loskobeL.A. Examiner: Theme nights during the season are usually a bad idea.

The Los Angeles Lakers don’t have many, since they have no problems drawing fans, but the ones I usually see are unfortunately reminiscent of Disco Demolition Night.

However, the Lakers found a gem Tuesday night with “Noche Latina,” a celebration of Latin heritage in Los Angeles and in the NBA.

The Lakers took care of the Memphis Grizzlies, 99-89, but the game itself was simply the undercard.

The first, most obvious change the Lakers made was altering their home whites to read “Los Lakers,” but that was just the beginning.

Every commercial break was accompanied by spicy mariachi music, and then followed by a series of local Spanish-language commercials. Who knew Jack in the Box ads were even funnier in Spanish?

Those were some nice touches, but the highlight of the evening was the three minutes of the game that we got to hear Fernando Gonzalez and Pepe Mantilla do play-by-play.

If you tuned in during this portion of the game, you may have thought you had mistakenly tuned in to an international soccer match. The passion was tangible, and I was just waiting for them to scream “GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAL!!!” when Sasha Vujacic knocked down a three.

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  • alan

    hahah i really thought i was watching the game on a european channel or something

  • sketch

    I didn’t even know about the Noche Latina. I thought that the programing director screwed up on the commercials and played the Spanish versions. LOL! Then it dawned on me that it was because of the Gasol brothers playing against each other, who were sort of actually taded for each other!

    I then realized something…they’re Spanish players! The commercials were of El Pollo Loco, Jack in the Box, and the Green Burrito, 2 of the 3 were for Mexican restaurants and none of which were of “Spanish” restaurants! It just showed ignorance on their part. I know that both Spain and Mexico speak Spanish, but totally different countries and cultures…I sure that both the hispanic and latin communities would have thought it to be lame!

    • ev

      You’re even more ignorant! They are not Spanish, they are Argentinian…no the same difference!!! Dude: Where were you when history or geography 101 were being taught!!!!