Luke talks on his NBA blog about Kobe being the MVP! Nice to see support from his teamates. No doubt, the NBA MVP race will not only come down to the wire but may be one of the closest races of all time in terms of the voting. There are so many deserving candidates. You see what LeBron’s done from the start of the season and Dwyane Wade is playing at an amazing level, carrying the Heat on his back.

I don’t get a vote (I’m not a member of the media) but if I did, I would cast it for the reigning NBA MVP, Kobe.

I’ve been teammates with Kobe for six seasons now and I continue to be impressed with all aspects of his game. What I see every day isn’t just the skill level which is off the charts, but the day-to-day commitment, the work ethic, the leadership, the mental approach to the game.

You don’t think Kobe would run away with the scoring title if he wanted to? C’mon. He could have buried that awhile ago. His goal is to win the championship, pure and simple.

As talented and as skilled as he is, Kobe continues to grow and evolve as a player. He knows we’re at our best when he gets other people involved, letting guys make plays, dishing assists, making sure we’re in rhythm. By not placing a premium on scoring, Kobe knows his sacrifices make the team better.

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  • L.A.

    That right Lukey.

  • KOB

    the link isn’t working…

  • Smush Walton

    So our LVP says Kobe is the MVP?
    That’s nice.


    Luke should have became a Abercrombie model or a book writer. ANYTHING to keep him away from the team. Just playing about luke but what else is he gna say? The guy who grabs the ball away from his teammates for high stats should be mvp or the guy who made a buzzerbeater against a mediocre team should be mvp? Nahh it’s Kobe but the NBA will give it to whoever ends with the best record.

    They always find a stupid way to decide this. Remember how last year it was basically decided on who won the Hornets vs. Lakers game? Most of the time it just goes to the best play on the team with the best record but let’s see what happens by the 2nd weeks of april

  • Jay

    I dont think so… I Love Kobe, but its hard to argue that hes having a better overall year than LeBron.


  • Makaveli3

    Lets go LAKERS! and KOBE! haha

  • Juilliards Laker Man

    MVP Kobe Bryant
    This is not the Best Stats Award and it’s not the best player award. Kobe is anyway, but that doesn’t matter cuz it’s the Most VALUABLE Player Award. this should mean this..the ultimate goal is to win the Championship, so the most valuable player is the player who has prepared his team to do so. that player is the most valuable player in the League because without him that team wouldn’t win the Championship which is the ultimate goal. With what has happened this season, it is clear that Kobe has prepared his team to defeat the the cavs and Boston.
    What’s more Valuable to a team that’s trying to win a championship?
    1.a guy ( lebron) who’s style of playing the game is dominant and can win a lot of games in the season, but when tested against real teams like the Spurs in the Finals a few years ago and the Lakers this year… it shows that His style of play isn’t so valuable. one man show can’t get it done against real teams. sure they look like they are playing team ball, but when you really look at it, it’s just lebron trying to do everything. they rely on him completely and when it comes down to it, that’s not the most valuable strategy to win a championship, which is why he isn’t the most valuable player in the league.
    2. or a guy (kobe) who has done everything he had to do to develop a team that plays Team ball… meaning he’s a guy who can get all the points he wants, can grab rebounds all he wants and can pass lots of assist if he wasn’t running the Triangle, but instead has done what he needed to do to have the most dominant team in the league who has defeated the other top contenders at home and on their home court and has his team as the favorite to win the Championship, considering what has been done in the season. Kobes style of play is much more valuable in winning a Championship, so he should be the MVP this year if it’s done correctly

  • Juilliards Laker Man

    After reading what i wrote I wanted to mention that I understand that there’s the Finals MVP for the player who led his team to the championship in the Finals, but what i’m backing is that The Lakers have proven to be the most dominant team in the league in this season. Their record proves it even if they are slightly behind the Cavs right now. They won the big games and Kobe has proven to play the most valuable style of ball with this team throughout this season to make them the Favorites to win the Championship

  • Lker Roger

    kobe kobe kobe is there anyone in the same air space.
    luke you must wish you had game ,dont worry luke keep
    kissing up to kobe and phil so you dont get trade next season to the clippers where you farmar, mobenga,
    sasha and lamar o dumb belong.

  • sketch

    what the hell else is he suppose to say? hahaha!