First game of season, the drama continues…

Clublakers: He said that there are too many voices in the organization right now, and whether the Lakers get a fair trade in return, they will move him. Said Kobe wants to be traded to Chicago, and even if he goes there, he’s going to go to the Bulls and be in the same situation there as LA because LA will have gutted their team.

He also said Kobe didn’t act smart when he got “Shaq traded” to be the man, now he realizes it isn’t that easy to do it alone. Stated that he should have accepted Shaq as the leader, been ok with it, and was partially to blame for the whole fiasco.

Charles said LA won’t get equal value for Kobe. States LA is a 7th or 8th seed team maybe.

  • sdsuballa

    magic even said that the lakers should make a decision on whether trading Kobe within the week, Kobe is kinda of alone out there he doesn’t have help and Odom is not help or fisher they are role players odom is not efficient and consistent. So it looks like he will be a Bull soon, its become a reality for real now

  • Jrich

    Good riddance. Kobe needs to get the boot immediately. Tonite’s one man performance by that douche bag shows that he doesn’t give two sh*ts about the Lakers. Kobe didn’t give his teammates a chance to do anything in the second half. He dribbled the ball HIMSELF. Forced up contested shots over 2 or 3 people. Didn’t pass the ball to Luke on a fast break when Luke was ahead of everybody–Kobe decides to force it up himself.

    Just a terrible performance and I don’t wanna hear you guys that cling onto Kobe’s balls say “Well Kobe had to do everything because his teammates were useless or scared to take a shot”. Whatever. Kobe played one on five practically the whole second half. It was pathetic. Time to say goodbye to this prick.

  • http://deleted JBMONKEYMAN

    Jrich i agree with you that Kobe is a douche bag and a prick haha (great choice of words by the way). However, tonights game was not Kobe’s fault at all. He definetly had some selfish moments out there for sure but he carried this team to an almost incredible victory. Do i still want him to be traded? Yes, but tonight was not his fault. I wonder how things are going to go when these guys go 0-3 and start out with a rough stretch. Should be interesting.

  • Jrich

    sdsuballa… you are a prime example of a guy that clings onto Kobe’s balls. Your statement : “Kobe is kinda of alone out there he doesn’t have help”

    As black people would say, N*gga please. Kobe is alone out there? No, Kobe has 4 teammates with him on the floor. But what did Kobe decide to do in the second half? Dribble the ball himself. Force up shots when Fisher is wide open in 3point land. Not passing the ball in fast breaks—forcing up the shot over 2 or 3 defenders.

    The Lakers lost that game because Kobe decided to do everything himself. By doing that, he sh*tted on his teammates. That’s not the way to start off a season. This is a team sport and that douche bag obviously doesn’t care about any of his teammates. I’m surprised more people didn’t boo him during that whole second half when he didn’t pass the ball to no one. It was a pathetic performance from a pathetic human being.

  • Skim.

    Well considering Kobe missed a bunch of free throws today because of his injured wrist and Lamar wasn’t playing, I think that this season might not be that bad. After all Jermaine O’neal is going to leave midway or at the end of the season right? I think if the Laker’s bench starts to play better we can come up with a lot of wins. The Rockets are supposed to be a really good team this year and we came close with an injured Kobe and Lamar. Kobe doesn’t have to leave, we still have more options.

  • Jrich

    I hope the Lakers start off with a 0-10 record so it will be easier to trade Kobe. It’s time to let him go. Phil is at fault too. If he had any balls, he would take Kobe out when he was hogging the ball. Or call some plays for Fish or Bynum during a timeout. Bottom line: The Lakers and Kobe are throughvo.


    Nothing Kobe is doing is any different than he did last year, so I don’t know what this guy is talking about. We made no moves to get him someone to make those shots that need to be made. It’s the NBA not college basketball, you are expected to hit open jumpers which no one maybe other than sasha and occasionally odom can do. They lost because of their problems at the line, the non existent D and the fact that every game we play we never keep a lead and close a team out. Every game is a blow out loss, a close V or come from behind V like what almost happened tonight(thanks to the the Donally crew).
    Hate him all you want but give him the respect that he deserves, our organization is ran by the Buss’s almost as bad as Daniel Snider runs the Redskins and alls the city of LA can do is boo him upon his intro. He has brought us 3 rings, countless clutch shots, and the list goes on and on. I think its bull and if we trade him away we will end up with the same thing when Shaq left and hope that Bynum will turn into the next Shaq in the future because its not going to win us any rings anytime soon. The Lakers organization can’t be known as the team to trade away arguably 2 of the greatest and dominant players to ever play the game….

