Lakers Examiner: Los Angeles Lakers stars Luke Walton and Jordan Farmar were probably the first in line to see the new comedy, I Love You, Man.

The hilarious movie, starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, tells the story of a man so desperate for male companionship that he engages in a series of “man-dates” in an effort to find a best man for his wedding.

Something tells me Walton and Farmar won’t have that problem when they tie the knot. I mean…to other women…not to each other…right?

Mike Trudell of wrote a revalatory piece about the couple’s off-court relationship, which I have to admit was news to me. Walton describes it as such:

Jordan lives right down the street from me, so we’ll go get lunch or dinner, get online and play some video games or whatever, basically just have a lot of fun doing it.

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  • imfasterthanur

    That’s cute.

  • ojt

    well no wonder farmer’s been slacking off,walton is such a useless player it’s starting to robb of on farmar.pj better watch out for his b***h walton.

  • xtro

    that’s kind of gay. brokeback lakers

  • kobe4ever

    haha you guys are funny. love the brokeback lakers comment.


    I can imagine it now. Luke and Farmar skipping practice to go home and play Xbox with eachother. Priceless.

  • Chris Ekstedt

    i am growing more and more concerned by your lazy ness lakers your trying to fill up with this website with mindless bs about our team. yeah right on. cool, thanks. but i don’t want to read an article from another website that makes fun of my team.

    c’mon. i mean, c’mon.

  • Mitch4Pres

    no homo tho

  • Eternal

    [Comment ID #65880 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Chill out… it’s just an article showing how the two have a close friendship with each other. Some of you are getting the wrong impression it seems.

  • ignard

    Enough with this stupid bromance crap…….why can’t fools be bestfriends or buds or homies?

  • baltimoresbest01

    ship them both out

  • portman

    what’s wrong with you people? ship this out and ship that out. like you guys can do better than these two dudes. i even admit, i loved smush back in ’06! i mean, he’s all we got back then! are you even laker fans in ’07? i’m looking forward to that day when the whole team stops playing and tell you guys to do it yourselves. learn to love your team!