Very interesting stuff… I would take Marbury in a heartbeat, would you?

Contra Costa Times:  “Jeanie and I are really cool,” Marbury said. “She invited me to come to the game. I wanted to come before, too. I want to be around it, I miss it.” Marbury is living in Los Angeles, working out at a facility in Manhattan Beach and hiking in Runyan Canyon near Hollywood. This is the second Lakers game he attended this year. The first, rather famously, came in December when he sat courtside for the Lakers-Knicks game.

But there’s also no correlation, Marbury said, between his attendance Friday and the Lakers recent injury woes in the backcourt. “No, there isn’t a correlation,” he said. “I gotta get out of my deal before I can do anything else.”

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    Marbury averages 20 pts, 8 assists on his career. DAMN RIGHT I WOULD TAKE HIM! We need a true PG right now. Dude can score, pass, and he’s athletic. And forget all that “He’ll ruin the chemistry” crap, he want’s to be on a winning team and he’s not stupid to mess up his chances.

  • Nick Lachey USA

    If he plays for vet-minimum then YES!

  • joe grande

    let’s get him, he is a better defender than fisher and farmar, he has the physacality, toughness, and expierence we lacked in boston, and now it is his chance to prove he does make a difference, although what # will he wear, ariza already has 3, maybe he was talkin bout gettin the # 3

  • 123kid


  • lakrfan4life

    i want starbury

    …and people were calling me an idiot for wanting him

    the guy is a baller

    just imagine:

    _____ (trevor? vladi? luke?)


    doubt it will happen though, all rumors do is get my hopes up only to disappoint me later…

  • Lakers 24 7

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    I think he’s worn #33 before….or he can be #1 lol


    Sign him and trade fish

  • lakrfan4life

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    we aint tradin fish

    poor guy comes her for his daughter’s medical help and you wanna ship him out? hes barely (and i do use that word very lightly) getting paid $5 mil. keep him!

    get him, put sun in the D-League


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    Fish is gone. Fish needs to retire and go Fishing. He was good while he lasted but we used him up the last two years. Let him retire and be with his family. Marbury is a good sign. He will be another player the lakers can use. I have watched enough basketball to know this. I am like a coach on the sidelines I have watched so much basketball.

  • Margo

    I am praying for this transaction to take place! He can give Fisher a break and turn Drew into a true superstar with his passing! He can do so many things! Kobe won’t allow any disruptions, so get him!if we trade start with Vlade!

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    I don’t think we want to make a trade for him, his contract is too big. Hopefully the knicks will buy out his contract soon.


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    Exactly, some people are so stupid when it comes to the salary cap and how salaries have to match. I wish they would never come on here and just leave intelligent posters like you and me.

  • Margo

    Yeah I feel ya…but what still gets me about this team is when the game is close they are still standing around watching Kobe play vs getting open to make the play! And if he is “off” we get the olando game! Stephon would be good with causing the defense to stay honest! Let’s go!


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    exactly me and you are the only peolple that understand about basketball everyone else needs to stfu and leave the site.




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    Margo I just saw that vid unstoppable girl and you and your boyfriend were great. Damn girl you and I should hang out. Don’t worry your boyfriend won’t get jealous because I am g*y. That is right people I am g*y. You two make a great couple. I also saw the UT game where they came back in the second half I was so excited. I was jumping up and down. My mom said stop that up there. She thought I was doing something you know what I mean. Anyways, don’t pay attention to the other warlock’s here. They just try to copy me. I think one is trying to hit on me but if you know me I need to see at least a pic.

  • Nick Lachey USA

    I don’t think any team will trade for him. He won’t be valuable until Knicks waive him or buy him out.

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    yes, sure it would be great to have a talented player like Marbury, but i honestly think we at TLN need to be more objective an less emotional. When we play hard and smart we win easily. We are the most talented team in the NBA, BUT talent will not get us a title this year.
    And while many argue that defense is the problem (and i agree) we lack something even more important than that. WE LACK HUNGER. The Lakers are too confident (for a team with nothing to show for it, we lost the finals). They go through the motions and if the game is close we ask KOBE so save us.

    the good thing for the Lakers is that they can get away with stuff like this. We really don’t need to stress Ourselves until playoff come around. A lost here and there means nothing right now (might affect MVP, but a title is more important) We need not get too excited, we should not panic in times of hardship.