  • Jrich

    Oh, and Brian Cook is the most useless player on the team. Can anybody send him a letter telling him to stop trying to post up, turn around and attempt a lame mini-jump hook? Cook’s only game is standing behind the 3 point line. Somebody tell him to stay outside the 3point line because he is useless when he’s near the basket. Jesus.

  • pr0mega

    Jrich – You think playing as many minutes as Kobe played and pouring sweat and relentlessly attacking the basket is being selfish and a ONE man show? Please. If you watched the second and third quarter, other players had chances to hit shots and do things but they simply couldn’t. If you’ve watched the lakers over the last few years you would understand why Bryant takes games over. Some games he facilitates and gets everyone going. Those would be the games that others are actually hitting shots and pressing on both sides of the floor. Then on other nights, he has to carry the load and takes a bulk of the shots. If Kobe didn’t play like he played tonight, the lakers lose by more than 20. His heart and determination is unmatched and this is coming from someone who is NOT a huge Kobe fan.

    They lost to a good team on the season opener without Lamar Odom and NO supporting cast by TWO points and it could have easily been a Laker win. I actually think that this team can win games and do decent when they get everyone healthy and get over this Kobe drama.

    Say what you want but you can’t take away the passion and heart that Kobe plays with every night. Maybe Luke/Kwame/Bench Players should take a tip and work harder and hit open shots and defend. It’s sad seeing one man put his all into it every game while the others continue to fail.

  • gstoneballer

    whoa whoa whoa.. we have already got a prime example of KOBE HATING going on here…. did kobe force alot of stuff when he probably should have passed..? Yes…. However, he was playing his butt off out there… he locked down tmac when he was guarding him, his sore wrist you could tell was really bugging him….. Kobe did try to do too much.. but there was a stretch in that third, where no one could make anything, and you knew kobe was going to try and take over like that….. Yes, we came up short tonyte… but there was some weak calls by the refs. Kobe had a clean block on Bonzi Wells that should not have been called. Kobe was hacked sick after he missed the free throw….. but all things considered.. the lakers problem is their d. It is non-existent for the most part. And Ric Bucher said on sportscenter, that there is no long debate in the lakers fo in if they should trade kobe. Its just a matter of time, until one team steps up their offer enough to satisfy the lakers. the date could be dec 15 when nocioni could be traded. Until then, the other teams involved better step up their offers, cuz if we get to dec 15, it will most likely be Gordon, Nocioni, Thomas, and Noah for Kobe Bryant…

  • KLMonster

    J-Rich…you’re only focusing on how Kobe took a lot of shots, but dude the rest of the team are not making FGs (except D-FISH)…you need to look also at how he played defense…

    too early hating dude…81 more games left…

  • fatty

    Kobe played with his heart. It was an incredible performance.

    Magic’s performance, going public, very disapointing. On national TV, no less. What an embarrasment for the Lakers Nation.

    Let’s see, since all parties agreed to go quiet.
    Buss has talked.
    Phil has talked
    Magic has talked.

    That leaves Mitch and Kobe keeping their word.
    Our Fo is a mess, and of course, Kobe created it.

    The Fire Sale is on according to Magic.

    We were way undermaned minus Lamar tonight. Kobe was shooting with great pain in his wrist. A decent Free Throw night for the Lakers and were talking a great win and celebrating Fishers return to the Lakers.

  • yomi

    WHAT!? He played his game! I don’t think you guyz can interpret tonight’s effort has him trying to screw-up the lakers. He was obviously playing his ass off. If you wanna blame him for not passing (on some possessions), that’s a different story. But i think everyone is very emotional right now, and kobe seems to have exhausted every room for errors. But you guyz need to look beyond that. DO YOU ACTUALLY THINK THE GAME COULD HAVE BEING WON IF KOBE HAD PASSED THE BALL MORE? Well, I don’t! How many points did the bench score when he was not on the floor?

    I personally saw some positives in tonight’s game. KOBE loves playing here! And I think you guyz are gonna be eating your words soon.

