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Magic Johnson might have sold his share of the Lakers franchise a little over three years ago, but he still likes to share his opinion when it comes to his old team.

According to Mike James of the LA Times, during a meeting with Dodgers officials and media members, Johnson gave his two cents:

“This is what happens when you make the wrong decisions, two coaching wrong decisions, giving Steve Nash that deal, it’s backfired,”

“The biggest problem they’re going to have right now…you’ve got to get a guy like Jerry West to be the face of the team…you’ve got to have someone helping Jim. He’s got to quit trying to prove a point to everybody that he can do it on his own, get his ego out of it, and just say, ‘Let me get someone beside me to help achieve the goals I want.’ Dr. Buss was smart, he said, ‘I’m going to get the best dude, Jerry West, and he helped me achieve my goals. Then I went and got the best coach [Phil Jackson].’ He wanted to work with the best.”

Jerry West is currently a consultant for the Golden State Warriors, but Lakers fans may be asking themselves, ‘what about Jim’s General Manager, Mitch Kupchak?’

“Mitch is great,” Johnson said, “but he doesn’t have the power…you need to get someone like Jerry to be the face, so agents are comfortable, players are comfortable, knowing the Lakers are going for a championship…look what Pat Riley did in Miami…if Pat Riley’s not there, you don’t get LeBron to buy in.”

Johnson also lamented the idea that free agents haven’t been pining to come to the Lakers like they used to.

“Everybody’s telling me free agents don’t want to sign [with the Lakers]…they’re looking at the Lakers now as a team that’s dysfunctional; who’s their leader, who’s the guy?”

Johnson brings up a very good point. The Lakers used to bring in talent easily because they had the resources to attract the star power. What Magic fails to realize is that there is a new CBA in place and things just aren’t the same as they used to be. Especially not for the Purple and Gold.

Johnson also seems to be back tracking from his thoughts of Jim Buss after the Lakers landed Nash and Dwight Howard last summer.

“I love it. Jim, you look like your father; I’m proud of you. He’s definitely the guy now to win the NBA executive-of-the-year award.”

Flip. Flop.

  • Albert Allego

    Admit the facts that Kobe is done,
    big men are not as dominant as the past that brought glory to the club
    (Lakers). Lakers are dysfunctional because of the D-League bunch of guys and
    the owners knew it. Not unless they will persuade either of the guys like Lebron,
    Wade, George coupled with Kevin Love and Hibbert Lakers will be alright but
    that is not what’s in their mind. Lakers domination is 5-1-5-5,
    which means that with the exemption of one (1) trophy courtesy of Jerry West
    and Wilt Chamberlain in 1971-1972 seasons (It could have been five (5) trophies also, thanks to Bill Russel and the Celtics who defeated them four (4) times from 1968 to 1971), Lakers already achieved their goal
    of five (5) trophies courtesy of O’neil, Kobe, Gasol and Bynum; they are
    resting and on the rebuilding mode right now and that would probably will take
    5 to 10 years.. So Lakers fans rest also they are alright and will be back I’m

    • Stan

      I respectfully disagree that they will be back…. at least until the top changes. Microsoft was not so successful because they choose computers, no because Bill gates is a business genus. It always starts at the top, it always starts at the top, always! Jerry knew to surround himself with the very best, and Jimmy is staring at Phil and looking at him as a threat instead of an incredible asset. Which is the ONLY way to return to glory, (ie; do what his Dad did (surround yourself with the best) If he could see the big picture, he would pick him exactly because he’s intimidated by him…. as in “take your trembling knees with you and do it anyways ! ” It is what I have had to do in my live to make it better. What’s the definition of insanity “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result” If you want to be remembered as the owner who said “just take any 10 guys from the bar to pick your team is as good as the pros” and the owner who’s coach said “we don’t care about defense we are just going to outscore them” go ahead we can’t take it away from you, you were born into it. Personally I would think you would enjoy the awesome moments of being a part of the celebrations much much more. Good luck

