L.A. Times: Stay positive, Luke Walton tells himself. Continue working hard, Walton reminds himself. Don’t get down or discouraged, Walton keeps repeating.

These are not the best of times for Walton, his playing time dwindling to almost nothing.

He is averaging 3.37 minutes a game, the lowest on the team.

This has happened two years after Walton was the starting small forward for the Lakers, when he averaged 33 minutes. Last season, Walton averaged 23.4 minutes.

He has played in seven of the nine games this season for the Lakers, but his minutes have been limited.

“I’m surviving,” Walton said. “But I’m working my tail off and waiting for my opportunity. That’s all I can do.”

The stat sheet said Walton played three minutes even Tuesday night against the Chicago Bulls.

Walton first entered the game with 8.1 seconds left in the first quarter. He replaced Lamar Odom, who picked up his first foul.

Walton entered the game again with 22.5 seconds left in the second quarter, again replacing Odom, who picked up his third foul. Walton missed his only shot in the second quarter.

He entered the game for the final time with 2:29 left, finishing 0 for 2 with zero points.

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  • as1084

    the way luke is playing…it seems like he doesnt practice at all. hey Luke, instead of being at ur bbq shack why dont u hit the practice court??


    as1084 started this article with the shit talking towards LUKE. I’m surprised it wasn’t smush walton. But with all that said GREAT article. All you haters you at least have to respect that he is working hard and being patient. You don’t see him complaining one bit. So f*ck all you guys. I mean everyone. Fine wait I will admit that I read about 5ish positive comments towards LUKE “THE MAN” WALTON.


    People w/ game play. That’s it. I don’t care how much I.Q. you got for the game but if you suck then you are going to sit. I would rather have a dumb dude that averages 12-15 pts a game instead of an Einstein that averages 1.2 pts a game. Be more agressive!

    Just my 2 cents.

  • as1084

    [Comment ID #55020 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yea i wouldnt be comlaining either if i was making $5 mil a year to sit on the bench!


    ….”LOL” ” ” ” “


    I got a feeling, Luke is going to one day (maybe suddenly or maybe gradually), come out of his year-long-plus, funk he’s been in and return to the Luke Walton of the 2006/07 season… He’s got plenty of time, if not motivation, to work on his game during practice. He needs to take a page out of the Machine’s practice histrionics; as he (Sasha) was once considered to be lethal, only at practice time, but eventually brought that lethal ness, in his game; to the real game! … Luke now has no choice, but to do the same.

  • Luke Believer

    I think it gets really old when I read negative brainless comments about Luke Walton such as the one below

    “the way luke is playing…it seems like he doesnt practice at all. hey Luke, instead of being at ur bbq shack why dont u hit the practice court??”

    I’m not sure what the person who made this comment does for a living or any of the “Luke haters” for that matter do but i can guarantee you that none of you are NBA players making close to what Luke Walton makes. and i’m pretty sure you can barely afford a bic mac rather than owning your own eating establishment, So obviously in my opinion, Luke, while not at the level of “Kobe Bryant” but knowledgable of the game, is managing to do something right.

    Lay off Luke and be grateful that while Luke lacks the bronze he over compensates with the basketball IQ that is what usually makes up a great team mate and future coach!