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The Los Angeles Lakers had four picks in the 2011 NBA draft, all in the 2nd round. Here is a complete recap of what went down on Thursday night!

Darius Morris – Round 2 – Pick 41

Hailing from Winward High School in west Los Angeles, Darius Morris attended Michigan University, where he broke the UM single-season record for assists with 235. Morris recorded just the third triple-double in UM history against Iowa on Jan. 30 with 12 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists.

Morris scored 15 points per game this past season for the Wolverines, leading the conference in assists with almost seven assists per game. While his three-point shooting has been an issue (shooting only 25% this last year), his pass-first mentality should be a welcome addition to a Lakers team loaded with stars.

At times, Morris was projected to be a mid-first round talent, whose draft stock fluctuated in the final days leading up to the draft.

The LA Times reports that the Lakers felt they got a steal by getting Morris at 41:

“According to my agent, [the Lakers] didn’t think I was going to be around” to be picked 41st, said Morris. “But that’s how things fall and I’m very excited to capitalize on the opportunity.”

Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak on Darius Morris:

“We think and we’re hoping that they both can make the team,” Kupchak said. “We’re hoping at the least one of the players can make the team.”

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Andrew Goudelock – Round 2 – Pick 46

Andrew Goudelock comes from the College of Charleston, a small Division I school in the Southeastern Conference, where Goudelock established himself as a scoring machine.

Averaging 23.7 points with 45.5% shooting this last season, Goudelock set program records in points (2,571) while putting himself fourth-best in assists (424).

Most important to Goudelock’s draft stock is the 40.7% he shot from three-point range, additionally winning the college 3-Point Shooting Championship this past March. Having been drafted by the Harlem Globetrotters on Tuesday, Goudelock is well-established as a dead-eye shooter that can bolster the Lakers outside shooting woes from the past season.

Goudelock seemed very confident in his game when asked about the transiiton to the NBA:

“I’m not afraid of anybody,” Goudelock said. “Whenever I have that confidence with me, I think it bodes well when I’m playing against competition because I don’t care who it is. When I step on that floor, I’m giving it 150% and I’m going to try to kill them.”

Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak on Andrew Goudelock:

“It’s possible,” Kupchak said when asked if it’s realistic that Goudelock’s strong shooting will carry over to the pros. “A lot of it is going to depend on how he fits in with our new system and new coach. His confidence, being a four-year player, will probably have more confidence than a player who’s 19 or 20. He’s a seasoned player and played for a very good coach at College of Charleston. We know him very well as a player. He seems to have a lot of confidence.”

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Chukwudiebere Maduabum* – Round 2 – Pick 56


Not much was known about Maduabum, who was picked up from the NBA D-League Bakersfield Jam by the Lakers. The rights to Maduabum have since been traded to the Denver Nuggets for a future second round pick.

The pick was met by much confusion from the ESPN draft panel, with ESPN analyst Fraschilla, who specializes in foreign-born players, ripping the Lakers on the pick, simply saying, “They’re wrong.”

Maduabum averaged 0.7 points and 0.3 rebounds per game in his time with the Jam. (*Not Pictured)

Ater Majok – Round 2 – Pick 58

NOTE:Will play overseas in immediate future

Majok’s stock lies entirely upon his blocking ability, where he averaged 1.6 blocks per game in his short season with UConn in 2009. Majok left for Turkey, where he played professional with FMV Isikspor Istanbul, tallying 13.9 points, 8.6 rebounds and 3.1 blocks in seven games.

After Turkey, Majok played much of 2011 with Australian Perth Wildcats and the Gold Coast Blaze. According to Mitch Kupchak, Majok will continue to play overseas for the immediate future to develop his skills.

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    The lakers are dumb without phil

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    in other words nothing!

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    Damm the lakers need to make a major move to get back to championship level, but apparently they think they have enough to make another run for the tiltle with the same old ass players…Kobe is not in his prime anymore and pau is soft….why not trade pau a long with Meta world peace…lol…..or Klomar for either D.Howard or a big name player.I blame that idiot Jim Buss for the Lakers lack luster draft. Jim Buss is a clown that thinks he knows what he is doing but he doesn’t, he should step aside and let Mitch K. do his job. At this rate i don’t see the lakers improving at all and making a run for the title.Jim Buss your a freaking MORONNNNNNNNNNNNN.

  • Dvz2000

    To all lakers fans, please be aware the nut job running the Lakers Jim buss is an imbecile…email him to step down so that a true basketball mind can run the lakers….lets get this idiot away from the lakers or he is going to run the franchise to the ground……

    • Ronald M

      Maybe your ass can do a better job. stop bitching .

      • Dvz2000

        I’ll say this any laker fan knows Jim buss is an idiot and he is the one calling the shots now. Do you really think he is doing a great job? and if you do then then you’r either blind or your basketball IQ is absent.

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    I like how people with no idea blame others for not fufilling their imaginations.  The Lakers win two out of three NBA finals, but since they lost in the playoffs, they need someone to blame, or that jerk in the auto shop can keep talking smack. Trade for Howard! what’s the hang up? It doesn’t matter that Orlando’s not selling… Howard’s there, and I hate Pau!    

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    Jim you are a genius , Awesome draft !!!!!  And you also managed to make a big block buster trade too “VOOOW”  !!!! Turned down Rick Adleman for Mike ” all talk ” Brown  !!!!!  and with all these accomplishments you did the impossible and created world peace versus getting Gerald Wallace !!!! And for the finally before the lock out you will get rid of the only bright spot last year ” Shannon the Cannon ” by not offering him any smoked Fish  !!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they said you didn’t have your dad’s ” jeans ”  !!!!!!!!

  • Fanfic

    I say to all those complaining to give Morris a chance. He is a big PG who has a chance to become a good starting PG and possibly takeover from Derek Fisher. I mean, what are you expecting on the draft night? Kyrie Irving? Yeah yeah yeah, everything is Jim Buss’ fault.

  • ryu

    the fuck are you all complaining about? those two are AWESOME picks for that place in 2nd round. Morris is a pure PG, just what we need. We don’t need a score production from him. Kobe, Odom, Gasol, Bynum will provide lot of them.. he just needs to run the offense and get Kobe some help on defensive end. Also Goudelock will be crucial in games with his production coming off the bench. The guy is a shooter. We haven’t had that since forever. Just relax, and enjoy yourselves.

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    Correct guys give these rookies a chance, all of you get used to see the fact that the Lakers doesn’t play rookies.

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    lol, Shannon was not a bright spot….people should give our first 2 picks a chance, only phil never played rookies. Darius Morris has alot of potential and can even contribute right away with his defense. people even say hes the best passer in the draft. Goudelock, ill even go out on a limb and say hes probably the best 3pt shooter out of the entire roster by far.

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    I bet both of these upcoming rookies will be better than Walton.  Luke You Suck!

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    laker nation we need the show time era back and that wont happen unless we get superman and play shannon brown fish is a soulja but he needs to retire allready and lets see if mike brown can get a ring before lebron and lets trade pua for marc

    • Bye Bye Shannon Brown

      Do seriously want to see more of Shannon Brown??? I’m so glad that they’re saying he is headed for free agency. The guy can’t defend he is a streaky shooter at best and other than wide open dunks he can’t get into the lane. Did  you see some of those ugly attempts that he took this year driving to the lane he’s a dunker that all.