Interesting. A LOT of mixed feedback… what are your thoughts on this?

For NBA’s Noche Latina the Lakers will be wearing their Los Lakers jerseys for the game this Sunday vs. Golden State.

  • pukimon


  • http://myspacee kobeMVP

    sweet dude

  • Payday

    Los Laguneros…but Los Lakers works, too!

  • Michael_23

    As long as they don’t wear the short shorts like they did against Boston.

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    Well last year if you dont remember we wore the jeseys with Flags on the side, soi this one will be cool too!

  • Mr.81

    Why is there mixed feedback? What’s the problem with it?

  • goodfella

    i don’t care as long as we get a win, if we lose burn those things

  • jrich

    What’s next? Is Stern gonna force players to ride onto the court on donkeys? And wear sombreros while they sit on the bench and force them to drink horchata instead of gatorade? Jesus christ.

    TERRIBLE. A total embarassment to the organization.

    • Los Laker Lover

      Take your ass back to Europe then Chris Columbus



    • DMG4USC

      Next month I want the Lakers to wear jerseys in German, followed by Chinese, then a tribute to the Japanese and Filipino. Why bother putting anything in english, what, do you think that is the national language or something?

      • Sky

        well said.

      • J

        First off, its to recognize the biggest population of ethnic backround in the country, which i guess, maybe just maybe in a democratic point of view, makes it important. third, there is no such thing as a national language for the U.S. at least not officially.

        Those are just the facts, but really i completely dont like it and i hope the U.S. does officially claim English the naional language in the near future.

        BTW, I am hispanic but I’m as american patriotic as it gets.

  • lalakerfan

    Where can I see the jersey?

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    [Comment ID #30110 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hahahaha ur a moron

  • jrich

    kobe da 1 andonly: Don’t ever call me a moron again. Do you understand me you lil twerp????

  • ryguy2303

    It’s nice to have a different jersey for a change but I think the reason that we are doing it is absurd.

  • The Mamba

    Los Angeles Los lakers :D

  • dub824

    stupid idea in my opinion… i hated it when they spurs had the “los spurs” jerseys

  • jrich

    [Comment ID #30125 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Sounds totally ridiculous.

  • banuelos_714


  • klingsor

    I’ve been a fan of the lakers for many years, and i’ve always called them “Los Lakers” (i am Puertor Rican, so it actually makes my day.

  • mfoznot

    Los Lame!!

  • Andrew Gasol

    are theyging to use it tonight vs seattle

  • em and em jr.

    it prbably has to do with gasol, i am dominican and i like when lakers do hisnic things

  • SunsRGay

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    haha u moron

  • RD

    hell, im filipino. why cant we have our own version of NBA jerseys too? lol. F’that!

  • Shakobe22

    this is so dumb, i dont see why they have these heritage deals, no one is happy, if u do one heritage do all of them

  • hubbit

    This all a marketing ploy by David Stern and the NBA to increase the Hispanic fanbase. You will not see “Los Sonics” or “Los Cavaliers” any time soon, but those teams from states with large Latino populations like Texas, Arizona, and California are the ones that the NBA is making them wear the “los” jerseys.

    NBA’s hoped for reaction to it all: Ka-ching!, whatever makes money…
    My reaction to is all: Whatever…

  • Fred A.

    They should not go away from that laker tradition.

  • Tim

    i dont really have a problem with this as long as they win…. but seriously… let’s be accurate. my vote is for Los Laguneros. Are we going to see Los Warriors as well?

  • ab4sure

    I am all for it if the game is going to be in Mexico City but I thought they were playing it at staples.

