ESPN: Hedo Turkoglu sparked a pivotal 9-0 run with a 3-pointer that put Orlando ahead to stay and added a layup with 55 seconds left to lead the Orlando Magic to a 104-97 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday night.

Rashard Lewis led the Magic with 18 points, and Dwight Howard had 17 points and eight rebounds. Backup point guard Carlos Arroyo wasn’t with the club after returning to Orlando on Saturday night to be with his ill 3-year-old daughter, Gabriella. He also will miss the finale of the five-game road trip, which is at Golden State.

Orlando is off to a 15-4 start in its first season under coach Stan Van Gundy, matching the best start in the franchise’s 19-year history. The Magic had the same record to begin the 1994-95 campaign and matched that the following season. Just four years ago, they opened 1-18.

Orlando is 11 games over .500 for the first time since finishing the strike-delayed 1998-99 season 33-17, and leads the NBA with a 10-2 road mark. The victory was the Magic’s first road win over the Lakers after 10 straight losses, including their last two visits to the Forum. They have won only three of the last 18 meetings overall and nine of 30 since joining the NBA in 1990.

Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 28 points, 19 in the first quarter. Lamar Odom had 19 points and 19 rebounds.

  • Eternal

    Very dissapointing loss for us. Thought we were going to pull it out, until we collapsed at the end.

  • Eternal

    Good to see Odom stepping up. I’m sure the next game he will have another bad game.

  • JoJoEnglish94Bulls4ever

    In the NBA the real game is in the 4th quarter!

  • http://yahoo maadtechlaker

    this gamee was lost do to turnovers and bad plays by our superstar. the role players did enough to keep it close but its up to the superstar to win it. 1 he shot terribly in the second half 2 he tried to force it near the end 3 he tried to dribble out of double teams rather than make th quick pass. however that being said the lakers schedule is th toughest untill allstar break if they can stay a few games above 500 and are healthy they can jump to a 4 or 5 seed. there still a bunch of young guys and without a legitimate second option by the break they won’t do much come playoffs. but this group next year can make some noise if kobe can stay patient. I believe they will be able to get him the help he needs and with bynum and farmer they can contend with the top teams. as fans we also need to be patient but this group win or loose needs to follow kobe and show some fire.

  • E-ROC

    Defense and taking care of the ball would help. This team is as inconsistent as it gets. Dominate Denver one night; look like D-Leaguers against the Jazz the next night. Please stop with the Farmar campaign. The kid is good, but he has habit forcing the issue when it’s not needed. He should try playing within himself. When will Ariza get playing time? What about Crit? I like Crit more than Farmar, but that’s just my opinion.

  • Rpoc

    Dooling must have been on somethin’ because you could see in his eyes and hyper movements he was playing like he was about to be cut off the team or something.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    The diffence in this game was Dooling. The Lakers again could not stop the point guard of the opposition (Dooling is a backup, which is even worse). The Lakers entire defense was again, God awful. Slow rotations and a lack of communication led to wide open three’s for Orlando.

    I thought the Lakers played good on Dwight Howard. Bynum did a pretty decent job on him. I thought Turiaf also did a good job on him, until Howard decked him with his elbow.

    LO played a good game – 19 points and 17 rebounds is not bad.

    The Lakers bench did not contribute much – 24 points. If the Lakers are going to win games, not only does the entire TEAM needs to play strong defense, the bench will need to score more than 30 points a game.

    Oddly enough you can tell the Lakers really miss Kwame Brown and his low post defense against other centers. Also, with Kwame out, Bynum has been thrown into the starting lineup but having him on the bench contributed to the efficiency and effectiveness of the bench.


    woohoo were 9-8 and got the 8th seed!!! Man the lakers are the best Mitch and the Fo did a great job and kobe just sucks. wait a second my name isn’t ab4sure… maybe i should re think this love for mitch and the Fo!!!!

  • ab4sure

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    PHANTOM on November 28, 2007 at 2:20 pm said:
    u must have a split personality or something? why don’t u come down!!!!

    You know phandumb… Your a real IDIOT!!! hahahahhahaha
    I still laugh at this. A second grader knows the difference between calm down and come down. this is funny because it is not a spelling error but a thinking error.

    Lets talk about something else you don’t know…Basketball.. haahaha
    You still want to trade Bynum for JO??? You still want kobe to shoot 50 shots a game??? Let me just say you should coach a team. A team of 1st graders because all you need to do to coach them is say Shoot!!! Get basketball for dummies, i think it was written for guys like you in mind. lmao

  • Eternal

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    Yeah tell me about it. Seems like every game we have an unknown player have a breakout game, and Dooling just adds to the list.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #18560 Will Be Quoted Here]

    As far as slotting the lakers as an eigth seed, why don’t you at least wait a few months until you declare the lakers an eighth seed then maybe you can glory in the lakers shame. In the meantime remember what you mother told you and still probably does..haahaha
    Wait until you eat your dinner before you eat your icecream. In other words have alittle patience phandumb.

