Very good news. Luke will help the bench out a lot.

ESPN: “Walton I think will start practicing next week,” coach Phil Jackson told reporters before the Lakers’ game at New Orleans on Monday. “He may even get on the court Thursday when we get back and get in a practice before the Utah game.”


“I haven’t put any timetable on Andrew at all,” Jackson said. “We were hoping it would be a couple of weeks, but right now we’ll just let that one go. When he’s ready to go, we’ll notify you. He just started walking without discomfort about two days ago. He feels free enough to walk without the boot on.”

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  • kushragous


  • Ron

    You heartless punk.

  • sarahpsmith

    Have you ever heard any player complain as much as Andrew Bynum? He's a big baby. Ron Artest is playing through Plantar Faciatis—extremely painful—but he “nuts up” and doesn't tell anyone. Andrew describes the pain, where it hurts, how much it hurts, and HE sets the timetable for his return. Phil says it shouldn't be more than two weeks, Andrew says, “uh-uh. It really really REALLY hurts and I'm not coming back anytime soon.” Do you read this Jim Buss? When Lamar says there's a chemistry problem on the team, it's Andrew's attitude. Doesn't really care about the team. Cares only about himself, and not getting another OWIE. What a joke. and a mistake.

    • parker

      Ron is a MAN Bynum is a BABY its that plain & simple. This is what happens when you overpay a player because of potential or 1 breakout year I.E. Luke & Sasha and my belief is Ariza would have fallen in the same category if the Lakers would have been stupid enough to overpay him. I immediately started liking Ron when he said if you cannot survive on 33 mil then something is wrong with you. I do not recall any BB player saying he would except less money to be on a contending team in his prime as Ron did. Its just goes to show that not all Athletes are all about money. Most of them need that kind of money because of there extravagant lifestyles and on a last note if Big Baby Bynum is a no show this year then maybe we should go after Bosh.

  • drivefor16th


  • Ruin818

    Drew said he felt better a couple days ago, Phil said there was a possibility that he might even come back during the road trip but now says there is no time table for his retrurn… Im beggining to think Phil has given up on Drew and is going with sticking Odom in the starting lineup and sitting Drew as much as possible. Phil knows if he just flat out moves Drew to the bench it will destroy his confidence even more (how that's possible IDK) and Jim Buss would get on his ass about it… this way he can sit him while saying “its better if he heals completely so he wont re-injure it” even tho I maybe some of you can see what he's doing… and he might be trying to go as far as saying this team is better without drew… everything flows better… and I personally would be ok with swapping bynum for amare or even bosh cause they at least produce while they play and are allstars…. all you Drew fans are still going on his “potential” and not his production… the flat out truth is… Drew is just not that good.. he had a couple good games a couple years ago and most of you are still hung up on that.. he has had 5 years to come into his own…. and Im sorry to say… if it hasnt happen yet.. its not gonna happen… i know a lot of you are gonna say im crazy of stupid for saying this.. but we need to trade drew while we still can in return for another big man who will actually produce and “does not just have the potential to be productive”

    • parker

      You are not stupid sir just stating facts

      • Ruin818

        Thank you sir….. The way I see it.. if we can get a young allstar for drew then the lakers should jump on that deal.. cause that player is “already” producing… They may not be as good as Drew “could” be… but Drew himself may never even be that good… Everyone in the league has the potential to be great.. some do it and some dont… So for those of you who will say Amare is not as good as Drew “could” be (cause EVERYONE is still basing comparisons on potential and flashes of talent and not overall production or consistency) and those who will say Bosh is soft….. so is drew… but at least those 2 players “produce #'s” and are hungry… so wouldnt you rather have a player who is also young and produces “something” instead of having a player who doesnt but just simply has potential, plays scared, and is begining to be injury prone who prety much gives us “nothing”?????? who would pay for an un-reliable sports car that needs a bunch of upgrades to be fast and you have to drive with tenderness or it might break down on you the minute you try and drive it like a man would drive a sports car and all its gonna do is sit in you driveway and simply look appealing while you can pay just as much for one that doesnt need the upgrades but is just as fast and has all the features of the other one, but this one you can drive it the way you want to drive it and you can actually use everyday……….