Lakers Examiner: Well it was a good start to 2008 for the Los Angeles Lakers, but the summer began with disappointment as they lost in six games to the Boston Celtics in the NBA finals.

The summer and upcoming season could go one of two ways: either the Lakers would build off of last season and improve on their weaknesses or they would hit the panic button and start trashing each other. Either way it would be a media frenzy.

Consult the second half of the Lakers 2008 Facebook page to see what happened…

July 10
Ronny Turiaf left the Los Angeles Lakers network and joined the Golden State Warriors network.
Monta Ellis wrote on Ronny Turiaf’s wall: “stay off of mopeds :(

July 18
Luke Walton is happy to finally have my ankle cleaned out! can’t wait to take it to Boston next season!

July 28
Sasha Vujacic wrote on Chris Mihm’s wall: “just signed a multi-year deal. where can i get a box of thin purple headbands?!?!?!?”
Chris Mihm wrote on Sasha Vujacic’s wall: “check Forever 21 at the Beverly Center. now that Gossip Girl’s taking off, they have a bunch ; )”

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