This brand new Machine video “Machine Break Down” will be the first of many new installments to be premiered exclusively on the Lakers Nation.

In this episode, The Machine recounts the story of how he breaks down during game 4 of the NBA finals against the “Leprechauns”. A game in which the Lakers were up by more than 20 points to only see the game slip out of their hands.

Don’t worry though fans, The Machine always comes back strong.

  • the antoine

    still too soon to talk about game 4.. stupid jeff van gundy calling the series tied in the 2nd quarter.. you never do that

  • Chris Manning

    Hahaha, that was hilarious. I loved the part about Machine breaking down. Especially the segment with Doc. That made me crack up. Very well editing, and very well done. That was the best one… by far!

  • jamaicans-for-KOBE

    go vote for LA’s game to be on NBA TV next tues…

  • Vida

    OMG this was so funny…Nice one !

  • daboss1848


  • Jim Murdoc


    Hahaha! Great video, guys! I love it.

    EPIC WIN!!!

  • lakerschamps09

    hahahaah lol nice…

  • K0be08-09

    That shot with Ray Allen was a heart Breaker man, i rember that day

  • Machinehead18

    Wow. That was awesome.

    This one is my favorite one.

  • kevin o.

    49ers or cowboys? u guys betta be niner cowboys suck!
    SUPER FAN OF LAKERS but a good fan of niners who do u guys pick?

  • Mitch4Pres

    best machine video yet

  • VIVA

    The machine thinks shoot first pass later.. He needs to see the open man too now. It might be too difficult for the machine. He is not programmed to do that. =)


    Sasha aka “TOM BRUISE” (he does look like he could his long lost brother).

    TOMBRUISE/”THEMACHINE”.com,Sasha vids are the best.

  • yellowpurplefever

    Funny as EVER, keep up the good work

  • duke

    I was at that game….mercilessly taughnting the celtic fans around me (including the Allen and Pierce families)…

    That was the longest 2nd half of my life.

    Only revenge will do!

  • stdecker

    i hope this means i’m not the only only one that can see how horrible sasha is. I can’t stand him (thats hard to say about anyone wearing a laker uniform). There is so much to say i cant possibly fit it all in. here is a couple- for some reason he gets labeled a shooter, but he cant shoot, he has almost the worst shooting pct on the team(farmar has a better pct). some people say he plays good dfense but he constantly makes mistakes hat cost us, or just gets burned. He is constantly trying to get attention, either by standing up all the time on the bench, or arguing on calls or acting like a spazz when he gets fouled. sorry this is so long i just want other people to see what i see!(I will bet he probally checks this site out to see what people say about him)

  • PeanutButterSpread

    [Comment ID #55067 Will Be Quoted Here]

    If Sasha wasn’t on the Lakers, I can see how annoying he’d be to other fans or other teams. Heck even during Laker practices, Sasha has the uncanny ability to annoy.

    Still, he was pretty effective last year during the playoff run, he was always apart of that 4th quarter unit which played well together. His 3pt shooting was the highest on the team last season (if I remember correctly) and he was pretty pesky on defense … and yeah, Sasha does his “oh my god, did I foul him look” all the time, but then again, so does Kobe and most normal players in the NBA.

    In the finals, no one played really well … we were getting burned constantly by both Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. We only held Kevin Garnett and that’s thanks to Pau.

    Anyways, this season, Sasha’s been rusty, I’ll blame his ankle injury for that right now … he’s made some bad decisions and in general, doesn’t look comfortable running the offense (as evidence from the Bulls game when he and Trevor had a slight … hopefully he’ll shake this off.

    It’s hard to hate a guy when you can shout “MACHINE!!!!!!!!!”

  • stdecker

    you are absolutly wrong. last year his sooting pct was about the same as this year. thats what i am saying, for some reason people think he can shoot(it’s because he shoots every time he has it). like in the finals after his one decent game, he went like 1 for 20 or something in the next two games. Every time he makes a shot i can garantee he will miss the at least the next two. And being pesky on defense does not make a good defender, he constantly overplays his man and gets burned a lot. my whole point of his theatrics after calls is that he is not Kobe, or even an average player in the nba, he’s sasha, he is an overpaid scrub. did you notice that he had to fabricate an offer from europe just to get the lakers to give him a contract. no one wants him. i would love to watch a game with you so i could point out every stupid thing he does on and off the court. and lastly the nickname is the worst. i would cringe every time i would hear joel say it, thankfully he stopped. (at least for a while) the only machine he ressembeles is a broken garbage disposal. i am guessing that the fans on this site are using it ironically. that is another point, him giving himself a nickname like the machine(how lame can you be). the last thing is using his ankle as an excuse. I am telling you he has sucked every year he has been in the league, even the last year when people would say he was having a breakout year, it was because he shot every time he had the ball, he was bound to make a few. trust me, his shooting pct was like the second lowest on team last year too. the last game w/ the bulls was a prime example, instead of moving the ball back to an open ariza, he jacks up a contested 3 and misses. case closed, keep watching, pay close attention after one his few decent games(if he has one), garantee he will have a horrible game. its just that he’s such a ball hog with no game, he thinks he is a thousand times better than he is, and i cant stand him! some of you true laker fans please tell me you see what i see.

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  • David Brickley

    I always hope that people who read or listen to my stuff comment on my posts, so eventhough i saw this the first day it was on, I wanted to say I thought it was hilarious, and I can tell how much time it takes to edit something like that! So good job guys, glad to have you apart of the team!

  • KB24ForLife

    yes… but i am sexy machine… hahahahs