This is ironic and at the same time pretty amusing.

marburySLAM Online: Oddly enough, the only real second thoughts I had on this award came last week when I was talking to, of all people, Stephon Marbury. I was up in Boston working on a story for the next issue of SLAM, and before I drove back to NYC, I managed to meet up with Steph for dinner in Waltham, where the Celts’ practice facility is located. We were talking about all kind of stuff, off the record kinds of stuff, but at one point I asked him who he thought was the best player in the NBA, LeBron or Kobe.

“Come on man, are you serious?” Steph said.

I told him not only that I was indeed serious, but that I also suspected the best player in the NBA this year was LeBron James.

“I think Kobe’s the best player on this planet, forget the NBA.” Steph said. “Think about this: Which player do you want to take the last shot?”

  • Whatsa

    Wait, what’s so funny?

  • zgum

    great! i now like him a little bit than before…

  • k1on


  • Kobe8

    Marbury knows whats up.

  • imfasterthanur

    Lebrons having a better season, but kobe is still the best player. Come early June, we’ll all know why.

  • Anonymous

    Until Lebron forcefully beats the Lakers in the Finals/gets the ship this year, Kobe will always be regarded as the best.

  • TayTa

    i aBSoLuTeLy aGRee w. Mr. MaRBuRy! N0T To TaKe aNyTHiNG FRoM LeBRoN, BeCauSe He’S a GReaT PLayeR, BuT K0BE iS THEE BEST! GoOD GoOD LoOKiNG THouGH STePHoN! i MiGHT Go GeT SoMe 15 DoLLaR STaRBuRy’S NoW! … oR MayBe N0T! L0Lz!

  • showtimelakes

    This isnt new Stph has always said this! check that out i think this was back in 06!

  • Michael_23

    Marbury is just a shadow of himself now. Rondo is a much better point guard than Maurbury right now and there’s no question that Marbury isn’t going to help them this post season. He needs a full training camp to get used to the team.

  • Lebron

    When does being the most ideal player to take the last shot merit as being the best player?

    I’ll admit Kobe is more clutch then me, but it’s not hard to discern that I’m the better all around player.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Magic, Bird and Jordan have all said for a long time that the great ones are known for one thing: Championships. When Prince Lebron finally wins something, he can be in that conversation. Until then, he is just a freak of an athlete that is fun to watch. I don’t care how big, strong and fast Prince is, I want the ball in Kobe’s hands. PERIOD!

  • Juilliards Lakers Man

    Kobe can have all the stats he wants..after everthing done and said this season, which team would you rather be on to get that ring in the Finals..the lakers or the cavs..Lakers in my book after Kobe guided his team in doing whatever he had to do this season to have them sweeping the cavs and winning the big games and streak ending games this season. He has them ready for the ultimate goal, to win the championship..that’s the Most Valuable Player right there! The goal is to win the Championship and Kobe has his team the most ready to do so after what has happened this season..MVP Kobe

  • Whatsa

    [Comment ID #68253 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hey it’s just a matter of opinion of what someone thinks is “the best.” You might think Lebron’s the best because he has “the best stats.” Someone might think that Chris Paul’s the best because he has the most assists and steals. Someone might think D-Wade’s the best because.. well ierno, his team sucks.

  • vibe

    oh he should tell that to his deluisonal teammate pp.

  • daboss1848

    Breaking News: Paul Pierce has issued a press release that Marbury will no longer be getting the ball.

  • sincebirth1

    Best player Kobe or Labron….
    3 championship to 0 championship

    let’s just revisit this question of whose the best for later… much later…

  • dEDGE

    Kobe Bryant has been the NBA’s most valuable asset for the past 5 years. Not Timmy, not KG, not Lebron, and certainly not Dirky-boy. On the biggest stage, Kobe is the star among stars. He shines brighter than all others blinding them with his sheer brilliance. And he remains the only individual who warrants a comparison to the indomitable Air Jordan.



  • Sam

    I don’t know if Kobe or Lebron is better. It can’t be judged on championships at this point because of the difference in years they’ve been in the league to this point. Also, Kobe won those titles with Shaq. Whether Kobe likes it or not, those 3 titles will never be considered to his full credit since he was not the best player on that team.

  • sketch

    See, Marbury just realized that he made the wrong choice in going with the Celdicks! Now, he’s gotta kiss Kobe’s ass to try and get on with the Laker’s crew for next year! Hahaha! If what I’m saying is correct then it’s very telling of how serious that cripple’s(kg) injury really is. He must know something that’s not being made public. Usually, you’d like to think that players would keep their mouths shut for this type of stuff during the playoffs…this is extremely unusual if for Strabury!

  • David

    In an unbiased approach, Lebron had the better season. He outperformed Kobe in just about every statistical category and led his team to a better record. The playoffs may be another story, but Lebron is clearly the MVP of the league.