Andrew Bynum for Harris? That wouldn’t help us. Andrew Bynum hasn’t made enough progress this season to keep Lakers executives happy. Bynum has been such a disappointment, he’s been made available on the trading block, two different Eastern Conference sources confirmed to me this week.

While Bynum’s overall numbers are pretty good (15 ppg 8.4ppg, but he’s been far too quiet most nights. Bynum has also struggled to perform along side talented teammate Pau Gasol.

A source confirmed to me this week that the Lakers have taken Bynum’s name off the untouchable list and would deal him for a player that they feel will give them the best chance to win another championship this season.

Peter Vecsey tossed out Raptors star Chris Bosh’s name last week. This is a longshot but I’m told told Bosh loves the idea of playing in Los Angeles.

A person in the know tossed out the idea of a blockbuster trade that would send Andrew Bynum back to his home state of New Jersey. In a multi-player deal the Lakers would end up with Brook Lopez and Devin Harris of the Nets.

Lopez is averaging 19 ppg and 9.6 rpg for the Nets this season and would give the Lakers another dominant inside presence and more toughness.

As good as Pau Gasol can be, he’s the last guy you want to have the basketball late in games for the Lakers…

  • phileasy

    DO it mitch.

  • Myself

    In the words of Black Rob: That’s Whoa!!! It would be a good trade. You get an up and coming center and you also get a upcoming pg that can take over when Fish decides to retire. After watching the Lakers get man handle yesterday by an 85 year old Shaq and a Sideshow Bob look alike, I think it’s time for a change.

    • Myself

      One other thing I don’t hate Bynum, it just seems he’s not aggressive enough and curls up into a ball when he plays against other elite centers.


    Farmar and Morrison for Harris and if we are going to trade Bynum just get Bosh for him but I rather keep Bynum

  • Ariunbat

    This trade is working.
    Do it Mitch

    • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

      you would get alot more outta jose calderon than marcus banks

  • Laker4 Life

    Lakers need to trade farmar and luke for devin harris and trade bynum for bosh. Lakers have to change their roster. Lakers won’t win the title this year with this roster because they are not tough enough to beat the cavs or celtics come June.

  • LkrsFanToNgtive



    farmar and morrison have expiring contracts thats the only reason the Nets would take them.I dont think they want luke.FARMAR/MORRISON/ANY DRAFT PICKS 4 HARRIS.DO IT MITCH



    • keepon_keepinon18

      I say Andrew stays! He needs more experience in the 4th quarter, finishing games. I like that the Lakers have been pounding it in to him to start games but they seem to go away from that after his rest.
      Plus, he needs to stay aggressive in or near foul trouble ~ obviously he can get the job done.

  • docholidae

    That trade for the Nets players (lopez and Harris) would get the Lakers anotha ring for sure and piss alot of people to boot. If Mitch pulls this one of then i need him to recieve the GMof the Year award! I think that we would win the ring anyway but with THAT trade put it in the book!


    Holy Crap! I hope that this is for real! This would be the trade that would solidify our championship team. We did it without Bynum last year and we kept saying to ourselves that we just need to wait and give him some time to recover, but now that we’ve seen it… it’s not worth the wait!

    Brook Lopez is a legit center who can score and grab boards, he’s solid and strong and can keep out any bigs that comes his way, and he also blocks shots! He’s a graduate from Stanford, so he’s no dummy, I think that he’ll be able to pick up the triangle in a decent time.

    Then there’s Devin Harris. A quick point guard who can score and shoot the trey too. This would we the best deal in the NBA since Pau! I think that Jerry Buss is shoving Mitch aside on this one so that he himself can pull the trigger!

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      devin harris is constantly injured
      lopez is good but bynum is better

      i trade bynum for BOSH
      he is a star, and play like a star
      fighting all the time
      if he sign an extension, mitch should do it TONITE

      • KB24

        what the don’t be stupid you idiot! lopez is better than that b.i.tch ass bynum! that cry baby bynum complains at the refs more than playing defense.

  • mamba1108

    For those of you saying to keep Bynum, why? We won the championship without much help from him last year. And he has shown sparks this season but is not consistent. When it comes down to legit elite centers he buckles (see Orlando and Cavs game). He also can’t play with Pau. One reason I would keep him is because he is a true center.

    • joshLA

      IVE Been saying that the whole time. PPL defend bynum like he was shaq in his prime. HE was nonexistent in the playoffs last season and fades in the big games like vs. clevland, orlando etc. The playoffs r BIG games. Plus hes more offensive oriented and doesnt defend the paint like old shaq and z do. i would do this trade; lopez is young and harris is a solid pg.