  • amos1er

    Shame on Ashkan Kargaran for slamming Magic at the end of the article. A clear attempt to stay in Jim Buss’ good graces. What he failed to print when he quoted Magic out of context is that Magic had been on record many times before then questioning Jimbo like when he said that he didn’t believe in Jim Buss back in 2012 on national TV along with fellow announcers including Jeff Van Gundy. Magic and many others in the Lakers brass including Jerry West himself have questioned Jim for a very long time. West even left the team because of the emergence of Jim Buss. West had worked long and hard to build a dynasty and was shafted at the end when he was told to groom Jim to take his place. Why should he take orders from someone who didn’t do any of the work and who was far less qualified. Anyone would have left after getting dissed that hard. Magic did take into account the new CBA when he said that the Lakers need a better face to the organization when he sited Pat Riley in Miami who is also held to the same regulations of the new CBA. Only he managed to not make excuses and get the job done. Jim is not qualified to be the face of the Lakers and everybody in the basketball world knows it despite the many Laker writers who keep attempting to shield Jim from the criticism he well deserves; writers who happen to be employed by him in some facet or another or rely on him for more work. Pretty easy to read between the lines there. When someone as credible as Magic is calling Jim Buss out, we all should take heed and not let writers with clear conflicts of interest sway our judgement and keep us from the truth. Peace.

    • GM Jack

      Ashkan would not know who Magic is.

      The world has never seen a player like.

      Plays center, power forward, too good to play SF, and the best point gaurd ever.

      By the numbers and by 5 rings and 9 finals in 12 seasons.

      If you take any modern point gaurd for the first 12 season, no one can match it.

      Jordan and Kobe are great players, but, they are the same style players. One is just better (you make the call, who is better).

      Also, Nash ripped off Kobe’s two MVP. Those two seasons, Kobe was the BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD.

  • 3339

    He’s 100% to blame for the coaching errors. He hired two guys that couldn’t do the job. especially dantoni. dantoni is such a horrible fit but jim buss won’t man up and admit a mistake because his inflated ego is in the way. Its annoying. dantoni absolutely stinks.
    He seriously hired two guys only in spite of Phil Jackson, not based on the team’s needs.

  • GM Jack

    Agree with Magic 100 percent.

    Mitch needs to be out.

    He missed on Lebron.

    And, this year, Lakers messed up by sighing Kobe.

    Sorry Kobe fans. I am Lakers’ fan, then, I am Kobe’s fan. Lakers been around long before Kobe. Wilt, Jabbar, Magic, Worthy, Shaq, then, Kobe…Kobe is not lakers. Lakers made him who he is. If Kobe was playing in Sacramento, no one would have even looked at him. He would be another Allen Iverson.

    Lebron should have been in Los Angeles in 2010.

    Howard Came, in 2012. Now, Melo should have been stepping.

    If you plan it right, Lakers was a magnet. Lakers have never followed CBA.

    Since Magic’s Era Lakers have been paying Luxury tax. Lakers profit is so huge then can can pay 50 million a year luxury tax and it would not hurt them. Just like the Nets, they are paying 90 million this year.

    They could have attracted Melo and Lebron to come, and in 2016 lure Durant to come.

    Lakers is a big team they can afford to pay luxury tax.

    Mitch has killed this team.

    Laker need a face like Jerry and Pat Riley.

    Who could it be?

  • MaxPrime

    Love you Magic but hindsight is 20/20. You loved the moves when they were made!

  • Gor Bismori

    Just because nothing’s working, you blame Jim Buss. But remember that in 2004, Jerry Buss got all the best guys, Malone and Payton to play alongside Shaq and Kobe, under P. Jackson. The Lakers still lost to Detroit. So Jim Buss isn’t “wronger” today than Jerry ten years ago. Shit just happens.

    • John

      What you fail to understand is that the 2004 Lakers was made to be a championship contender, but like you said, “shit just happens.” But all the pieces were in place for that team to win.

      This current Laker team was not built to be a championship team. Last year’s team was, but with one big problem, and that problem was D’antoni. Jim brought a guy that ran a system that didn’t fit the team, and I’m guessing he made this move not because he believed that D’antoni could win them a championship but rather to take a jab at Phil.

      Shit does happen, to all teams, but unfortunately for the Lakers, due to bad management, they have placed themselves in a unfavorable position. Laker nation can only hope that Time Warner executives will put some pressure on Jimmy and Jeannie to turn things around quickly or else! And hopefully the 2014-15 season will be hopeful!

  • quickster007

    If Jim Buss was so great how come the late Jerry Buss made Jeanie Buss in charge of the Lakers entire operations. He hire a coach who never won any championship in his coaching career. I would like to see Time Warner Executives tell Jim Buss that they would like a greater return on their investment. If the Lakers make it to the NBA finals and won there’s a sudden increase in cable subscriptions If the Lakers fail to make the playoff there’s a sudden increase in cable cancellations.