  • lakers1fan

    Let the truth be told forget what those other “fans such as jrich,mfoznot,& ryguy2303″ negative comments say. Let’s face it the LAKERS fame were build by us the Minority….Mexican-Americans, Latinos, and African-Americans!!! After all for the morons that I mentioned above…the reason why the LAKERS are wearing the “LOS LAKERS” jerseys are because ESPNDeportes(ESPNSports) are promoting “Fiesta LAKERS” on sunday, 3-23-o8, which I totally agree with the reason! Again…WE the MEXICAN-AMERICANS, LATINOS, and AFRICAN AMERICANS are the LAKERS!!!! Don’t forget when the LAKERS came from Minneapolis the came straight to the Forum in Inglewood and then to Downtown LOS Angeles!!! The fans you see in Staples center are mostly MEXICAN-AMERICANS, LATINOS, and AFRICAN AMERICANS, example: check us out versus to the Clipppers fans…most of the clippers fans are caucasians. Let the truth be told……

  • Jack

    [Comment ID #30204 Will Be Quoted Here]

    a little too much, but better than other comments. I would like to add something though: the Lakers actualy came from Detroit as the Detroit gems and later was bought by Ben Berger and Morris Chalfen for only $15,000. jeez to minnapois. the rest is history.

    people who have issues with Los Lakers should also have problems with Los Angeles. “Los” is in “Los Angeles,” the same city Lakers play for, how can you have problems with that?

    We have tried short shorts, now lets try Los Lakers, its just to add some flavour in the game, I am on for it. Hopefully, it wont”t come out unsuccessful as it did with the short shorts.

    go los angeles los lakers.

    i just love this team, no matter what you call it. it’s a piece of me. period. and adding varities would only make it better.

  • thisbedo

    whoa whoa whoa buddy what about the asians?? i know jst as many die hard Asian and “Caucasian” fans

  • thisbedo

    lets be real here its jst a marketing tool used by stern he doesn’t give much of a damn about heritage any way for him to make more money for the league he’ll do it. you know im all for having more laker lovers cuz theres way too many laker haters out there!

  • Majic “Big” Johnson

    Que viva Los Lakers!!! JRich you are a moron.

  • domz

    the people around the nation are crazy…and so is this jersey…I also hated the “LOS SPURS” and “LOS SUNS”..they should be “LOST SPURS” and “LOST SUNS”…how about the warriors? will they wear “LOSt WARRIORS”?

  • BEC

    [Comment ID #30204 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You say the lakers fan base is made up by minorities, but mexicans, latinos, and africans arent the only minorities. And to say just these groups are the Lakers is just another stupid comment. Just because they played in inglewood and downtown LA, that makes mexicans, latinos, and africans the only fan base, get real. And of course the fan base is made up by a lot of mexicans, its f’in california, but the fan base outside of that is just as large asian, caucasian, and other groups. Lakers are made up of Lakers fans, not certain minorities.

    Im not hating on the jersey, hubbit above, hit it right on the money, its all about the money, a whole new set of jerseys and merchandise people to buy, and increase hte hispanic fan base. It makes sense with the lakers, being from los angeles and all. But Golden State Los Warriors, WTF is that, Phoenix Los Suns, sounds even more retarded. Nice idea by stern to make more money.

  • TheBestLakerFan

    This jersey is sikk! I dont see the problem it’s only for one game. If your a die hard Laker fan, you wouldnt care what they wore!

  • lakers1fan

    I apologize if I left any other race out (i.e. Asians, and of course caucasians) of course I think the first LAKERS players were all caucasians that’s not forgetable. But first my point to the negative comments by the other bloggers basically is 1) the reason why the LAKERS are wearing “LOS LAKERS” this sunday is because a Latino radio station (ESPN DEPORTES)is promoting this event and why not “LOS LAKERS”……and I agree with BEC about los spurs and los suns it did sound dum, but lets stop and think maybe they were having a similiar event to the one ESPN DEPORTES and the LAKERS are having I mean Arizona does have a large population of Mexican-Americans/Latinos there as well as the spurs…that could have been their reasons?? 2) Seriously, I think if the LAKERS wouldn’t have landed in the (Inglewood, CA forum) when they were bought by Jerry Buss, seriously, and lets be real about it…I don’t think the LAKERS

  • lakers1fan

    would have such a diverse fan base. I mean even Ice cube have said it he has been a fan eversince he was in his mother womb, and like Snoop. And I don’t think their parents were famous back in the LAKERS SHOWTIME ERA. Thanks to Dr. Buss who have gave us (minorities) a chance to embrace the LAKERS and make them our HOME TEAM likewise the LA DODGERS! AGAIN, LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD!!!