      • KB24

        bynum complains to the refs like a big ass bi.tch! shut the up and play D!!!! get lopez, he is a legit big center too! I don’t see his ass bi.tching like bynum

        • LEADERFISH

          Still bitter that we didn’t get Kidd for Bynum. Get over it already.

  • PauLAsol

    JUST DO IT!!!

  • Robert

    Yeah, Brook Lopez would be about the only trade (center for center) that would make sense. Brook and Devin Harris would be an upgrade, and close up the ‘holes’ in the Lakers D (and offense, too).
    Bynum for Bosh would not solve our D problems in the post. Bynum can handle things to some degree with other centers, but was Snaq-handled by Snaq yesterday. Take Snaq out, and the Lakers win yesterday.
    Snaq got too many ‘easy’ points. A few ‘jump hooks’ over Gasohol, and Bynum. Not good. Brook might slap down Snaq, which is what we need. Bosh would bounce off Snaq. We need a ‘tough’ big, and Bynum was supposed to be that. Why does he have to ‘switch it on’? Why can’t he be like that all the time? Same for Odom. Is this the ‘lazy effect’ from being in LA (= LA zy).
    We handled the Cavs ‘easy’ last year – held up Z, etc. But couldn’t stop Snaq last night. UGH! Something
    needs to be done if we want a championship.

    • KB24

      You know why??? Cause Bynum is a Bi.tch! Scared to play D, putting his hands up and looking at the refs like a stupid ass idiot! I hate his face when he wines like a b.i.tch! quit looking at the refs and play the fu.cking game you big ass child!

  • lakeb


  • KING-BQ1981


    We have the best record in the NBA. Just because of some losses, y’all wanna get rid off Bynum? Sound off….

    Just Sign Nate Robinson or Devin Harris and get ridd off Adam & Sasha!

    It doesnt make sense to throw together a “new team”.

    Just look at Artest. He has still problems playing the triangle.

    • berkyberks

      oh yah! a lot of loses with some scrap thing tsk tsk tsk!

      • TheLAKERSwon09

        Totally agree with KING-BQ all we need are additions to the team not a new roster entirely

  • TonyFisch

    Easy to be a back seat GM on this. There are games, and we may see one tonight where Bynum looks like he could be the second coming, but against quality bigs (Orlando and Cavs) he was in awe, not in the game. (I thought my head would explode vs Shaq) He has great tools and is so long, I am guessing that the Lakers have been patient because they would hate to trade him and miss out on the next great center. This is an important stretch for Drew because at some point the Lakes will make a decision and pull a trigger on a trade If he is not 100% in the game every night. If we see a very strong Bynum the rest of this road trip with a strong finish in Boston Ok, short of that then anything is possible. Its on Drew’s shoulders now, one way, or another. Lopez is a stud every game. He has grown a lot and its nice to see. Lakers may also be taking Bynum’s knees into account. We will know soon enough. Trade deadline is getting.closer

  • AllthewayLA

    I have no problem with andrew. its just obvious that pau and andrew cant play together. in that case i’d rather get rid of andrew. I hope this pushes through. This is going to be exciting.

  • drive-for-16th

    We do not need to trade bynum. WE NEED A POINT GUARD. Th eonly players that need to be traded are VUJACIC,MORRISON AND FARMAR.

    • KING-BQ1981

      just sasha n adam.

  • chadb

    Do NOT trade Bynum … This is ridicolous. Does anybody that says trad Bynum understand basketball???? Bynum is the future of the Lakers.

    • B Holland

      Actually there are too many laker fans who don’t understand basketball and are will to trade a future great for a very good player. Bynum is the future and he is not a bad present either.

      • chadb

        True, the one downside of the Lakers back on top… too many bandwagon fans that have no idea what is going on.

        • KB24

          So you’re saying Brook Lopez isn’t the future??? are you fu.cking stupid? DO YOU know the game? Lopez is already a proven big center you stupid piece of! Don’t you see Bynum is a scared little b.itch!?! You probably do not know Lopez, he is a legit 7 footer, 19 ppgs, 10 rebs, 2 blocks. Only 21! Plays better defense. When he played against the cavs, he didn’t let shaq scored that easily. Obviously this guy is better than that bi.tch ass bynum. Wines too much like a child. basically he is a 7 foot kid

          • NBAmazingKB24

            You think LOPEZ can put that numbers up when he joins the Lakers? haha No.

          • LEADERFISH

            Dude take a chill pill. If you want to take an overdose of those pills by all means. It will go well with the drunken stupor you are in now.

