There is a big rumor going around involving a three team trade that could land Lue in L.A. for Chris Mihm – or Lue for Mihm straight up. While there are a lot of rumors flying around, one article mentions the “Lue to L.A.” part…

Journal Times: But Lue’s status appears to be up in the air as well. It is believed the Bucks have an offer on the table from the Los Angeles Lakers for Lue, with the Bucks receiving veteran big man Chris Mihm in return.

  • Sako

    Do It Mitch!!!! I’d like to have Tyrone back.

  • Jaime Quintanilla

    I’d prefer Pargo but I’d easily do a Mihm for Lue trade.

  • Ken

    Lue or Mihm is a no brainer…..havent we all had enough of Mihm…and we can definitly use another PG

  • Chris Manning

    12mpg on 5 points ppg

    – 49% FGs
    – 65% 3pt
    – 88% Free Throws
    – 0 Turnovers Per Game

  • lakerschamps09

    yea i would welcome him back… we dont use mihm as it is… i think mihm would be sad to leave the future champs…

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #57140 Will Be Quoted Here]

    these are stats that would obviously go down, once he puts on the P&G, right?


    I kinda like our big back court with either Kobe, Sasha, Ariza when Fish is gettin rest….

    I guess it could work….

    and Chris good call on bringing back the old way of posting….

  • Shaq786

    just as long as he doesnt get crossed up by iverson and get stepped on… :D

    i always loved lue… iverson… why???

  • Nissan

    Do it, Mitch!

  • Shaq786

    lakers should crack… v.rad and a second round pick for joe smith, immediately after

    we wil get some immeadiate cap relief… and have alot of expiring contracts….

    not to mention…. d-fish/kobe/walton/gasol/bynum…. and a bench squad with lue/sasha/ariza/lamar/joe…. with farmar, powell, DJ, and yue… ready to help when called upon

  • Dracul

    Well if a big man is unavailable on a given night for the Lakers, we have Mbenga who could provide a big warm body out there, so since we’re not using Mihm as it is and we actually have an immediate NEED at backup point guard, plus he knows the triangle. Yes, I would prefer Pargo, but if nothing else comes up, Mihm for Lue sounds like a reasonable way to plug up an immediate need.


  • kobe bryant

    lue is good but marbury is best

  • jason420_7

    sure do it lol..why not..i dont think it will help us that much but obviously wouldnt hurt either!!

  • T-Dub

    MARBURY!!! he’d love to come here just to get away from the eastcoast, start over, be a role player on a championship squad. The Knicks are buying him out next week! An All-star PG for cheap and for nothing. can’t beat that!

  • xtro

    starbury is a better fit. redemption time for him!!!

  • Whatsa

    Haha maybe Starbury can redeem himself due to Phil Jackson’s discipline. (:

    But I’m down for a Lue/Mihm or a Pargo/Mihm trade.


  • Whatsa


    Umm.. aren’t we kinda stacked on the Center position anyway? Gasol, Bynum, Mihm, Dacos, and.. even Josh Powell?

  • therealdrakehunter

    i’m not sure lue will be a good fit, offensively yes but how bout we go after someone who plays solid on ball defense so we don’t need to help out as much on dribble drive penatration, that leaves opposing perimeters players open for the 3, which has been killing us for the past 10 plus games. How bout we try to get lindsey hunter from the bulls, the man knows how to d up plus he can hit the ocassional 3, and if he’s in during crunch time can nail the free throw if needed. lindsey or pargo

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #57138 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This is a KLAC board member who was one of the Losers over there. He does not represent my views. But he does look like an ass.

  • gus26

    i think the lakers are waiting to till jan. 5 when they can sign players to 10 day contracts.. and a little part of me says they are waiting to see what happens with marbury too..

    in the meantime take a look at this..

  • kPoAbUe

    I got a solution but we might have to get rid of dj or mihm. Buy out Juan Carlos Navera contract and sign him here. He and Gasol have looked great together. Bring him over and it will be a great addition.

  • Milo

    TJ Ford!!!

  • yellowpurplefever

    Totally agree with this Article on bringing back Lue in exchange for Mihm. Lue can still defends and can hit jumpers.
    I know X-mas is over, what a present it was for Lakers fan.
    Lets get Lue!!

  • lakersfan

    Acie Law from the hawks will be good