lukeL.A. Times: Luke Walton, who missed Game 1 with a left ankle injury suffered in Game 4 of the Utah series, practiced and will play on Wednesday in Game 2 against Houston.

After practice, Walton stayed on the floor to do extra work, running the floor and testing the injured joint with a series of hard cuts and movements simulating offensive sets. While Walton and Phil Jackson had spoken about playing in Game 2 after Sunday’s practice, that he was able to go hard today made his participation Wednesday far more likely

  • xfellerx

    you go boy.

  • Mitch4Pres

    this betters our chances of winning. seriously. luke is smart.

  • Chris Manning

    Luke coming back will help tremendously – especially on the offensive end :)

  • Sako

    His presence is felt. Seemed different w/o Luke yesterday, good to have back.

  • Kenny Smith

    “Right now, Denver is playing the basketball in the Western Conference – by far!”

  • dcb2069

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    no joke. denver is tearing it up. assuming we pull it off against houston, la/denver is going to be interesting…at least a lot more interesting than last year’s playoff matchup of them.

  • CrystalJeanBean

    WOot! Very happy to hear he is doing so well and will be able to play. Its always nice to have someone with such a good heart and understanding of the game on your team. He adds a lot to both offence and defense. Welcome back Luke!

  • dEDGE

    Luke’s presence alone will help the Bench Mob settle down and take higher percentage scoring opportunities. He won’t fill up the box scores with awe inspiring stats, but his value is in his uncanny ability to make the right decision at precisely the right time.

  • gugy

    I do hope Luke come up with smart plays and most important avoid turnovers and bonehead plays that he seems to often do.
    If he keeps distributing the ball utilizing his passing abilities, We will be in a good place.
    Go Luke!

  • kobe8

    Great. I didn’t know that when Luke starts we are 27-8 which is the highest winning percentage.

  • lafanfromindiana

    I’m happy to see all the positive remarks about Luke. Usually this place is full of Luke haters who don’t understand the game of basketball and thinks we need someone at every posistion that has good dunks on youtube videos.

  • MrRJ

    I was wondering where he went… he’ll be crucial

  • Geloman

    A friend of mine who happens to be a big Boston fan reasoned that the Celtics lost the first game against the Magic because of fatigue going 7 games in the 1st round and the absence of KG. He then asked me what was the Laker’s excuse for their game 1 loss. I told him we were missing Luke. As expected he laughed. Luke is smart a great passer and does all the intagibles that help the other players play at their best. I think he will help out tonight.

  • JohnJOhn

    Chinamen would like that.

  • Makaveli3

    Very happy to see Luke Walton, that means we can have some better rotations, and have fresh team mates to play! Good stuff.

  • Bynum from the playboy mansion

    Awesome he can carry my jock strap after we kick ass tonight. feed me the damn ball kobe!!!!!