    WE are TLN, we are the Lakers, we will be there in the end, we will be prevail.

  • Lakers in 09!

    do it mitch!! sign him!! we need a backup point gurad!!!!!

  • Lakers 24 7

    I doubt NY will buy out his contract though. They would want something in return for Marbury, but nobody will trade for him because of his big contract. Now if they do buy out his contract, the Lakers should sign him for about 10-15 a year…or maybe even less if they can.

  • Paul

    MLE pl0x.

  • Lakers 24 7
  • lakrfan4life

    basically, either we get him or that green team gets him, and quite honestly, i want us to get him

  • colinbeme123

    i was there and had a clear view of starbury the whole game. he was lovin it. it suprised me he was there, i mean i nunderstand him at the knicks-lakers games….lol.

  • Nick Lachey USA

    I wouldn’t even give him the MLE if he gets bought out by the Knicks. If he really wants to win, he’d settle for vet-min. Note he’s already getting paid a ridiculous amount for sitting at home. He claims he wants to play basketball. If he really wanted to, he’d settle for a smaller buyout. In other words, he’s the guy who holds all the cards. If he really want to play then he’ll pull the trigger. He clearly does not want to play that bad.

  • kb24

    marbury!!! marbury!!! marbury!!!

  • Lakerfan101

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    he cant were # 33 because it’s already retired# [Kareem Abdul jabar]

  • DrewFromTexas Sounds interesting to me , he said that a team has made a firm offer and he was invited to a laker game ????

  • Lakers 24 7

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    …it also says that the Celtics are the leading candidates. And he also used to play with Kevin Garnett, and KG started kissing a$$ by saying “Marbury is one of the best point guards he’s played with”…come to LA Starbury..DO IT!

  • Milo

    i would rather that they get a more humble player!

  • Margo

    Milo…no disrespect…but we have enough humble players…i need someone who is not afraid to take the big shot when Kobe is doubled. Better yet…doesn’t look scared doing it. KG has that in Boston with Pierce and Allen. Even Pau tends to keep giving it back to Kobe if he has been off, but sometimes he has to just take the shot.

  • Margo

    MrJuan…maybe we should hang out…you sound like a lot of fun.


    Argh. I really don’t want him, but I REALLY don’t want Boston to get him, which seems likely. I suppose I would rather get him just to keep him away from Boston. Sigh.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who wouldn’t welcome Starbury open arms is an idiot. He was simply targeted by the media and his whole affair blown out of scale. This doesn’t take away from the fact Marbury has averaged a good 17-18 PPG and almost 9 assists per game his whole career. Sure his recent years haven’t been up to par, but now he can play a backseat role in the team.

    He doesn’t have to be the 1st option anymore. He has a great overall game. He’s still pretty quick, has a big PG body, can shoot the J, and can create for others thanks to his athleticism.

  • Edward

    Juan Carlos Navarro

  • bernzter

    I totally agree…

    He is one of the toughest I mean TOUGH est pg in the league… And he’s got miles of tape to prove it… The only way he could be better is for NY to buy him out and we make an offer for him…

    He’s been in the second before (with KG remember?) so He would not really need to be the focus of the attention once (or if he gets signed by us). The only huge obstacle I would think is that he would need more time to learn the offence, not that it would really matter with his prowess…

    As for people we need to trade off? Some of the guys need to step up to the challenge… Like Mihm, freeloading the good games and not really doing anything but cheering on the sidelines… He used to be hailed as someone who has a future now prove it…


    I could start in front of Kobe but it might be a different team if you know what I mean. ;)

  • Sako

    Interesting, and today he said the knicks $1 million buyout offer is back on the table

  • gugy

    I don’t mind having him, but he is not coming to LA for little money. Everybody wants money baby, Marbury is no exception.