  • Jrich

    Odom lost the game for us. This guy is useless. He came in with 4 minutes left in the 4th. First he bricks a 3. Then he turns the ball over. Then he gets a wide open straight away 3 and bricks it. On defense he let Turkoglu drive right by him for an unconstested layup. O-Dumb sucks balls.

  • Jack

    Alas! after all said and done, I am now convinced that the Lakers are again the 7th, 8th seed i.e. if they make it to the playoffs. Team will rely on Kobe again. so much for the bench, and bynum and farmer and fish. Unless, i see one long winning stretch of at least 9 games, this year’s lakers will not make it to the playoffs. Warriors, Clipps, Hornets are too strong for Lakers. I am very very disappointed. There is just no explanation. Until now, I had reasons why the Lakers lost: free throws in first game, vs hornets peja got lucky, vs. spurs no odom, vs. boston it was back to back, vs. milwakee: the trade, vs. utah: Fish’s booss…., vs. nets: unexpected free throw missed……………… u know what i just realized: good teams find a reason to win, not have a reason to lose. I am worried about the franchise I love most. As of this day and time, THIS LAKERS TEAM IS GOING NOWHERE. i understand it’s too early, but by the time people (who don’t agree with me right now) know this, it will be too late. Again, strongly with prayers: I hope I am wrong.

  • domidomdomz

    this site is not for people who dont believe..
    LAkers will make it through..even if they win or still gonna be a Laker fan and a Kobe Fan!!!!!!

    phantom is nothing but a celtic fan here, trying to build a revolution in our nation, the LakersNation!!!

    GEt lost phan-cake!!!

  • jermaine mciver

    Here’s another game the Lakers could have won. Can’t play a full 48 minutes of play with the same intensity. Gotta sweep the roadie!

  • lakerfan81

    From looking at the box score the Lakers lost this game for two reasons.
    1 turnovers: 22 turnovers is ridiculous. THis has been a problem all year and will really hurt against the top teams like SA, PHX, Utah, Orlando, Boston. Dallas. Hopefully this corrects itself as the season progresses.

    2. FTs. Orlando had 11 more attemts and 9 more made Ft than the Lakers. Such a large difference in FTA usually indicates that the other team was being more agressive attacking the basket.

    Bynum seemed to have played a pretty good game defensively against Howard. He had 0 offensive rebounds, 8 total and only 18 pts. I think thats pretty good against the best C in the game right now.

    Odom needs to cut down on 3 pointers, he has never been a good shooter and his shot looks even worse this year as he is still recovering from his shoulder injury. He doesn’t seem to fit in as a 3 in the triangle. He looks lost offensively, teams are playing off of him and letting him take the mid range to outside jump shots which he is not good at. He needs to move better without the ball. Or put him back at the 4, but then you are almost guaranteeing another injury. Not sure what to do with him, don’t know how you can trade him maybe at the deadline for an expiring contract and a draft pick, then you might be able to pick up a player that is better suited being a 2nd option next off season.

  • gugy

    Lamar and Kwame have to go this season. If not we are once again in the same predicament of last season. sad but true.

  • GET JO



    odom for gasol now that he is on the block!!!!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #18571 Will Be Quoted Here]

    When they were on the court together:

    Howard 9/4/3
    Bynum 10/5/5
    I would say Howard affected the game more though because he got more touches in the post and opened up the game to others. Lakers need to play inside out instead of a constant pick and roll offense like they did too much of last night.

  • BEC

    [Comment ID #18576 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Bynums not that good yet on the block to really having an impact down low, were other guys would really collapse on him, especially with a guy like Howard on him. Most of his shots come off of two man games, mainly dunks, with pick and rolls and the such. The pick roll is good especially with Kobe and Bynum, I dont think it was done too much, just poor execution at times, Kobe attracts a lot of attention and really opens things up for Bynum and others. Its just that night the issue was forced and kick outs to open players werent made. Sometimes Kobe woulod force the issue to Bynum instead of swinging the ball or Bynum would recieve the pass and go up with it with several players around with, instead of kicking it out to the open man. They just didnt make the right plays last night.

  • ab4sure

    BEC, I agree with much of what you said. I do think though that the lakers need to run the tri more as they have seemed to abandoned it. They need alittle structure and not so much free flowing offense. This is why their turnovers are so high.

  • pjt

    well Lamar should have let Kobe take those 4th quater shots. Always.

