L.A. Times: When Magic Johnson spoke Wednesday about the Lakers and what confronts them this season, his voice was serious about how it has to be all about “business.”

Johnson had come to talk at halftime of the Lakers-Clippers game about how he and his wife, Cookie, cried when hearing that Barack Obama had become the president-elect Tuesday night and would become the first African American to hold the highest office in the United States.

Johnson spoke about how Obama was competitive from playing basketball and how he has that fire that burns deep inside.

In Johnson’s eyes, the Lakers should have that same zest after losing to the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals.

He recalled how the Lakers had the better team, but still lost to the Celtics in the 1984 Finals. He recalled how the Lakers came back the next year and beat the Celtics for the championship.

Johnson’s team was on a mission in 1985, and that’s what he wants to see from this talented squad.

“They have to remember that this is a business year, though,” Johnson said.

“One thing that we always did is we always understood that it was a business year. . . . Like when the Celtics beat us in ’84, we came back and made it a business year.

“Anything and everybody in front of us, we were going to destroy and we were going to get back to that Finals. So they’ve got to do the same thing. Everybody in front of them, they have to take them out and get back to that Finals to see if they can’t win it all. So hopefully they’ll be in that mind-set, and it looks like they have started that.”

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  • JC

    Lakers: “YES WE CAN”

  • Michael_23

    They need to play tough, fierce, and competitive. They would have matched up or even beat the Celtics last June with it whether they had Andrew or not.

    Urggh, that game 4 still lingers when Lakers were ahead by 20+. Urghh…

  • lakerschamps09

    umm wat magic is sayin is u gotta kill ur oppenents early on in the game.. take the life out of them… go for the kill while u can…. sooo yea we dont have that mind set yet we will get

  • cdr2529

    He should have though that when he was supporting Hillary instead of Obama,now he want to jump on the wagon like he had that kind of min-set

  • Remy

    [Comment ID #53910 Will Be Quoted Here]

    it’s all good still cuz obama will be his president too

  • John

    Couldn’t you find a better picture of Magic?????? He looks stoned in that picture. :)

  • sketch

    JUST SHUT UP MAGIC!!!! you’re an idiot!!!! you are a hall of famer and that will never be taken away, but just shut up about the Obama thing. don’t try to relate that. it’s politics and it’s basketball, just keep them in their own respective arenas. you were a great baller, but a great thinker? NOT EVEN CLOSE! JUST SHUT IT!!!!

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?

    obama mindset, what mindset?10 months of nothing….thats promising!