    Not sure if we can afford his huge paycheck.

  • T-Dub

    ab4sure…you are STILL an idiot if still think Kobe is the problem with this team. I think it was obvious the other night, your boy Bynum is not in the same league with D. Howard. And I don’t want to hear nothing about he’s young, give him time. D. Howard came into the league the same age, as a man…not a boy!

  • ab4sure

    Don’t be an IDIOT T-DUB that is not me. That is some poser just messing with everybody. Don’t worry about Bynum. You were one of the ones that wanted him traded. Don’t make the same mistake twice or I will have to bust you again. Howard is two years older and has a total different body which he has grown into faster and Howard has played way more basketball in HS and the Pros. Bynum has touched his potential and this is just a speed bump. I will call you out again when you are proven wrong just like before. And you will STILL be the Idiot like before.

  • ab4sure

    *Bynum has just touched his potential.

  • ab4sure

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    One more thing. Before my POSER LOSER comes back. I was highly critical of kobe 2-3 years ago. And I was RIGHT!!! No complaints the last two years in fact this year I think he is doing even better. I don’t drink KOOLAID!!!! And I don’t hold to positions if circumstancs or players change. Kobe is finally understanding the game the way MJ did. He still needs to respect all two guards in the league not just the better ones. And I still would trade him for Lebron and so would Buss, Kupchak, and PJ but I digress. I did give him my MVP vote last year as I think he deserved it.

  • T-Dub

    ab4sure…you didn’t bust S-H-I-T!! Last year I told you that the Lakers couldn’t win with out a major trade…low and behold, Pau Gasol trade! Yes I would’ve and still would today trade LO and Bynum for KG! Now, I will say it today, 1/19/09, this Laker team will not win a ring as constructed. Yes they are a good, entertaining team, the new Phoenix Suns. They might get back to the finals, but I not so sure. Spurs, Rockets and Hornets have all improved…Lakers made no changes. They play no defense, Bynum and Gasol are creampuffs in the paint. Bynum has no motivation to rebound or go after blocks or intimidate. They will get beat down again in the finals by Celts, Cavs, and probably the Magic. Too many youngsters, softees, and Europeans on this team!

  • T-Dub

    P.S….Kobe is the ONLY reason thay are competitive as they are. They wouldn’t even be in the playoff race otherwise. As for trading LB for Kobe, it’s stupid to even have a dicussion about it considering they are years apart…LB just getting started.

  • ab4sure

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    You and many others wanted Kupchak to trade Bynum for Kidd or JO and we all know in retrospect that was a bunch of bullsh*t. YOu ranted and raved on Kupchak only to recognize that he knew what he was doing and YOU didn’t. I am not talking about the KG deal, nice sidestep.

    So yes I was right about KObe and you Kissing his azz the previous 3 years not these last 2 only made kobe bryant’s meltdown summer only greater becuase you worship a player without demanding accountability.

  • LakersFirst

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    T-Dub has never had any faith in the Laker team. His support of the Lakers starts and dies with Kobe. To him, all other Lakers can do nothing right. Such a shame.

  • Logic Guy



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    Only The Happy Dudes who foolishly follow This Clown are as Delusional and Hilarious as this comment!


    Bynum sucks. He will never reach his potential. We should have traded him alot earlier. Kobe was right ship his ass out now. Trade him for kidd and get rid of Luke and Radman’s contract. Bynum sucks and if any of you think we will win a title with him your brain is hemorraging. Get to a hospital fast Dickweeds.


    We also need to sign Lamar for next year. If we have to choose between LO and Ariza let Ariza go. Lamar is better than him. Lamar knows the game and he is versatile. Ariza is just a one dimensional player who chokes at the end of the game. Remember when he traveled and he blew the shot in San Antonio. We don’t need chokers and Ariza is a Choker. Lamar will lead us to a title.

  • Freshh



    Imbecile of a poser couldn’t pose to save his life!