LUUUUUUKE!OC Register: Lakers forward Luke Walton views Kobe Bryant’s recent outbursts about possibly wanting to be traded as temporary products of his frustration with losing.”We all want to win,” Walton said Wednesday. “Hopefully it’s going to work itself out. It’s over now. We just want it to pass and go on with our lives.”

Walton was speaking on an ABC conference call with his father, Bill, and reporters during the NBA Finals in advance of Father’s Day.

“He probably said some things that he later regretted and later he actually took back,” Luke Walton said of Bryant. “But ultimately, Kobe wants to win. He’s used to winning, and he wants to win again.”

Walton, Bryant’s teammate since 2003, is a free agent, though he hopes to return to the Lakers.

Walton’s father was not nearly as understanding toward Bryant, criticizing him for “an attention-grabbing stunt” during the conference finals. Bill Walton, an ESPN analyst, said one could “imagine how mad” Bryant is now that LeBron James is getting “deserved” attention during the NBA Finals.

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  • RoWyN

    Bill Walton sucked anyway!

  • Roger

    no Bill was a great player but I disagree with what he sometimes says but still knows alot about the game

  • lakerfan81

    Bill Walton Sucked??????? Have you ever seen Bill Walton play (when he was not injured) or the 77 blazers that won the tile because he just happened to be the best player on that team.

    Even if Kobe was seeking attention the press and NBA ate it up because the finals stink. The CAVS are so outclassed that its pathetic. There has not been a finals match up this bad since the Lakers played the Nets (actually the match up of the Lakers against the pacers and the 76ers were pretty bad too). I think Shaq by himself could have beaten the nets. I wrote before that There are 5 teams in the west that could beat the CAVS, but he more I thought about I think that any of the teams in the west that made the playoffs would have a pretty good shot.
    Luke Walton is right on some aspects Kobe has a better team talent-wise around him than James (when everyone was healthy). Simply because Lamar is more talented than anyone on the CAVS besides James. But James has a better team all around because they play better defense and are much better rebounders. I think if you put the lakes in the east that they would have had as much of a chance to make the finals as the CAVS did and then lose to the spurs

  • LA-KB24

    luke is the man.. and lakers will be just fine next year and kobe will calm down… you all watch

  • KingKobe

    It’s crazy how things got so out of hand so quickly this year.
    They won 42 games even though they were not anywhere near healthy for most of the year and then when they were healthy all the chemistry was gone. Don’t you think that if they stayed healthy and kept up the chemistry that it’s possible that they could have won 50 games? Isn’t 50 wins considered pretty damn good? Yes, yes it is. I’m not saying they would have gone anywhere in the playoffs, but it’s insane to me how everyone, including myself, has forgotten this fact.
    Let’s all just calm down and pray that no matter what moves they make that health and chemistry is just as important as putting better players around King Kobe Bryant.

    By the way, Bill Walton is a legend, but that doesn’t make him an expert on what other players do. Shut up Bill. Go smoke a joint you hippie.

  • lamar_odom

    i’m so tired of everyone saying crap about kobe being traded…so dumb…why would they raise the ticket price if they were going to trade kobe??

    people need to just shut up and stop with these ridiculous rumors…

    as for bill walton…shut up and just watch your son play.

  • kb2481

    i just cant wait till lakers holding the trophy next year detroit will cry san antonio will cry suns will die and dallas dallas will be swept by the warriors and laker vs. detroit and lakers win 4-0 kobe mvp holding the trophy with kg

    just cant wait 4 months till season starts

  • MO6

    ya i cant wait for that to and hope it does happen like that

  • 2k8kb24

    do you guys know anything about has a audio clip about the owners of the website

    if you guys know anything please do tell..