  • bryantbynum

    why is everybody talking about which race has more laker fans than the other? A laker fan is a laker fan, just like a human is a human. I don’t have any problem with los lakers merchandise, but im not so sure about having them use the jerseys in the game just because it breaks from tradition. I was also skeptical of the sunday white jerseys because it also broke from tradition.

  • lakerfani

    jrich, youre a moron, f,ag

  • mr47

    Nothing wrong with it? It’s a marketing scheme/commercial boys. Trying to draw in the hispanic crowd obviously and having the players wear ads. I know I sound like I’m being negative and I apologize. I always have bad things to say about things such as these. Pet peeve.

  • KingKobeSays

    Did any of you guys ever watch that movie called “The Mexican?” Its a real interesting movie that my professor shared with us in class and since race seems so prevalent in this conversation I must state that he is white and so am I. The movie is about how the world would not be able to function if it weren’t for Mexicans. For example who would mop the floors? Take out the trash? Mow our lawns? Clean the bathrooms? and the list goes on and on. Based on what my professor is teaching in our ethnic heritage class, I believe Mexicans deserve to have this, it’s only one game and it really doesn’t matter all i care about is if they win or lose. I have no problem with it, we wouldn’t be able to survive without Mexicans, WATCH THE MOVIE!

  • KingKobeSays


  • kwame walton


  • kobe-wan kenobi

    The thing that bugs me of all this is that a lot of latinos come to usa and do not even wanna bother to learn english!
    for god sake if you do not wanna learn the language of the country u are immigrating to stay in your damn country.
    other than that it is fine, it is merely a way to get more and more fans and money
    but latinos are not the only minority that supports lakers…so yes should we have a lakers jersey for each minority?

  • DingleBerry

    why dont they add some ebonics to it also? Los motha-fuca lakers!!!!

  • OcBaLlEr10

    I hate the “Los Lakers” jerseys!!!! i thought they forgot to put the angeles on the front. they should burn them. i say “Los Bye Bye”:)


    ViVa LoS Laguneros!! lol

  • Metro

    I agree with JRICH and he is not a moron… the Latinos have invaded us in every way and I know their happy (I would be too if I managed to accomplish what they have) but a line must be drawn. Why in the world should we change team names to include a spanish/mexican/latino word? im very upset about this and maybe i am the minority in opinion, but that’s my right. Kink Kobe – good education there but wait until you get to your econ class then write again… ethnic heritage is going to show the good but god forbid they discuss the controversial…

    • nukelies

      Only people devoted to America and it’s power hates the name change to Los Lakers – it’s an embarrassment. AND NO — Spanish people did not accomplish nothing! Everything they now have in America was wrongly given to them by President Reagan, Bush, Clinton and other fake traitors to this country to destroy America’s uniquesness and strengh and wealth and to give to other poverty nothing countries to make this evil one world nation – the spanish people did not give themselves nothing in America – evil fake Americans gave to them!

  • lakers1fan


  • topollilo

    I am so disappointed at the uneducated comments above. Specially from Laker fans. I’m latino myself and have made the lakers part of my lifestyle. I bleed purple and gold. But guys,c’mon..Do a little bit of soul searching and let’s join as a LAKER NATION. There are too many laker hater out there, as someone else posted.We can’t put ourselves down. I also agree that there we are LAKER FANS ,period. We all high five each other in the games without focusing on our ethnicity. The “Los” is well deserving and if you guys that hate it so much can’t live with it,then boycott the city’s name for having “Los” ,and “Angeles” , and all the thousands of streets with spanish names.We are a melting pot of cultures here. We will only survive and thrive here in this great Earth by living in harmony. GO LAKERS!!

  • billy

    uhhh, guys. Los Angeles is spanish. Are you idiots? Nothing should be wrong with Los Lakers, when Los Angeles is spanish to begin with!! haha, anyone that thinks Los Lakers is wrong is a fool. Los Angeles is SPANISH!! hahahaha

    • nukelies

      YES los angeles is spanish but it is not the same as changing the name to Los Lakers – this has an evil meaning and doing. To destroy America and give to poverty people! And when America bought California from poverty Mexico – they decided to name a city Los Angeles because they like the name for difference only because America could have made the name whatever they wanted. Mexicans did not create or prosper the Lakers so the name is not to be changed to please a bunch of people who were wrongly allowed here to live OUR better richer life because they can’t make their own and to destroy the power of America’s glory and give to foreign poorer countries. Go learn a damn lesson and get out of America!

