    But, all the scenarios leave LA with a good position in my point of view.

    Line up!

    C – O’Neal
    PF – Murphy
    SF – Artest OR Marion
    SG – Kobe
    PG – Bibby OR Mo Williams OR Barbosa

    What do ya think???

  • KingKobe

    Interesting, very interesting. I would think that if anyone is gonna trade within their own conference, let alone their own division, it’s because there’s something seriously wrong with Marion. Why would they give him up for a slow footed terrible defender like Luke? Marion is a hell of an athlete and waayyyyy better offensively And defensively than Luke. Does PHX want to get rid of his salary That badly? Or perhaps they want to get rid of his salary and that crappy attitude of his. I don’t see how else this would improve the Suns.

    I’d be very careful with this like someone already said. It’s widely reported that the Suns have chemistry issues because of this guy.
    Tread carefully Kupcake!

  • twospotz

    lakers gota keep odom. try to make the deal for jo without him
    (bynum pick). them try to sign free agent gerald walace. line up would look like this

    g: farmar
    g: kobe
    f: odom
    f: walace
    c: o`neal

    bench: evans, turiaf, mihm, parker,

    then @ trade deadline trade walace odom for KG in case the west is realy to strong.

    then would be

    g: farmar
    g: bryant
    f: evans
    f: Garnett
    c: o`neal

    championchip for sure!!!!

  • lakerfan81

    I will start by saying that i don’t think that the suns will trade Marion I think he is one of the most underrated players in the league and has been for a very long time. He in amont the top every years in the 20-10 category and thats basically what he averages and did so even before Nash got there.

    but if they did..

    a trade of Walton, Radmonovich and 19th pick works good. Walton would be a good fit there with his passing ability and radmonovich I think was made for a suns uniform. they could play him in a small line up at Pf as a spot up shooter. The lakers could use him if they trade LO and Bynum for oneal filler (not brown but say cook) and Troy Murphy who is about the same as cook. Then the could use one of their other two picks, afuture pick and some of their MLE for a sighn and trad efor a PG (im not sure who) then they would have a line up of:

    PG Farmar ????
    SG Kobe
    SF Marion
    PF O’neal
    C Brown

    thats a big front court and a good defensive front court with o’neal and Brown. the [pick and roll with O’neal and Kobe would be deadly. Marion is a solid defensive player. You would kind of have a weak bench though.

  • http://konobe24 demarcos hardwell24

    another la fan i like dat line up dats smart…..

  • magic32

    trade for marion. draft aaron afflalo with the 40th pick. draft big baby davis aka glen davis 48th. trade lamar and andrew for jermaine oneal and murphy.

    Starting 5

    PG – Jordan Farmar
    SG – Kobe Bryant
    SF – Shawn Marion
    PF – Glen Davis or Troy Murphy ( Depends if they want offense or defense )
    C – Jermaine O’neal

    Backup 5

    PG – Sasha Vujacic ( Should sign Sebastian Telfair if boston lets him go )
    SG – Aaron Aflalo Or Maurice Evans ( Should Get Equal Minutes )
    SF – Troy Murphy
    PF – Turiaf Or Cook
    C – Kwame Brown

    ( not suggesting they do this, just a thought that might work out )

  • punkjones

    That would be truly amazing. I can’t imagine why in the world the Suns would do it. I know he was bitching about not getting enough credit as a player earlier this year and there were some chemistry problems as a result, but that’s crazy. If the Suns would be so stupid as to take our non-athletic 3s: Luke and Vlad, plus a pick for Marion this would be one of the most remarkable off seasons ever for the Lakers. I think this is just totally far-fetched but hey, great. Again, what in the world would the Suns gain by doing this for us?

  • kb24needsJO

    I do not think the Suns want to trade Shawn people think he chokes but he is a consistent 20-10 guy that can get offensive boards. Kobe can penetrate and give it out to Shawn for the 3. One good thing about him is that he can make free throws.

    Trade possibilites

    Radmanavic – Anderson V (cavs)
    Walton, 19th pick – Shawn M. (Suns)
    Lamar, Andrew – JO (Indians)

    Starting 5
    PG-Farmar (can score the rock)
    SG-Kobe Bryant (we already know how good he is)
    SF-Marion (can post up on smaller players)
    PF-Turiaf (energy player)
    C-JO (lakers hopes of good season)

  • Kim

    all you people have to relax why would the Suns ever make a trade like this?
    Steve nash is getting old and they have to win the championchip now, think about it…
    even though this sounds great, then its never going to happen!