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Lakers forward Luke Walton has made 68 more field goals in the last two years than former coach Phil Jackson had. What makes this statistic more depressing for the Walton family is that Phil Jackson hasn’t competitively shot a basketball in over 30 years.

For the time being, Walton has spent the last two years on the bench at the bottom of a forward-heavy rotation for the Lakers consisting of Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol, Matt Barnes, Ron Artest…the list goes on and on.

However, it appears that Walton’s bench time has gained him a spot on another bench, as it has been reported that Walton will work as an assistant under John Pastner at the University of Memphis, according to the Washington Post:

Pastner announced the hiring Monday in a move that must be approved by university and Tennessee State Board of Regents. But the coach says the Tigers can learn a lot from Walton who has been coached by Phil Jackson and played with Kobe Bryant.

Walton’s deal with Memphis is structured in a way that if the NBA lockout ends at any point during Memphis’ season, he is allowed to walk and return to the Lakers. Walton, 31, currently has two years and almost $12 millon remaining on a six-year deal that he signed in 2007.


  • Gilbert Ortiz

    man. I thought he was gone for good. To good to be true.

    • lakerd2423

      same here

      • margarite

        It like a nightmare that never ends! Thanks to Phil.

    • margarite

      One guy on the board thanks he’s great! Guy needs to kick the crack habit.

  • Optimus

    Dont come back!
    We dont need u we dont want u!

  • laffsatu

    the team I Q just took a nose dive……………….

  • Oh wow hai

    This guy is the master in getting paid for doing nothing. I must take notes.

    • Jeffrey Thompson

      not his fault though.  He played great for the lake show and they just decided not to play him anymore.

      • margarite

        I told you to stop with the pipe!

  • Jeffrey Thompson

    I wish Walton the best of luck.  as a player he showed signs of being a Scottie Pippen type player.  he could read passing lane like nobosy’s business.  he might even make a good coach one day becuase he had such saavy and a strong Bball IQ

    • margarite

      Bull! Stop smoking That CRACK. Walton is a scrub and if it wasn’t for Phil Jackson and Bill Walton he would not be in the NBA.

  • John Stewart

    How can he coach something he knows nothing about?

  • wilt

    lets pay them his salary to keep him

  • Luke Sucks

    Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.  Walton can’t do either.