  • James G

    This is pretty funny stuff when you think about it.
    Who cares if its a marketing scheme? The Lakers are NOT a non profit organization (or the NBA for that matter). Conversely, I want them to be a profitable organization. And like any business, if they don’t turn a profit, then they cease to exit. The more fans, the more revenues, economics 101 people. If you really care about the lakers then you should care about them in every facet, especially fiscally. Understand that when the lakers are successful as a business, they can afford marque players. Its the same thing when a bar markets “cinco de mayo” or St. Pattys day. Don’t sweat it and have some tacos from taco bell when we score over 100.

  • DJ

    I’m with jrich……I dig the latinas but this isnt mexico. F**k that S**T

  • Josue Guerrero

    i’m appaled and disappointed in all the Racism and Ignorance spewed by all these Mexican/spanish haters.
    if you dont like spanish and mexican surnames move out of the southwest go back to Europe. were you retarted immigramt pilgrim grand-parents came from. this has been Latin America for Hundreds of years did you Learn even in school about the Aztec Pyramids..they were here before your stupid ancestors..the idiots tried to burn them lol.. theyre made of Solid Stone just like our spirit. Your hate will never break. us it only makes us stronger, were everywere and multiplying faster than you can say: KKK..look around you were doctors, teachers,Mayors, NBA stars,Rappers.US MARINES. Just face the Mariachi music. Your ERA is Over..move over cracker. We’re Up to BAT. For all other True LAKER fan with sum brains” Keep the Purple n Gold..before any just a Jersey after ALL.

  • Lakers 09

    @Josue Guerrero. Funny how you’re “appalled and disappointed in all the racism and ignorance” yet you resort to derogatory words such as “retarted immigrant” and “cracker.” Last time the I checked the Aztecs ruled in the area of what is today Mexico.
    On the happy note, I don’t mind the change in jerseys as it does celebrate the Lakers’ Latino fan base, but I agree with the others that it is only a marketing ploy and should include other races as well if the NBA wants to do it. Lakers fans are Lakers fans and race has nothing to do with the love for the “purple and gold.”

  • KB24

    Hey lakers1fan!

    YEAH THEY MOVED FROM MINNEAPOLIS…HMMMM WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH MEXICAN-AMERICANS? Secondly, I am not sure where you are looking if you say MOST of the fans are minorites at Laker games. Hahahha Open your eyes and quit making the Lakers about race.

  • Kobe is a Rapist

    You’re all idiots for being Laker fans

    • LakerMarc

      Get out IDIOT Go visit ‘the King’s’ fan site.

  • El Jefe

    well it seems to be working it has all of you talking! haha

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  • skyler

    go LOS LAKERS!

    im going to get me that jersey on sunday.

  • Valentina

    Hey Metro:

    It’s THEY’RE happy, not THEIR happy. I’m a Mexican American and I know how to spell.

    • LakerMarc

      OUCH…if you are going to hate on other races and other people and their beliefs, atleast appear to be more intelligent than the people you are criticizing. Valentina has an excellent point, you MORON.

  • asdfghjkl;

    jrich, your nuthing but negitive.

  • Laker-Nation

    The Lakers or Los Lakers are not the only team doing this. This is just a clever way for the teams and league to make more money. The NBA has a huge latino market in the cities that are involved in this promotion. At least Los Lakers sounds good we could be stuck with El Heat or Nuevo York. I Don’t understand what the big deal is. If you have that big of a problem with latinos you are in the wrong city. I can’t believe the racism coming from Laker Nation we all bleed the same Purple and Gold

