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It now seems clear that Dwight Howard will be wearing a Orlando Magic jersey on Christmas Day.

According to Yahoo! Sports, General Manager Otis Smith has informed teams that Howard is off the market for now.

The Orlando Magic have informed teams that they’re ending trade talks for Dwight Howard and plan to start the season with the All-Star center on their roster, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

With the on again, off again trade discussions nobody can be for sure that Orlando won’t pull the trigger in the next 11 days.

Lakers starting center for opening day Pau Gasol sure isn’t buying it:

“You don’t know if they’re just saying that to get a better offer.” (Via @KevinDing on Twitter)

According to sources the Magic want both Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum in a trade for Dwight Howard. The Lakers have said that they would not trade both players to acquire his services.

  • Michael A. Robson

    This sucks. And now CP is with the Clips. 
    Um. I guess we’re sticking with Bynum.

    • Michael A. Robson

      Oh yeah I forgot about Pau Gasol. Ha.   
      Well that’s what happens when you blank out in the Conf. Finals

  • 123kid

    Now you gotta just pull this trade. The dust has settled with CP3 going to the Clips, Nene back in Denver, Gasol back in Memphis, Lamar in Dallas, and no longer anymore key players out there to be dealth with, this is your time to push for Dwight. No more rumors around and everyone thinking the Magics are really out, the Lakers should go behind close doors and pick up the phone to call Otis Smith and the Magics. DO IT MITCH!

  • jolida

    Now take those DAMN Dwight Howard and Chris Paul pictures off this Damn site. If you clown want Dwight Howard go to fuckin Orlando to see him! GO LAKERS!

  • Rasarx

    This is a pressure tactic by Orlando.  It’s like when you get up and pretend to walk away from the negotiating table in a dealership to get a better deal on the car.  They have all the time in the world for that.  There is no rush.  They have a whole year.  They know the Lakers are under pressure and would like to get this deal done sooner rather than later, especially when they botched Lamar Odom away. Don’t be surprised if by Monday you hear more trade talks.

    The Lakers can’t give up both Gasol and Bynum in this trade.  Why?  This is how bad it is:  At one point they were hoping on trading Gasol, Bynum, Odom (plus some other pieces) for Howard from Magic and CP3 from Hornets.  If they give up Gasol and Bynum that means they have give up their entire front court and all they have got is Howard.  In that case, with Kobe on his way down (remember all the miles on him?), a few short years from now we might be talking about Howard being the only major piece they have.  As it is with Brown and Odom gone they have no bench left.  Zero.  Zilch.  They have been complacent for years and instead of loading up on cheap but good talent they have loaded up on expensive but disappointing people (Walton, Metta World Piss), and so they have nothing to trade.