          • chadb

            this has to be a joke. Build a team around Brook Lopez!?! That is funny. At least your validating the fact that people who are saying trade Bynum are completly clueless.

  • inverse

    After the trade deadline comes and goes, the chances we land bosh or Harris/lopez are slim to none. However, whatever the front office chooses to do, I’ll be fine with the decision because we aren’t talking about a clippers organization…were talking aboout the greatest organization in the NBA…there’s a reason why many people hate the lakers, so whatever they choose to do will be fine by me but it is fun to think about the possibilities

  • LC09

    for u ppl sayin trade bynum for lopez u guys a fu kin dumba$$ retards simple n plain.. lmao get a fu kin clue wow.. ppl if we guna make a trade its guna involve farmar,ammo n hopefully sasha..we aint tradin bynum… damn yall dumba$$ mofos

    • KB24

      Are you fu.cking stupid? Lopez is already a proven big center you stupid piece of! Don’t you see Bynum is a scared little b.itch!?! You probably do not know Lopez, he is a legit 7 footer, 19 ppgs, 10 rebs, 2 blocks. Only 21! Plays better defense. When he played against the cavs, he didn’t let shaq scored that easily. Obviously this guy is better than that bi.tch ass bynum. Wines too much like a child. basically he is a 7 foot kid

      • L.Alaker_show

        w.t.f he is not a proven center no s.h.i.t he’s gonna get 19ppg he plays for the nets so someone has to get their points and he knows he’s gonna get around 15 looks every single game and bynum doesnt have that luxury so no shit he’s gonna have better numbers than bynum..put gasol next to lopez and i bet he will choke and only get like 10 points a gm

  • Mr Terrific

    Trade Ammo, Ear Jordan, and Vujachoke before you trade Bynum!

  • gus26

    trade bynum, morrison, sasha, farmar, fisher* for
    brad miller, noah, john salmons and hinrich…

    miller is an experienced center who stretches the court with his shot excellent passer decent defender.. a big body true center.. (12 million expiring contract)..
    noah.. all hustle.. our version of side show bob
    hinrich.. do i need to say anything bout this guy?..

    if bulls do this they’ll finally have that inside presence they’ve wanted for so long.. plus with a core of deng, rose, bynum.. and a free agent thats enough to compete in the east..

    *fisher gets cut and resigns in 30 days..

  • Joselio Nimasaja Anicar Tado says:

    Bynum is 7’1″ 285 with 9% body fat, so he can lose 10-15 lbs, then he would still weigh more than d12 and be faster than him, and have 2 inches on him…. also dont forget dwight doesnt have andrews mid-range shot

  • Joselio Nimasaja Anicar Tado says:

    Shaq want to return to LA, we could sign Bosh, and then also we can trade Sasha and morrison for devin harris
    C Shaq/Bynum/Mbenga
    F Pau/Bosh/Powell
    F Lamar/Artest/Luke
    G Kobe/Shannon
    G Harris/Farmar

    • gus26

      dude.. how old is shaq, bosh is gonna get max money to be a back up.. and NJ won’t take farmar and morrison but they’re gonna bite if we throw in sasha instead?.. wow.. there should be some kind of ban.. like a 5 day 10 day or 30 day ban.. when someone makes these crazy trades.. at least mine has some thought behind it..

      C Miller/ Noah/ DJ
      PF Pau/ LO/ Powell
      SF Artest/ Luke
      SG Kobe/ Salmons
      PG Hinrich/ Fisher

  • NBAmazingKB24

    Bynum for Bosh Maybe… (Still deciding)

    But Bynum For Lopez and Harris? NO

  • richtown

    Yeah that makes sense. Lets get rid of bynum for lopez and harris. Bynum hasn’t down anything since being in the NBA. Its not like he’s won a championship, is considered one of the top 3 young bigs in the game, or was considered an all star earlier this year or anything. I mean damn bynum didn’t do anything to help the lakers have the best record in the NBA right now while harris and lopez are so good that they are leading their team to a record setting win pct. (in the all so difficult east) I bet you bynum isn’t even putting up better numbers than lopez even though he’s the 3rd or 4th option while lopez is the second option at the least. Makes perfect since to get rid of the kid when he’s still learning and getting better all because we lost to the cavs twice. The lakers lost to orl twice last year and the really came back to haunt them in the finals. It’s not like the lakers could send them 2 exp contracts (one actually being a guard) for harris. After all we get kareem, kobe and gasol type trades like every year. Remember when they traded that sorry ass dude butler for k. brown because we thought we needed an immediate change. Man those were the good ol days

    • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

      you are a fuckin retard bynum was our(lakers) center when we won the title so yes he helped the nets record setting win pct. their record is 3 wins an forty losses and f.y.i the majority of all good teams are in the west and one more thing kwame brown was not the good ole days for lakers you gotta be a hater or the biggest dip shit there is

      • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

        sorry richtown i’ve been outta line with you

  • richtown

    Oh yeah my sources said that te lakers are looking to trade kobe and pau because kobe is shooting like crap becuase of his bad finger and and pau keeps missing clutch free throws. i hear they called hou for a kobe and mcrady even swap and i hear that lakers will try to send gasol to cle for verajo and picks because he out hustled pau when they played thurs…keep you fingers crossed

    • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

      fingers crossed for what???thats a joke!!lol!!mcgrady an even trade???rriigghhtt lmfoa!!!!!are you on crack?!?!?your source is a dip shit an you too…for thinkin or beleaving that…i’m pretty sure kobe an pau’s jobs are secure..we wouldnt trade the g.o.a.t an the best big man for a has been and a nobody

      • BoredatWork

        He was obvisouly being sarcastic. Smh.

        • richtown

          lol-shows how smart and aware these folks are that want this trade to happen

        • richtown


          thanks for actually reading what i wrote instead of just glancing over it and coming to your own conclusion –

          hey “showtime4eva” stop the friendly fire. Same team man, same team

          • BE_A_LakerFan

            This is bored at work.. not at work lol. But yea, I feel you man. These fake fans get on my nerves. I come on this site to get away from all the dumb azzes on espn and all I read are complaints. Smh.

            Lake Show! 2010 Champs!

          • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

            sorry bout that my friend very sorry

  • onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    I Habe been saying this all season trade Bynum . He is weak. He always melts down against Snaq,Dhoward
    and even old man Howard in Portland kicked his Ass.
    His what he is a 7 ft pussy.
    Lopez is tough and smart to Bynum a pussy a idiot plus looks like Gary Coleman .What you talk about willis.

  • T-Dub

    I said it at pre-season, two 7ft. centers that operate in the paint cannot play together! Dirk is a 7fter who plays on the perimeter so it could work. Pau thrives in the paint. Bynum thrives next to the rim. Bynum’s got to go! Bosh would be the perfect fit at PF, Pau at center. Even though the Lakers have the best record…because of all the home games… and they will win the west…there’s no teams in the west with size to push them out of the paint…they will not beat the Cavs or the Celts (if they are healthy). Those are the 2 teams in the league with the size and strength to turn the lakers into a jump shooting team, which you can see they are not very good at!

    • chadb

      you just said to get rid of our biggest guy. Then you said that the we won’t beat the Celtics and Cavs because they will push us around in the paint… but you want to go smaller with Bosh for Bynum… brilliant.

      Do NOT trade Bynum. He is pretty damn good as is. And by the way he is only in his early 20’s still has plenty of time to get even BETTER. He will be one of the best center in the league for the next 15 years (back to basket players can play into late 30’s – check Kareem he played till 40)

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    Trading bynum would be foolish. Try to get harris for sasha and morrison

  • Rich

    and another thing… Bynum, when he grows up and becomes a man will be a great player baring injuries, but WTF… (from LA Times “I was just like ‘this is crazy. I missed the flight,’ ” Bynum said before Sunday night’s game against the Raptors. “Then I was like, ‘I’ve got to play my wan to get there.’ ”)… get a set Bynum and stop talking and playing like a little “Biatch.” If you don’t man up soon boy, if I was Jerry Buss I would definitely try to move you for Bosh…

  • T-Dub

    If you are a big 7ft guy who gets pushed around out of the box, and have no game outside the paint, it would be “BRILLIANT” to get rid of his a-s-s! It’s called being useless. If they can’t compete in the paint against the Cavs or Celts, they’re gonna have to beat them on the wing. Bosh would be alot better suited to do do that than Bynum.

  • Jaiver

    The Lakers are really pushing to move some pieces. It is not normal for the Lakers, and it really expresses that Los Angeles is not confident with the current roster to repeat. I really favor the Bosh for Bynum trade, but I am considered about when the season is over. Is LA going to be able to resign Bosh and would Bosh want to remain a Laker. The Nets trade would be another (Pau Gasol) and WOW Los Anglese would be spectaular. It will be disappointing to see a trade come but as we all know, Mitch usually comes out with the better end of the deal so I have faith he will bring LA closer to perfection!