Congrats to Luke Walton who made some NBA history himself…

Father Son Combos to win NBA Championship –

  1. Matt Guokas Sr./ Matt Guokas Jr
  2. Rick Barry/ Brent Barry
  3. Bill Walton/Luke Walton
  • xfellerx

    we did it.

  • Fish that saved LA


  • beebo

    SUN YUE makes history too!! first asian with a championship ring!! haha

  • kwame brown

    i made a historic championship cake! u earned it luke!

  • skip bayless

    congrats to luke walton and the lakers 09 champs

  • WifelovesLuke

    My wife was so happy for Luke, I gotta tell you. She got a chance to meet him as a rookie in 03′ / 04′ and has enjoyed following his career ever since.

    Luke was definately instumental in the success of this team and hope some of the haters will start to appreciate what he brings to the team. Wishfull thinking, of course!

    Congats to Luke and the rest of the squad! Can I say it? REPEAT!!!!!!!!