  • gstoneballer

    you hit it rite on the head fatty

  • yomi

    I can’t believe how comment before me has blamed this loss on Kobe. What game where you guyz watching? They played a full strenght Houston Rockets! And got beat by a lucky shot. And all you guyz can do is blame a guy who played almost the entire game with a bad wrist and knee, who Never backed down from going to the basket though the refs. were not calling fouls. ARE YOU GONNA START BLAMING EVERY LOSS ON KOBE? I can’t believe how quickly you guyz have lost focus of the main issue. And trust me there is only ONE! And it is KOBE WANTS TO WIN- NOW!!! Kobe never said he was tired of playing in LA. He never said he hated the fans, or that he prefers some other team over the lakers. All He said was: I WANT TO WIN- NOW!. It’s not his job to make the lakers a championship team, that’s Buss’s job!.

    Over the last three years, I have grown to be more and more of a Kobe fan than a Laker fan. And the reason is simple: He Wants to win, and the lakers wants to sell tickets. I have heard people argue that “well, he is getting paid os he should just shut-up and play”. Some people would argue that Kobe has turned his back on those that stood by him through all his tribulation. Well, think about this for a second:

    Kobe in my opinion should not feel obligated to the Lakers for any reason that the media and you guyz have being stating for years. When he was a free agent and was almost going to go to jail, there were a handful of teams that were trying to sign him. It wasn’t like the lakers were the only team that wanted him. He could have being a Nugget or a Clipper or a Bull e.t.c. He had many offers but CHOSE the lakers. So you guyz should stop acting like you gave him his life back. He gave you his heart, FIRST! And that’s the only reason why you guyz feel in love with him.

  • yomi

    If Kobe has the skill level of a Kwame brown, or a smush parker, Would you have being sooooooooo forgiving of his short comings? I know the answer is NOPE! Which means, all you guyz care about is “Kobe the baller” And you don’t give a shiut about ‘Kobe the person’. Now, you’re getting all mad because you feel like he’s not going to be playing for you anymore.

    I AM A TRUE KOBE FAN! KOBE IS THE REALEST PLAYER IN THE NBA! all the other guyz have degrees in manipulating the fans by creating the so called “classy” image. They never said or do anything wrong because they are never themselves. KOBE IS REAL! WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET!
    As far as i’m concerned, Kobe is ALWAYS right! I have chosen that line because there are people out there who’s line is “KOBE IS ALWAYS WRONG”- they never have anything good to day about him. KOBE FAN FOR LIFE!!!!!!!

  • drake hunter

    Magic is just forcing the issue so the lakers can hurry up and trade Kobe so he can make another return to the NBA from retirement and lead the Lakers to the promise land again…hes prolly gonna ask Kareem to come back too since he sits courtside at the bench now too

  • Jrich

    Wow. I thought this was Looks more like to me. Kobe is a selfish player. I could see that Fisher looked irritated towards the middle of the 4th quarter because Kobe kept the ball all to himself. At one point, Derek dribbled the ball up court and took a 15 footer and nailed it. He was probably thinking in his head, “F*ck this, I’ma shoot the ball at least one time this half!”.

    I play basketball myself and if one of my teammates ever hogged the ball the way Kobe did tonight, I for one would be pissed off. I’m sure Fisher and the other players felt the same way tonite after being ignored by Kobe. Maybe Kobe is better off playing an individual sport like tennis because he can’t keep sh*tting on his teammates the way he did tonight. That was pathetic. Kobe is not a leader and he will never lead the Lakers to a championship. For the guy that said Kobe brought us 3 championships—No, we won 3 because we won as a TEAM. The way Kobe played tonight is gonna lead us to a horrible record this season. And I’m sick and tired of hearing these Kobe d*ck riders say “If it weren’t for Kobe, we would’ve lost by 20.” Jesus Christ.

  • kb4life

    Im am a die hard kobe fan, but he did take some bad shots but I can understand his frustration. Did you guys see how they looked when he wasnt on the court??? Clueless. Kwame cant check Yao plus he cant make a free throw. Bynum cant stay out of foul trouble. Mac ripped us apart when kobe wasnt in the game. Our bigs cant get rebounds, luke gives away points by scoring for them lol. Kobe played hard when he wrist was messed up but you guys continue to blame kobe when I can only name one other player that can create his own shot(Odom) on the team. Personally I want kobe to get traded, go somewhere where they want to win KOBE!


    magic needs to keep his sick ass mouth shut and quit taking it up the ass!!!

