This is awesome news. Hopefully we’ll get some more confirmation on this.

Yahoo: The Orange County Register reports that Bynum (knee) may return to the Lakers’ lineup by March 30.

Coach Phil Jackson said that Bynum will return to help the team in the last month of the season. It appears as if his knee injury is progressing very well.

  • razz


  • mandoeone

    hell yea

  • jki

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    get a life

  • Pintu


    DONT TELL ANYBODY OK? Keep it on a downlow….

    Peace out.

  • zgum

    id rather wait than be excited now…

    fo sho people…


  • zgum

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    get lost!

    go scuba diving then take off ur tank! loser!

  • Angelo Vergara

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    Who the hell let this scumbag in?


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    I thought you had to be a good team and actually get into the Finals to Raise the banner?
    It’s okay, you didn’t know that a team that sucks can’t win everyone makes the same mistake, oh oops i forgot, i meant bandwagoners make that mistake.

    By that way Joseph, I wish I met you in life so I could have a $100k bet that Boston will NOT raise the banner

  • Jaime Quintanilla

    Great news!

  • Shaww

    They are saying that that is just the earliest he can return. That will be 8 weeks from the injury which was diagnosed as 8-12. I really want him back but I wouldnt get my hopes too high seeing as he hasn’t even begun running or anything like that.

  • patthegreat

    please come back bynum!

  • FlowDesignz

    Hmmm would be great.

  • lakers4life.

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    lol kg is gonna make bynum his bitcch?? LOL!


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    The post got us happy as hell, but you just had to come back huh? DAISY THE DOWNER!

  • Sako

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    EAT A D!CK!!!!!!!

  • mrjustinoh

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    I don’t know if you recall, but the last time they played.. LO made KG his bitcch. Don’t believe me? Why not take a look at this clip..

  • Mitch4Pres

    dont be jinxing it just keep it out of ur minds until hes back

  • circulohvol

    At least we aren’t losing horribly without Bynum..look how crappy Boston is w/o KG..shows that the Lakers are a TEAM and Boston needs to rely on KG.

  • ab4sure

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    Joseph you are so right Gasol got beat up by Perkins and KG but I see alittle fear of Bynum in you. The boston bigs will not have their way with a healthy Bynum and you know that. Gasol has played much better this year against the green team. You don’t have PJ Brown nor Posey. The gamble of Marbury is a shot in the dark and won’t get you the results you need. Y

  • jason

    i’ll believe it when i see but god i hope i see it.

  • rj408

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    You are so right, raise the white banner celd!cks because bynumite is coming back.. celd1cks cant even beat us w/o BYNUM!!!!

  • Edward

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    KG likes ale buttholes? That’s disgusting.


    Why are we even talking about the Celtics as if we are going to see them in the Finals! They are not even going to make it that far. Especially if Cleveland gets home court advantage. I mean the Celtics barely made it against every playoff series. Without home court advantage they are nothing. Cleveland is better this year and their home record is amazing. There is no way that Boston will beat Cleveland without the home court advantage. It’s going to be my beloved Lakers against the Cavs. Go Lakers!

  • LakersFirst

    Glad to see the Boston Suckdic fan getting removed!!!

    Boston is scared. Last year we didn’t have our entire team. This year Ariza and Bynum are added to the mix.

    Tear down those 17 banners and let Laker fans dance on Red’s grave – the curse of Marbury has arrived

  • gugy

    That’s great news, but let’s not get too excite. Bynum needs to take the time to come back in full force.
    Good luck to him

  • lakerberan22

    I hope this is true and he comes back we could use his inside presence on D. But this is exactly what they said to us last year and how did they crush our joy……by telling us hes out for the season. I hope thats not the case this year.

  • sketch

    Great Fcukin News for the Laker Nation! Terrible Fcukin News for the leprechauns! That’s right you little good for nothin midget fcuks, our team will be full strength come playoff time, will yours? LOL! I love it!

    Go Lakers!
    Fcuk the Celdicks!
    Fcuk that gimp kg, the pudgy pierce, and gay allen! and Fcuk Cock Rivers Too!

  • joseph

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    Haha your mods are just as afraid of me just like your front court is afraid of bostons front court. Bynum will be punk’d just like the rest of your trash mark my words…

    Raise the banner Boston!!!

  • zgum


    u are not dead yet!?

  • Chris Manning

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    Don’t flatter yourself. We’re coming for your blood and all you Bandwagoning Boston fans…

  • get rid of joseph

    joseph thte lakers are going to have the next 8 rings and there’s nothing you can do about it. go fallow teh red sox or sumtin cuz your team is going no where. get off our site. bynum handled green with ease on Christmas. take your trash and get off our site. we don’t want to see you on our site anymore. this site is for lakers fans, not for boston fans

  • LakersFirst

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    Laker fans have no need to fear. Boston Suckdic fans know that they are facing the entire Laker team this year. Marbury ain’t going to do sh*t for your team and Mikki Moore is a waste. The Lakers have beat the Suckdics twice this year, once in L.A. and once in that sh*thole of a city called Boston.

    Lakers – adding a fourth championship to this decade (Boston Suckdic fans can’t say that, HA!)

  • lakergirl_24

    How soon they forget…

    Lakers all the way!

  • LAKing

    I hope to God this is true. The sooner we can get him back healthy and strong, we’re ready to go. I just want Bynum to get at least 5 or 6 regular season games so he can regain his momentum and confidence and we’ll be ready for the playoffs.

  • http://THELAKERNATI.COM BrownMamba101

    we can only pray

  • Ryan


    Chill out! It’s not like Lakers and Celtics will be guaranteed for the Finals. They still have to fight through the West and East first.

  • LakersFirst

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    You’re right. I don’t think the Suckdics can beat the Cavs.

  • enrico

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    can’t you see, your boston suckdics can’t go anywhere. they can’t beat the lakers, the cavs, or even the clips. i cant believe you still have all the courage to dream that your team will win it. a true boooston fan huh? the team of green suckdics can suck your dick…if you have one.

  • Dracul

    On the Celtics:

    KG sets about 12 illegal screens per game and consistently fades in the 4th quarter. When the game is on the line, just stay on Allen so he can’t launch 3s, KG doesn’t want the responsibility, he can’t post, so his best is going to be a fadeaway jumper. Rondo doesn’t want to take open jumpers, so their best bet will be Paul “The Best Unconceited Player In The World” Pearce, who is going to try to drive to the rim and very likely flop if anyone’s SHIRT exerts any kind of contact with him.

    Since they don’t have reliable people coming off the bench like last year, PLUS they don’t have any length beyond KG and Perkins, their starters will have to play heavy minutes. They added Mikki Moore who might get a dunk here and there off a broken play, and Starbury might help a little whenever, but overall they are not the same confident and formidable team as last year.

    On the Crabaliers:

    Losing Ben Wallace doesn’t make much difference since he wasn’t doing a hell of a lot other then rebounding. If they have home court against the Celtics, they showed that they were able to battle them evenly all the way down to Game 7, and this was with a Celtic team that was better than this year, so they might actually beat them this year.

    Laker outlook:

    Lakers have gotten over the mental hump of being able to beat both these teams on their home floor. As long as Bynum returns and is able to play effectively off the bench by the time we hit the WCF, the Lakers should have enough firepower to keep the team’s overall minutes on the floor balanced, so we can be able to make that extra hustle play when it counts.