Remember the whole book incident? Well Magic came out and clarified the whole ordeal.

Picture 1Sports Illustrated: Magic Johnson on Monday addressed criticisms he made about Isiah Thomas that revealed a split between the two former friends.

In the forthcoming book When the Game Was Ours, which he co-wrote with Larry Bird and author Jackie MacMullan, Johnson disclosed that he helped blackball Thomas from the 1992 Olympic Dream Team and that he believed Thomas was responsible for spreading rumors about his sexuality after Magic tested positive for HIV in 1991.

During a conference call with Bird to promote the book, which will be released Wednesday, Johnson was asked why he decided to detail the nature of his relationship with Thomas now.

“I think it was time,” Johnson said. “We had an incredible relationship. We used to do everything together back in the day and then that kind of faded during those two championships [when the Lakers and Pistons met in the 1988 and ’89 NBA Finals]. It really went in opposite directions from then. Even today, though, I want Isiah to be successful. I’m sure he wants me to be successful even though we’re not what we used to be in terms of our friendship. But sometimes what happened at the Olympics and on and on has to be revealed.”

Johnson said that despite the fractured relationship, he has remained cordial with Thomas. Magic reiterated that he helped persuade the Knicks to hire Thomas as team president in 2003.

“When [Madison Square Garden Sports president] Steve Mills was deciding on that Knick job and offered it to me, I was the one who told him to call Isiah because I thought Isiah could do a good job,” Johnson said.

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  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?

    magic would sell his mother to make a buck…….WTF happened to his soul??the devil maybe?

  • blackmindblacksoul

    sorry Magic I dont buy was foul period.

  • Robert

    Maybe Magic felt guilty about what he did to Isiah (blackballing him from the Olympics). Not sure why a ‘tell all’ is important now. Hasn’t Magic already written his memoirs? It’s like Agassi telling all that he used crystal meth, or wore wigs. Not sure what the purpose of that is.

  • Megan Fox JJC

    Another marketing stunt?

  • Short Dog

    Magic will always be one of my favorite all time players. I reall ydon’t care about what was said in a book. Nothing but good memories come to mind when I see Magic. Keep your head up Magic.
    Lakers #1

  • lakerman1

    Why don’t they just Kiss & Make up like they use to do when they competed against each other in thr 80’s.

  • Purple&Gold Girl

    I’m a girl so I can say this.

    Most women gossip about everything and everybody. I have lots of brothers and no sisters, so I grew up around a lot of guys. You just don’t expect guys to be all gossipy so to say I was a little shock that Magic would put Isaiah out there like that is an understatement. I just couldn’t have seen this coming because Magic always seem to be the good guy and is my favorite Laker of all tim. This was all not a shining moment for him. In fact it’s a female dog move and Magic should be ashamed. I’ve never liked Isaiah Thomas. Thought he was a great player but a little punk. Even so, this is something Magic should have discussed with him before telling the whole world in a book. All I can say is I still love Magic but this was a very sheisty move.

  • faker-nation

    fuck magic