Magic Johnson joined Jimmy Kimmel Live and had some very interesting comments about Shaq wanting to come back to Los Angeles.


    haha as long as Shaq doesn’t make any new movies were all good.

  • Erwin “Magic” Johnson

    Lakers are going to take this year. Keep the faith and support. Pray for the players to come through, Please!

  • magicfan4lifesuckers!!!lulz

    no deal erwin!!!!

  • Lakersfannotkobefan

    Ervin dumb dumb

  • Bret

    Shaq and Kobe for an Encore…that would be great…Thanx Magic…We All Know who the 2 Greatest Players in the History of the NBA are…You Guessed it…Kareem and Magic…GOAT.

  • magicfan4lifesuckers!!!lulz

    I just lulz that smile of magic!!!! he’s my man 4sure

  • Isaiah

    DO IT MITCH! After we win the title

  • ab4sure

    NO MITCH! Do em in the back instead, after we win the title! But make sure you ware a condom 4sure. wink wink


    Don’t be a HOMO ab4sure except with ME. ;)


    I wonder if my balls can fit in Magic’s mouth?

  • gugy

    Shaq is not coming to LA.
    Forget guys.
    We really do not need him and his gigantic salary.
    Mitch is smart, plus he does not want any egocentric issues anymore.

    I thank Shaq for what he has done, but his time is over in Lakerland.


    Yeah, I’d be ok with Shaq coming back to the Lakers, but after next season. I wouldn’t want the Lakers to eat his huge salary. He’s out of his gigantic contract after next season. Let him dry off for another season in the desert with Phoenix and then the following season, 2010-2011, we can welcome him back and he can “help” Kobe win one to end his career. This way, hopefully Kobe would have 2 without Shaq and 1 more than that fat man!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • domisthebomb

    [Comment ID #75451 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hahaha, thanks for making me spit out my OJ lmfao!!!


    I would love to bring shaq back. lakers can have phoenix pick up some of shaq’s salary ala brian grant. You guys think if bynum was playing the way he is in this series then we bring shaq off the bench things wouldn’t be all gravy? Remember shaq helped build the house we are currently using, then we just kick him out and forget about him. let’s open the window and look at him outside, he want’s in. let’s open the door….

  • ab4sure

    I’m a sucker4life, especially when my ass opens wide 4 the magicman4lifesuckers!!!