The bench could use Luke. Not too many people create for their teammates like he does.

O.C. Register: Walton, who has missed the first two regular-season games, said that while he isn’t experiencing any more pain, he doesn’t expect to play until Tuesday’s home game against Memphis. “It feels good and I didn’t feel anything and as long as I don’t feel anything that means I’m making progress,” said Walton, who took part in Saturday’s practice and 3-on-3 game afterward.

  • 151rummer

    hey, hes not the most exciting player, but a healthy Luke doesnt hurt this team at all. Only means the ball gets moved and ditributed that much more!

    • Que?

      Hey, just like sugar coating shit right???!

  • 2Much4You

    He come back then injured, he come back then injured again WTF!!!

    Im Not surprise period

  • tradesasha

    freaking luke, just retired already!!

  • vahe

    luke hasn’t contributed anything in years hes just sitting his ass on the bench and making money…ship his ass out and bring in a solid bench player with the money…luke.. U SUCK ASS!!

  • Wilt

    i predict in the 5th game back he pinches that nerve again an misses half the season…… again.

  • WifelovesLuke

    My user name states that my wife loves Luke when in reality, it is I that desires him more than anything. I will even do him over my significant other.

  • Robert.

    Luke’s coming back, but what about Luke’s hamstring? I think the hamstring should take some time off while Luke plays (or, stays on the bench and cheers).
    Luke Walton: retired Laker, assistant coach to Brian Shaw 2011-2012.
    Luke’s back should retire too.

  • Boococky

    what a waste of 30 million dollars. Obama must have given him that contract.


    Here’s my prediction….Luke will come in, make some passes, miss some fade away shots from the corners, get the ball in the key then get surprised that he is that close to the basket then he will pass it so someone else will shoot, the game will end, lakers win then we get a report from TLN that Luke suffered back strain and will miss another 2 months.