This is pretty awesome. Bird & Magic coming together for a splitscreen ad…

  • Michael24

    kobe dunk

  • Kobe2k9

    this one was kinda of disturbing for some reason because Bird’s face is kinda weird

  • west213

    lol old fools

  • Lane

    We’ll get ‘em next time….


  • Sopi


  • Sopi


  • MVPgoes2NashIverson

    Thanks for putting my video here

  • JoJo

    Bird has no lips. Damn they both got fat.

  • Michael_23

    Magic looks aight. Bird looks like he’s 70 yrs old.

  • LakersFirst

    One thing I agree with what Mark Jackson said during last night’s telecast” “Magic Johnson was the greatest point in the NBA”.

  • west213

    lol bird looks like bill clinton