  • xxlakerxboixx

    Jesus Christ Jrich…are you a kobe hater?…yes kobe did take some bad shots…but what happened when kobe was on the bench?…how many points did the second unit score?…thats what i thought….kobe had to shoot….NO one on the team can score other than D Fish and Kobe…stop hating on kobe…by saying stupid sh*t over and over again

  • kobe4lyfe

    WOW Jrich…im under the asumption that you’re buss. i mean, how can you bag on kobe like that. he did take some bad shots, but can you honestly sit there and tell me that the lakers woulda been better off if kobe passed the ball to bynum just to see him throw it off the rim again? i didnt think so, we all know how the lakers would do without kobe. i dont care about how much he hogs the ball. we at least have a chace of winning when he hogs. based on tonights game, kobe IS the lakers, without him they are close to nothing. so until management finds someone else that can do what kobe does for the lakers, hes not going anywhere. buss knows that and you know that. so dont go bashing on kobe like hes the worst guy on the planet. he played his heart out with a bad wrist to give the lakers a chance of winning, if you call that selfish than you dont know what selfish is.

  • foxxy

    [Comment ID #15742 Will Be Quoted Here]
    again…you all are full of sh#$!!!!!!this is the same old sorr ass team of last year!!!! i dont blame kobe from wanting out!!!!

  • myriam

    My heart is really bleeding. I don’t understand why you always have to say bad things against KOBE.Whether he played his best or not, you always have something to say. No staisfaction, no contentment. Instead of hoping the best for the teams, you do it the other way around. But i’m still glad there still some people who can appreciate and understand Kobe’s situation.This is not FAIR, putting all the blame to KOBE bec they lost to Rockets. Guys wake up why it so easy for u to put the blame on him. Did u checked on his teammates performance aside from Derek? If only the other players played like KOBE i’m sure Lakers will be always be the champion, no mattter what.Kobe who did nothing but put his heart and soul just to win the game. Call him selfish, any names, i don’t care cause i really appreciate and i believe in his dedication on his team.

  • myriam

    Too much has been said about this trade. For me, i think it’s better if Kobe will be traded as soon as possible. So both sides can move on. It’s too much for Kobe, the guy deserve the best. KOBE, WHAT DO YOU OWE ANYONE WHO ARGUES WITH YOU FOR MAKING YOUR TEAM THE BEST. IF SOMEONE IS GOING TO HATE YOU NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, YOU MIGHT.AS`WELL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT.THESE PEOPLE DOESN’T CARE. SO DON’T BOTHER ABOUT THEIR COMMENTS, CRITICISM AFFECT YOU, JUST DO YOUR JOB, FOLLOW YOUR HEART.

  • G-man

    To all the kobe haters, im a die hard laker fan, i loved shaq n he left n my heart was still with the lakers i love kobe n if he leaves my heart will still be with the lakers but common we all watch the games, no matter what shots kobe takes, no matter how much he hogs the ball, that is the best way to win, the los angeles lakers roster without kobe in it with everyone fully fit is a guaranteed number 1 pick team every year, what the hell are we gonna do without kobe?? go to lamar?? bynum and his baby hook?? kwame brown? to post up you have to catch the pass!!! lol to all you guys that want kobe traded, if he does get traded, message me at the end of the season, i think we’d b lucky to win 30 games without kobe, dont get deng, trade lamar, maybe keep bynum to see how that goes but we hve to do something now, we screwed up big time in the shaq trade and we will again if we trade kobe. PERIOD, im happy to watch kobe jack up shots over three guys because i believe no other laker apart from d-fish can make the same shot twice!!!

  • Karin

    Who the hell is jrich, and what the hell is this idiot talking about. If he is a Kobe hater “DON’T WATCH HIM PLAY”. We don’t need non-Laker fans or non-Kobe fans. 99.9% in Lakerland love Kobe, you the 1%, we don’t care what you think. He mentioned, he is also a basketball player, maybe jrich should take a lesson from Kobe. Kobe is an NBA player not a street player, two different ball games.