  • Bryan

    I love how everybody downplays the fact that Cleveland got to the finals because of a weak conference. They say it so nonchalant like it’s no big deal. Lebron James took his team pass a Wizards team playing without Gilbert Arenas and Caron Butler, then pass the nets, a team that managed only a .500 record in a horrible east division, and then pass a detroit team who basically beat themselves. Now they are on the verge of getting swept by the Spurs. Bill Walton and others need to realize that if Kobe was on the East, ANY team would make it as far as Cleveland did. And as for Walton’s question about whether or not the Lakers would trade Bynum and Kwame for Big Z. HELL YEAH I WOULD DO IT. A starting line-up of Kobe, Odom, Ilgauskas, Walton, and Farmar would be pretty damn good. I’m sick and tired of these Kobe critics who have nothing else better to do than suck Lebron and Wade’s dicks. One more thing, CMON MR. BUSS, CALL JO AND BRING HIS ASS OVER ALREADY!

  • MoneyMarl

    Bill Walton hates Kobe bryant. That is a fact. Today, he was commenting on how Tim Duncan always congradulate their teammates, he went to say: ” you dont see them making it all about them, pounding their chest and pulling their shirt to the side”. Who do you guys think did that pounding and pulling their shirt to the side thing? none other than Kobe when he hit that dagger against Phoenix last year in game 4.
    In the convo. with his son, u can see that he dont like KObe.

  • MoneyMarl

    @OP and Administrator of site
    have u guys heard about the Video of Kobe bryant saying: Fuck Andrew Bynum, ship his ass out. and telling the fans to buy his soon-to-be Bulls Jersey???

  • punkjones

    No, tell us more.

    Like I said on other post about Lakers Talk stalling because they won’t give up LO and Bynum: why not? Why should Laker management care about Bynum right now at the expense of Kobe? If they back away from this deal and can’t get anything happening we can kiss the franchise player goodbye. I’d much rather have Kobe than Bynum.

    What the hell? Jackson is so down on this guy anyway. He would have shipped him out for crazy Ron Ron. He’s not with the kid at all. If Kobe and Jackson (who are the only pieces left of the championship franchise) don’t give a crap about Bynum then why the hell are they holding on to the guy? He moves like he’s stuck in molasses for G-sake. Come on.

    At 19 years old Kobe Bryant was starting in the All Star Game and blocking MJ’s shots!! At 19 guys like KG, and Amare Stoudemire were killing it. Bynum is a likeable kid, but damn, he is not explosive and he can barely get up and down the court. Trade him now while his value is highest. One more year like last year’s fade out and he won’t be worth much.

    Seriously, if the Lakers are so stubborn as to not make moves this offseason then they will see Jackson walk away at the end of next year and Kobe will follow. Are Lamar and Bynum really that important to this franchise? I just don’t see it. A career underachiever and a young pup big guy who may very well not develop into anything extraordinary? Gonna risk losing the best player on the planet for those guys?

  • Ruin323

    I am a huge Laker Fan but and an even bigger Kobe fan, this is why it disappoints me to see the situation we are in, Kobe first and foremost Kobe went about his frustrations all wrong, he went public when he shouldnt have, by him venting his frustration he severely hurt the Lakers because now all the teams in the NBA see how bad the Lakers need a trade and that decreases the value of our players, when in the past we could of made some fair trades now the other teams want more from the Lakers because they know we need it and it is in their best interest now not to help us because they might have a shot of landing Kobe. He hurt the Lakers and evaluating the situation at this point it would be best for the Lakers if they did trade him. The best deal would be to Chicago for Gordon, Wallace, Deng, and the 9th pick. If that was to be done then the lakers have more pieces to work with and dont have any more pressure, then they can still pursue Garnett or O’neal by offering the 9th pick, Bynum, Wwamen Deng and Etc but if they can somehow keep Lamar they would have a strong contender linupe such as –

    Pg- Farmar (or a strong off season pickup)
    Sg- Gordon
    Sf- Odom
    Pf- Garnett or O’neal
    C – Wallace

  • huz your tatay!?!

    that is true… plus kobe in chicago is pretty dope.

  • lakersforlife77

    I told you nash is gay. Look at him grabbing Luke’s nuts in that pic.