For years, Philadelphia has struggled with its feelings about native son Kobe Bryant.

Awed by his skills, fans here have also disowned him, even booed him.

For sporting a Dodgers hat at a Phillies playoff game. For vowing to “cut their hearts out” when his Los Angeles Lakers beat the 76ers for the NBA crown in 2001. For acting like the superstar celebrity he is.

Over at Lower Merion High School, they know another Kobe. The alumnus who visits regularly, who chats with students and athletes, and who quietly donates his time and money.

On Monday, the Lower Merion School District cheered that superstar by agreeing to name Lower Merion High’s new gymnasium after arguably its most famous graduate. The decision follows Bryant’s latest donation – $411,000, the largest gift in district history.

“He’s a real role model for being a loyal alumni to a public school,” School Board President David Ebby said.

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  • laffs atu!

    It’s about time Kobe gets reconition for his greatness in Philly! I truly deserves this, all you Kobe haters out their, Respect greatness! Because there will never be another Kobe Bryant again, like there will never be another Michael Jordan…………………..keepin it real.

  • More Cookies 4 Kob

    This is a side most people don’t know about Kobe Bryant.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Smh @ all the hate on the comment board under that article. Some haters are just so mad and ignorant that they have to STILL bring up Kobe’s rape charge to discredit him.

  • keepon_keepinon18

    Finally and well deserved for Mr. Jelly Bean.

    • keepon_keepinon18

      I mean his son lol

  • drive-for-16th

    phily ppl dont seem to fukking agree, whats up their ass. They just hate on kobe, i have no clue why, even they bring up the rape case crap, read some comments about kobe in philly about this, and they still hating, its just sad.

  • 242LakerFan

    Congratulations Kobe. An honour well deserved.
    Haters will get their own “reward”. Let’s just give credit where it’s due. Good job, Lower Merion High.

  • Robert.

    Why do we like Kobe here in LA? Because Kobe is loyal to LA, and the Lakers. Kobe has personally elevated the Lakers to their usual Legendary Legacy All time greatest NBA Team Championship level.
    Here in LA, we have no football team (anymore – I do miss the Raiders), the Dodgers had a great run in the 70s/80s, but have been mostly irrelevant. The Lakers, and especially Kobe, are the gift the keeps on giving.
    Kobe may be Philly’s native son, but he is definitely LA’s adopted son, speaking on behalf of all native Angelenos. 3 Cheers, for the coming 3-peat!

    • Leaderfish

      Correction. Because Mitch was smart enough and convinced Buss to not trade Kobe to the Bulls. Kobe loyal to the LA and lakers? LMAO

      Sorry but the truth is the truth.

    • Robert.

      Awwww shucks … we all know Kobe wanted to stay with the Lakers — he was just trying to get the ‘rich white guys’ to step up and back him up with key players. Can you blame him?
      And ya know what? His play worked well for all, esp. ‘rich ol’ Buss’ !!! The Lakers brand went skyrocketing (at least a few Championships later). Buss has Kobe to thank for extending his $$$ streak, and helping his great great great grandkids survive decades from now.
      Thanks Kobe! (I thank you for great basketball, and Lakers loyalty, and Buss, his family, and Phil thank you for helping them pocket more $$$)!

      • Leaderfish

        Don’t tell us he is loyal then. Lakers brand was great before Kobe and will be great after Kobe. It is not the Los Angeles Kobes even though you would like it to be.

        Worth and operating costs/profit don’t always go hand in hand. Any economic class will tell you that.

    • Robert.

      BTW, a little math for your sake, and some anecdotes. Lakers are now worth $600 Million. Lakers salaries (including luxury tax) are about $100 Million (seems a lot, don’t it), but it leaves the Buss empire with Half a Billion dollars, k?
      Firstly, that’s the reason for the lower salary cap, and luxury tax limit (as you know, I’m sure). It’s to make sure that the rich owners don’t allow salaries to skyrocket out of control, like in baseball. For markets like L.A., (and the Lakers brand), it’s not a problem. For markets like, Memphis — problem (for rich owners). Revenue from Grizzly games may bite into franchise profits. So, profits from L.A. (over luxury) contribute to the rest of the league. But, Lakers popularity is so big, it ‘brings up’ the revenue for the rest of the league. And actually, the owners couldn’t be happier about Miami. More $$$ !! It’s a bonanza for them.
      Back to players – Kobe, one of the ‘greatest of all time’ (soon to be ‘the greatest’) KNOWS his value to the Lakers, and so, again, was playing his worth. Someone else did that (with the Buss family) in 1980. Another ‘greatest of all time’ – Magic. At the time, Magic ‘highballed’ his salary request from the Buss’es. But he told Jerry Buss something like, “Dr. Buss, I’m worth it – and you’re gonna see the greatest show” (again, paraphrasing what he actually said). He might as well have said, “get out your popcorn, Showtime is coming”. Buss invested something like $35 Million for Magic (lifetime contract), could be wrong about the actual number (it was ‘big’ money back then), and look what he (Buss) got for his money. (And, look what WE got – a whole decade of exciting basketball).
      Buss, being a ‘gambler’, knows when he has something good – Kobe played his worth, but I’m sure he wanted to stay with the Lakers.

      • Leaderfish

        And Magic thanks Buss everyday for that. Magic is a smart man both business and personal.

      • Robert.

        Right! So we shouldn’t forget that even though the ‘Lakers’ is this gargantuan worldwide basketball phenomenon, it is a business too. Kobe was just taking care of business. Again, we ‘knew’ he wanted to stay with the Lakers – he just had to push the business decision, AS DID MAGIC. Both Magic & Kobe have love for the Lakers – Kobe even said ‘recently’ he wants to retire with the Lakers – with 3 more years on his contract, and probably more years (5+) playing, that’s not the type of ‘business’ thing you want to state now. I don’t understand why you don’t think Kobe is loyal to the Lakers. Shaq sure isn’t. Jerry West left the Lakers for Memphis for a stretch- was that disloyalty? Magic just sold his Lakers shares – is that disloyalty?
        C’mon man.

        • Leaderfish

          All I am saying is don’t call him a man of loyalty. He was screaming to be traded a few years ago. Magic didn’t do that. He just didn’t like the coach at the time.

        • Leaderfish

          Jerry West was not under contract with the lakers. Shaq is not loyal either.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    those are some funny ass comments this laker site linked over too.i`m liking philly more every day,,,,so whats next a michael vick animal shelter?

    • laffs atu!

      those are some great comments, this Laker site is awesome too. i’m liking L.A more every day,,,,so whats next a THREE PEAT!…………playing it stupid and keeping it real!

  • http://57.amklac/ laffs atu

    get off my nuts laffs atu! i know you want some but 666fakerfan will be more then willing to let you play with his nuts.

    • 666fakerfan

      No I want the real deal. You, I want your nuts.

    • R.I.P laffs atu

      All talk and no action makes “laffs atu” a dull little girl!

    • Lebron James

      I want some of laffs atu, come on over to my house and I’ll show you a “real man” baby!

  • laffs atu

    LOL @ all the hater comments on that link.

  • KUSH

    Count Your Blssings. Take it one day at a time..

  • laffs atu!

    To all Laker nation, Peace brothers! I’m outta here!…………..playing it stupid, and keepin it real…

  • Blackstar