Some interesting tidbits from the TwinCities report. Suns won’t offer Amare for KG, but they offer Marion instead. This potentially could end KG to Phx. rumors. I’m willing to bet if KG goes to the Suns, Amare would have to come back. That being said, there is still those Boston rumors going around. Despite all the rumors, Taylor, Wolves owner, will be leaving for his honeymoon (congrats to him) on Tuesday. So, does this affect any possible trades? hmmmmm….

TwinCities: People who know say the Timberwolves have received trade inquiries for Kevin Garnett from more teams than just the oft-reported Phoenix Suns and Boston Celtics. And regardless of whether Garnett is traded by NBA draft time on Thursday, the Wolves are planning on making at least one other deal.

Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor and wife Becky plan to leave Tuesday – two days before the NBA draft – for China on their honeymoon. Stops include Beijing and Shanghai.