It looks like Magic will pay for Phil to return! I love this! Let’s go for the 3-Peat!

“I want to make sure of something,” Johnson said. “I want Phil back in the worst way. I will give [Buss] some money if I have to.”

  • lakeb


  • daboss1848

    a little respect please . . . JOHNSON

  • avcpl

    they should make some kind of long term deal where he remains as a consultant after he’s done coaching…

  • 123kid

    the least he could do, since he showed so much love for the celtics throughout the series. not even kevin mchale showed that much love for a rival team.

  • Dave

    Buss has the money, Magic. Its just a matter of wanting to spend it on the best coach in all of sports history.

    Look what happened when Phil’s contract was up in Chicago. He was forced out and they sucked for a decade. Let’s not make the same mistake over a tiny fraction of the overall expenses for the team.

    They could also give Phil a percentage ownership… just like Magic currently has (5%) . I wonder why that has not been offered..

    • Babak

      dave the bulls sucked for a decade because Jordan was no longer there, the bulls would have sill been contenders without jackson as long as Michael wouldnt have retired.

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    Thank you Magic. What a class act!

  • Sasha4Lvp

    man if phil isnt willing to take $6 milion a year and still be the highest paid coach in the league to stay with the lakers, f*ck it, let him walk. its atrocious to pay a COACH $12 million a year!

    • getgasol

      Phil Jackson is worth EVERY DAMN PENNY he makes and even more. Name one coach that brings as many wins as he does. Oh yeah, that’s right, you can’t because NO COACH has EVER won as many championships as Phil. Phil deserves just as much credit as Kobe for the 5 championships he’s brought to LA.

  • justdogm1

    maybe the kobe could pitch in…..he`s such a TEAM GUY.

    • Kingdom Come

      hahahaha you still on here guess what you lose get over it try again next season

  • ImaLaker

    phil jsckson will take the pay cut cuz its not about the money, its about the legacy every win means more than a number… plus i think brian shaws gonna eventually take over so we may see phil jackson coaching home games and west coast road games and brian shaw coaching more east coast games until the playoffs of course… 6 mil isnt bad for about 50-60 reg season games and a championship run…

  • bostonSUCKS88

    who’s magic johsnon?

    • Wilt

      Its a shame when people have no common sense. isnt it?


    Wow! That’s awesome Magic! This doesn’t surprise me one bit! Remember back in the day when Magic gave up some of his money so that the Lakers can sign Terry Teagle? Terry Teagle! And this is Phil Jackson that we’re talkin about! Magic wants so desperately wants to stay the greatest Laker of all time as long as he can! Well, if he keeps doing things like this… can’t hurt his chances right? Hahaha! FCUK YEAH Magic! Way to go!

    LAKERS 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!