Remember Pierce proclaiming himself the best player in the league? Well recently, Magic had a few things to say about that… “Paul would like to think he’s better than Kobe,” said Johnson with a hearty laugh. “But Kobe Bryant is the best closer in the game. He’s the best player in the game. You have to remember he’s done it for a long time at a high level. Now, was Paul Pierce better than Kobe in the Finals? Of course, he was better than everybody in the whole playoffs. Is he one of the top three or four players in the league right now, Paul Pierce? Of course he is. It’s hard to find a guy who can go inside and outside and also a guy who can put it on the floor then make plays for other people. Yes, I think he’s right up there with Kobe, right up there with LeBron. It’s hard to pick one of those three guys.

I’m not biased. I’m going to tell it like it is,” added the Lakers legend. “Kobe Bryant has won three championships for a reason. Shaq [O’Neal] got us to the fourth quarter, but always Kobe Bryant closed the deal. We have to remember that. There’s nothing biased. If Paul was the best player in the league, I would say it. But he’s right there as one of the best. No question about it.”


    The G.O.A.T. giving props to THEE SOON TO BE G.O.A.T.,classic.Pierce take this…!!!


    WTF wheel chair boy is no way close to KOBE. I wouldn’t even put him in the top ten best players in this league. Not because I don’t like the guy I mean come on now he no way a top ten player. In my opinion who ever is 2nd best in the league is 15th best because we have 14 guys on our roster and no one goes over anyone on our team.


    hahaha..Wheelchair Boy!!!

  • Lakers 24 7

    Posey ain’t around anymore, so I think Pierce will have more time guarding Kobe when they meet….so the Celtics training staff better have a wheel chair prepared on the side line so he’s ready to go when Kobe breaks his ankles.

  • KB24_1overjordan

    lmfao wheelchair boy

  • xtro

    uh, it was james posey who sealed the deal for boston in the nba finals. pierce ain’t nuthin’.

  • Sopi

    not even close

    paul plays in slow mo
    people out run out jump him, thats why he gets open all the time

    best player in the game?
    not even close

  • Moses

    Haha wheelchair boy! In all honesty Pierce is probably towards the end of the top 10 right now, but not even the best player on his team so I don’t see how he can be deluded enough to think he’s the #1.

    LeBron, CP, Deron, KG, Dwight, Tim Duncan, D-Wade and of course KB24 are all clearly better than “Wheelchair boy”, and when Magic says it, take it to the bank, because Magic is better than anyone whoever put on a Celtics jersey and if he didn’t have to retire early he’d be the greatest of all time.

  • Michael_23

    Paul Pierce was a “Reserve” in last year’s all star game. Ca mon now.

  • Ko8e_f@n

    Exactly, I don’t even understand why there would be a debate. :|

    Pierce is a good player, but the best? That’s got to be a joke!

    You know what would be funny? If we bombarded the Celtics blog and let them face reality! :P

  • Michael_23

    My List BEST CLOSERS in the game today starting from #1 among active players.

    D. Wade
    Tim Duncan
    Paul Pierce

    I’d even put Sam Cassel before Paul Pierce but he’s no where near his prime anymore.

  • sketch

    thanks for that magic…if it weren’t for you making the statement, i’d really believe that “the truth”…ERRR “the faker” was better than kobe. IDIOT!!! don’t get me wrong fellas, magic was the man on the court and i loved what he did for us the fans and the lakers, but every time he opens his mouth, he sounds more and more stupid!

  • Mitch4Pres

    f uck paul pierce

  • lyk13

    Now let’s see wheelchair respond to Magic…arguably the best Lakers player in history of the game played, from…not-even-there-yet-wheelchair-of-boston.

  • Lakers 24 7

    WheelChair Boy will probably take a cheap shot at Magic..or maybe even Larry Bird will join in and say somethin’ about Kobe

  • Rinnegato

    Glad Magic is stepping up and saying this about Kobe. What I like about Kobe is that he doesn’t talk about himself being the greatest, he lets his game do the talking…

  • Larry

    PaulPierce?you got to be kidding me.He’s like 14th best.

  • yellowpurplefever

    Magic has SPOKEN, so Paul stop the self-proclaim “Am the BEST play in the NBA”
    Grow some facial hair and not some “pubes” before go on national TV, dude.

  • joseph

    Man! colorado rapist got no chance against pierce… mwahahaha…

  • Smush Walton

    [Comment ID #54896 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Nice to see we can still count on “joseph” to set the bar for dumb comments.

    How’s that therapy working out for you joseph? Looks like some more sessions are necessary.

  • ojt

    pierce ain’t s**t,if garnet did not go to boston,boston would only be remember for it beans and red necks.Piierce is in the company of Walton,Kwame brown,cook….pierce is a legend in his own line so f*** Celtics.


    HAHAHAHA thanks for all the comments you all left me on wheelchair boy comment!!!!!!!

  • sketch

    the faker wouldn’t even be the best player in the “D” League. what a pompous idiot!


    Joseph,welcome back…TO THE REAL HOUSE OF CHAMPIONS.

    This is dedicated to you and the “Greatest SuperHero of all Crime..I mean,Time (cheaters)”…It’s the Adventures of…!!

  • MILO

    Paul Pierce is garbage! i dont think anyone should even validate his claim to being the best player with a response!As Amare said it once inside the Sun’s locker room “who in the league is better than kobe nobody”

  • sketch

    i’ll just add that if you’ve been in the L for as many years as the big faker has…you should have a more sculpted body than that. i can’t believe that he’s so damn pudgy!!! this guy ain’t no professional! him and duncan got the ugliest bodies in the NBA for being “athletes”!!!


    hahahaha…y’all are killin’me..hahaha.1st ‘WheelChair Boy’,2nd ‘The Big Faker’…now “Pudgy”..OMFG,I can’t stop laughing.,HAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA

  • sketch

    Shiiiiit, you know i’m right DC, that’s why you can’t stop laughing!!!


    It’s 9:47 pm on the East Coast…and I’m still can’t stop.

    Sketch and everyone that made comments…Y’all made my day!

  • chadd

    Wow you laker fans are bull headed and extreme…..yea kobe is prob a lil better than pierce….BUT…..pierce didnt play with the most dominant big man in his prime in the history of the game(those were shaqs rings)….pierce out played kobe badly in the 08 finals…it wasnt even close…every1 on the celtics was stopping kobe,,,while no one on la could stop paul…yeah paul abused kobe in 08 on offense( um they got artest cuz kobe was not strong enough to gaurd him)…kobe in the 09 finals still shot like crap and didnt out play pierce…gasol was dominant and perkins was injured and it took la a big 4th quarter from gasol n artest to win…kobe “choked” in his chance for a “jordan” moment as he did when he hurt his back in utah in the playoffs in 08…theres def a debate…you guys act like pierce is a joke…i think 04 detroit and 08 boston can then say kobe was a joke if they wanna be “extreme” fans as you laker fans are

  • chadd

    oh and wheel chair boy blocked kobes shot a few times as did posey…kobe looks like he needs a wheelchair too…rudy gay threw his fadeaway to half court…and kobe just turned 32…whats he gonna do when hes 33?34? well hell do what he always has done….lean on his all world center…which is now gasol…used to be shaq…good luck lakers….kobe you need bynum and gasol or your losing a playoff series up 3 to 1 to the suns….remmeber that kobe fans…..

  • chadd

    kobe looks like E.T. with that ethiopian neck…pierce is pudgy….duncan doesnt look defined…big deal….spurs have won titles and knocked kobe off as had pierce….so i see kobe has a tuff time beating guys with pudgy bodies is what you people are trying to say