    • nukelies

      Spanish people did not invent or bring prosperity to those teams so the name should not be changed to please them! We don’t need spanish people in this country because they are living off our better life because they can’t make their own. They are NOT doing jobs American’s won’t do. They have not brought an inch of money to this country they are living off our money whether they work or not! We were the richest and powerfulest before the spanish people were allowed here and now we have gone down to trash – so don’t give me that crap that they are doing this to get the spanish money – because the money the spanish are using to go to these games is America’s money but instead it has been taken from American’s hands and put in the mexican’s hands to make America weak and nothing and take away OUR power and great status in this world and to give to poverty people and countries to build them up and to destroy America! It’s damn evil and needs to stop now! REAL AMERICANS FIGHT TO TAKE BACK YOUR UNIQUENESS AND MONEY AND POWER – DON’T BE FOOLS!

      • LakerMarc

        I agree with some of what you have to say however…….powerfullest?……you mean most powerful……, don’t make yourself seem illiterate…you lose credibil;ity that way, especially with so many radical beliefs.

  • LosMyA$$

    Los bullshirt imo. They just lost my sale.

    • nukelies

      I agree – don’t buy that damn shirt! This country and those teams were built by America not poverty Spanish people and those names are to stay exactly what they were not “Los Lakers”. Boycott this crap and constantly complain to the NBA to get rid of those dang spanish people kissing ass names!

      • LakerMarc

        You mean Spanish-speaking, Spanish poeple (Spaniards, actually, as a classist system, have TONS OF MONEY). Wewll the wealthy families anyway. This particular discussion has turned very KKK.

  • Crack

    Nothing wrong with this, at all, people should get it more.

  • Renato

    I’ve heard the Term Los Lakers for decades. NO big deal. Jerseys a big hit at Laker game gatherings….

  • Alma

    I have t-shirst with “Los Laguneros” on them anyone interested let me know

  • Bilbo

    Please leave jrich alone…

    He is a poster child for Planned Parenthood and it isn’t his fault…

    Just dropped on his head one too many times when younger…



  • nukelies

    Away with this “Los Lakers” bull! It should only and always be the “Los Angeles Lakers”. Only people who want this is the spanish immigrants and fake Americans! You cannot be a real American and want our stuff to be given to a bunch of third world people who have to run to America for our already built better life because they can’t make their own to their own fault. The spanish had nothing to do the making or success of any sports in America and especially not basketball. The Lakers were not invented by them so cut this giving to spanish people what they did not build or created OUT!! Evil people in our government told and let the mexicans here to cause America to be part of this one world nation crap and they told the lie they are needed to do jobs Americans won’t to inorder to destroy America’s power and money — and now they are giving our teams to some damn Spanish people because they want to please them. Come on now — this is all designed to destroy the uniqueness and power of America and to give a bunch of poor third world weak people America’s money and land and it’s all led by the devil. Spanish people have done nothing for America but run here for OUR better life – We don’t need them here and I want that “los Lakers” crap to stop now!

    • LakerMarc

      For your information Spanish people are white people and have a wide influence all over the world, what you are referring to is the people Spaniards defeated and conquered and exploited, the Indians (Aztecs, Incas, etc etc). also known as Mexicans, Peruvians, etc etc. ‘Los Lakers’ is just a way that non-Americans relate to a very American concept and endear it to their culture and their lifestyle. Your racist beliefs are so evident but not very shocking as no one is more racist than the Spaniards, French, and Portugese, who have made a living historically out of using and exploiting weaker, less sophisticated and more simple peoples. I’m so proud.

  • Señor Nelson

    Do not have time to read all…as a huge Lakers fan that does not live in LA and a latino too; I’d say that the fact that the NBA is actually targeting the hispanic fanbase for marketing purposes, that alone is a complement.

    Viva Los Lakers…good job on that comment way up there….anyway I didn’t even realize that they played in these awesome jerseys…I wanted to buy it when I saw it in some store near Seattle, but as a full-time student in post-secondary school in the 604, no dinero =( …maybe when I grad I’ll get it ‘cuz the white Lakers jersey that I own is O’neal.

    Let’s get that Championship baby!

  • LakerMarc

    I hate Shaq….what a douche, watching him on TNT and talking like a _______. He was NEVER really a Laker.

  • nfl

    Your jersey is very beautiful!
    But what is the price?