Great to see Luke play despite the eventual consequences. Playing around Kobe sure has a big influence. Bill Walton encouraged Luke Walton to retire in the summer rather than risk a similar future of agony. Luke Walton refused.

“No parent wants to see their child suffer and how that changes your life. Basketball is a glorious celebration of life, of health, of everything that’s good, and there is no better example of that than what Shaq is going through right now with the Boston Celtics and how much the Celtics will mean to Shaq now and for rest of his life, and how much fun it’s going to be on that last long run. “You want that,” Bill said. “You want that for everybody, to have the end be so great, and you really want it for your children.”

Luke: “His concern, obviously, as my father, he doesn’t want me to have it go as far as he went, where he was miserable and all that stuff that went on with him. His advice was health is more important than basketball. But I wasn’t willing to live with that advice. I had to do everything I could first. I think I found a solution that will let me continue to play.”

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    Luke is a good player. I don’t want him to retire so soon.

  • hey

    Of course he refused to retire. Two more years making millions sitting on the bench?

    He’s a leach

    • Sir




  • LakersFirst

    “Playing around Kobe sure has a big influence.”

    Uhhh, and why does Kobe get credit for this????

  • Bill Walton

    Just tired of seeing my kid sitting on the bench laughing at his own jokes while the rest of the team is serious and wanting to win. Luke got to rings doing nothing but making candid videos with him and his buddy Jordan. It’s time to see my son do something. ;)

    • rome

      mr walton really miss you as an analyst on tv your a legand on and off the court ! (Go Luke )I have been a fan of yours for many years.

  • Bill Walton

    Throw it Doowwwn big man! ;)

  • gus26

    this is f*cking bull… “i think i found a way”… wtf??… how is that fair to his contract?… his a$s should have retired because he is not 100% and because of luxury tax will cost the lakers 10 million this year… his untradable contract has cost us going after so many players… if your not 100% retire luke… i like you but its not fair to you, the organization or the fans… in fact its not even fair to other players… if luke would have retired and saved the lakers that money… i don’t see them pressing so hard to trade sasha… just horrible luke…

    • keeponkeepinon18

      I understand what you’re saying but you have to understand that Luke is forsaking health (even though he could be healthy while playing ball) because he loves to play basketball. Luke isn’t and shouldn’t consider retirement because he is an inconvenience.

      Its a whole lot deeper than what he means to the Lakers. His contract hurts the Lakers monetarily and, considering his lack of great skill, his experience with the system is his only real calling card to be on the team. However, you are asking him to forget his own personal desires and act out the team and the fans’ desires.

      • gameplan

        yah right! he likes to play basketball, just the basketball don’t like him, what a curse!

  • T-Dub

    Luke is and has always been a BUM! Of course he won’t retire. Why retire when you get paid millions to do nothing? Duh! Travel, hang with superstars, bang fine chicks. Retire? He’s a sorry piece of sh*t but he ain’t no dummy. The Lakers can’t and shouldn’t complain a bit, they gave that bum a 6yr, 30mil dollar contract. No one to blame but themselves! Luke is the last bum I’ve been screaming about for years…Vladrad, Cook, Farmar, Sasha…all gone.

  • Boococky

    Damn Luke be a team player and retire already. Your the last laker with a horrible contract. You made over 20 million already. Do you really think you deserve any more?

  • jtshoopsblog

    Why would Luke retire? he’s already getting like seven or eight mil for just sitting on the bench. can’t beat a gig like that.

  • Laker Warrior

    Would you retire ? Courtside seats 5 million a year
    never have to play in presure games.
    However the Lakers need to pressure him to retire.
    He cant jump he is slow , all he does is pass.
    Token white player.

    • Sir

      Not even a token white player because he’s not even a 3 pt sniper!

  • Luke_Is_Done

    Luke please retire and become a Laker coach. You still get to watch the games and travel with the team.

  • rondo

    Waltons never played a lot of basketball. Bill knows when you are washed up he spent many days on the bench watching basketball like his son Luke.