  • pjt

    If we could get rid of Kwame, Shasha, Walton, and add Kidd & Artest, I say yes…That would be for great LA,Boston matchups…Maybe next season when the players become available, Kobe stays.

  • tommyboy

    What did I say when laker’s were 7-3??? Everybody was surprised about laker’s starting so well. But my comment was let’s wait and see, it’s too early to tell. I am really loosing my hopes for lakers. Why Mitch??? why??? are you well educated enough??? why pay Phil so much money??? why trade MO and Cookie for some guy that I don’t even know his name. Why trade and not use him??? why are you doing this to people of L.A.??? I’ll promise you people, lakers will be less then .500 team this year and it will be very hard to even pass 1st round again. Why not invest in player instead of Zen Master that has no freaking answer anymore!!! Very smart Mitch, Jerry and sons!!! very smart. A kindergarden kid can do better than Mitch!!! I’ll give you word on that!!! I am a die hard laker fan fo life but I’m loosing the hopes and dreams. I couldn’t wait to go to the games or never missed on Fox, TNT or Kcal… now it’s same story day and night, win once or twice and loose 4 or 5. Good job management and I will love to see Kobe leave and use his talent for another team, because it will be a waste for him here. From: very angry laker for life fan!!!

  • http://deleted JBMONKEYMAN

    The trade of Cook and Evans for Ariza will prove to be a good one in time. (Some Orlando media considered Ariza to be a future all star, give him time to learn the system). I agree that we need to move Kwame and Odom ASAP. Kwame because he has an expiring contract and Odom because he simply does not fit in at small forward or power forward on this team. It will be interesting to see how much Kwame is paid next year by any team. Would we resign Kwame if it was for alot less money? Can we keep playing him starters minutes when he is a liability on offense? Odom has reached his peak and will never be more than what he is… too slow for SF, too small for PF. Another question in my mind is the PG position. Given how much praise PJ has had for Critt, what do we do about the future battle between Farmar and Critt. Would you let it play itself out or would you (gulp) trade either one of them in a package to win now? I have a feeling that the organization would prefer to trade Farmar over Critt, but with the improvement Farmar has shown he has become on eof the only consistent players on the team.

    Why does Luke look so crappy this year, fat on his new contract perhaps?

    Why does Mihm play at all? (Turiaf should be the back up C till Kwame returns.

    Why has the opposing SF of each team we have played seem to burn us repeatedly?

    Why do i ask so many questions?

  • Lonestar848

    I agree…with everyone

  • gugy

    Lamar, Kwame, Rad, Mihn and Sasha can go with gusto.
    Damn, why the lakers FO is so inept. How long can we deal with this lame team.

    I support Kobe 100% for wanting to leave this miserable team.

  • drake hunter

    As far as slotting the lakers as an eigth seed, why don’t you at least wait a few months until you declare the lakers an eighth seed then maybe you can glory in the lakers shame. In the meantime remember what you mother told you and still probably does..haahaha
    Wait until you eat your dinner before you eat your icecream. In other words have alittle patience phandumb.

    AB4SURE is the most annoying person on this website. Preach on about how good these lakers are. If nothing changes, they wont be an 8th seed in the coming months, they’ll be a lottery team. Everytime he gets busted on his comments he changes the subject in his comments and tries to dog you on something totally different ala what he did up top. You are an absolute geek burger with cheese!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #18599 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Drake “the hiding snake” Hunter….your back..hahahaha you always come back when the lakers are losing, what are you a celtic fan??? I know I am annoying to you, and believe me that is a good thing because your not even a laker fan. You still want to trade Bynum??? for JO???
    I got busted on my comments??? Funny those are just wishes for you and you never back up your words. You just make a comment without any facts. Your like a little kid who talks with much bravado and the moment he is belted one he cries. In this case, all it takes for you to run to your mommy is a couple of laker wins. Next time, why don’t you hang around after a few laker wins??? We could all use a Laker Pinata. LOL

  • MILO

    Dwight is showing what a good solid center is supposed to do.Did you see what kind of numbers he put up last night??? 20-plus points 27 rebounds.And he is doing it consistently, i only wish the Lakers would have a center as great as Howard and id like to add how lucky can a sorry player like Cook be to have been traded to a team that is one of the elite in the east…

  • drake hunter

    AB4SURE, you have to be the biggest loser to ever appear on this website. Your idiodic comments are so biased and all you ever do is throw out stats about this and that when all it really comes down to is W’s and L’s. There you go again falling off topic about some Pinanta and me running off with your mom…(LOL) The facts are very simple. The Lakers continue to lose with this group and drastic changes need to be made. How about at the end of the season, you tell me how many rebounds Bynum grabbed the whole year and maybe you can get a cookie!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #18648 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You running off with my mom??? My mom is a parapalegic…she can’t walk…your sick drake.