Get well Luke, the bench could use ALL the help it could get!

ESPN LA: Los Angeles Lakers forward Luke Walton, who has missed the last 16 games because of lower back problems, is practicing with the team, working to strengthen and condition his back in hopes of returning to the lineup in early April.

“I’m definitely going to go. Hopefully physically my back stays strong enough and doesn’t regress to where it was before,” Walton said Tuesday afternoon at practice in El Segundo as the team prepared for an upcoming five game road trip.

His current absence marks the second time this season Walton has had to overcome back issues. In November he underwent surgery to relieve pain caused by a pinched nerve and missed 28 games. He returned for 17 games before the pain returned and he was again forced from the lineup.

Walton indicated the setback after his first return is playing into the team’s current strategy.

“I feel good right now,” he said, “but if we start going hard now and it’s still a month away from the playoffs and maybe right before the playoffs [something happens]? There’s no way to know how it will respond.”

Walton said offseason surgery remains an option, but will wait until after the season to decide any course of action.

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  • fyckluke

    hopefully……….. wtf . i hope we never have to see that peice of shyt again …………..

    • Josh Herrington

      Marwan is a true fan so he supports the well-being of all the Lakers.

      • Marwan Marzina

        Of course I am. I love the team. If I was just a one player fan, like a Kobe fan, I would’ve worked at instead. I love the ENTIRE team whether many of you label them as “scrubs” or not, so I work here, giving up my time to give you fans the articles and news on the best team ever.

        • Josh Herrington

          Some of these “fans” are too lazy to go search for the articles themselves. I sort of look for them but it is a lot easier when Chris or you post them on this website. So, thanks a ton, oh, can you hook me up with a job? lol i hope you realized this IS Green Flannel. =)

  • Luke makes me Puke

    Luke, Please do the Lakers a HUGE favor and RETIRE after this season so we can use your money to acquire a productive player. You need to work FULL TIME in your restaurant!

  • lker10

    u guys are HARSH seriously. Imagine if u were a laker and came across this site and comments. Show some SUPPORT

  • WifelovesLuke

    Two of you jack offs clearly don’t understand basketball well enough to know how valuable Luke is to this team and the second unit. Not to mention, he has finals experience. Tough to find a lot of role players in this league with the kind of playoff experience that Luke has. Stop looking at the box scores and the color of his skin. It’s showing your lack of intelligence and support for this team!

    • Josh Herrington

      A+, A+

    • fyckluke

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    • WifeHatesLuke

      The only Playoff experience Puke has is riding the coattails of guys like Kobe, Shaq & Gasol to a free ring…you seriously think you have an argument that if it wasn’t for Luke the Lakers wouldn’t have made the playoffs or win a champioship!? then id really like to hear that argument…For all I know Gary Coleman could have have been in Walton’s roster spot all these years & the Lakers would have accomplished everything that they have or even more, he probaly has more game than Luke.

      • WifeFucksLuke&notMe

        Well said WifeHatesLuke.

        Jesus christ, I’ve never seen any poster on Luke’s nuts like this. And he’ll go off on anyone who says the truth about the guy.

    • well

      Okay, now you’re just giving the guy too much credit..

      Just because people exploit what Luke really is doesn’t mean you can get butt hurt and cry “non Lakers Fan” on them. I swear to God, get a fucking Life.

  • Robert


    Walton has played in 24 games this season while battling a pinched nerve in his lower back. Jackson believes his absence is partly to blame for the Lakers’ bench struggling this season.

    “We really miss Luke Walton because he was a facilitator and played with the bench guys,” Jackson said. “The bench not playing at a top performance level is a concern for me. We’re losing leads and we want to be able to extend them. You want to be able to rest guys on the bench but when you start losing leads the starters have to come back and play extended minutes.”