The greatest of all time who played with the greatest of all time said this about Bynum:

L.A. Times: “Andrew is the best young big man in the game,” Johnson said.

  • lakerz

    he sure is. only 20 years old,

    does anyone think if greg oden dident get hurt he might be better than bynum? and hes younger too

  • erv

    greg oden is more of a defensive type player his offensive moves are not polished like bynums.

    in the future its gonna be andrew bynum vs greg oden
    reminds me of wilt chamberlain vs bill russell.

    greg oden is younger by 1 year.
    greg oden is all hype,ppl think hes gonna be the next big thing,its dwight howard,howard is still young.

  • Billy Kupchak


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  • lakersforlife77

    I don’t know u guys Dwight Howard is pretty damn good. But besides Howard, Bynum is the best.

  • vahe
  • LakersFirst

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    Howard doesn’t have an outside shot and it is rare to see him post up and try to create a shot. And when I have seen Dwight Howard try to post up and put the ball on the floor, he either turns it over or misses the shot.

    Dwight Howard is a pure power player (i.e. think only dunks). He needs to work on posting up and creating shots from about 8 to 10 feet out. Bynum is working on this, which is going to make him more versataille.

  • west213

    Would be great, but dont think Kings will agree. Maybe only Artest for vlad and chris.


    hahaa are you kidding…we got a gift by giving nothing for Pau, it’s never gonna happen again, especially considering vlad has 4 or 5 years left on his contract.

  • jrich

    No duh Magic. Bynum is the best

  • David

    A more realistic trade for Artest would be:

    Odom for Artest and Kenny Thomas. Makes sense for both teams.


    I just did C.Mihm/C.Karl for Gerald Green(he wants out baaaaad)/Ryan Gomes(one of the hottest player RIGHT NOW),NOW THAT’S CHAMPIONSHIP THIS YEAR and when the off season comes FA’s galore will want to play in LA.

  • Rpoc

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    That description sounds like Kwame. It’s not that bad. He can hit a simple hook shoot and he got some of those on Gasol in the Magic game. He just doesn’t have a soft touch which is why he doesn’t get the friendly bounces like Bynum does.

    Bynum still needs a stronger base. Some core training would do him good. That way he doesn’t get pushed around by bigger bodies like Perkins. He has shown he can handle taller players like Kaman and Chandler.

    It’ll also help against physical teams like the Spurs. He got a ton of scratches from their players playing rough with him in his last Spurs game (the one where that old ref tossed him).

  • Lakers

    hey I respect magic. I agree with him

  • Fantastic5LAL

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    wow.. be realistic. why the hell would they trade two of their players with most potential for a kid fighting cancer, Coby Karl, and authritis Chris Mihm?

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

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    Have you seen D. Howard’s outside game, it’s not very good.

    Also, I think the NBA life is getting to D. Howard’s head. In the middle of the season he has stopped defending and stopped rebounding like he used to (ask Stan Van Gundy, his coach, he was b*tching about him the other night). Van Gundy is basically begging Howard to start playing defense so his team will have a chance to win. Let’s see if Howard listens.

  • lakers

    look a andrew’s improvement. if Kareem will teach bynum for many more years he will be a hall of famer