NBA+Finals+Game+3+Boston+Celtics+v+Los+Angeles+cAyEHZ0SrfKlLet’s take a step back from the team and look at the league as a whole. This could become a major issue.

New York Times: The lead negotiator for N.B.A. referees declared that a lockout was “imminent and unavoidable” after the latest round of contract talks broke off Thursday afternoon. The league could be using replacement referees for the first time since 1995.

Negotiations have dragged all summer and appeared to be dead last week after an in-person meeting ended acrimoniously. They took another hit Wednesday when the N.B.A.’s 57 referees unanimously rejected the league’s latest offer at a union meeting in Chicago.

According to Lamell McMorris, the referees’ chief negotiator, the referees on Thursday delivered a counter-proposal that included another $1 million in concessions. The league rejected it.

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  • Michael_23

    NBA refs knew the association gained money last year, not lost. Despite layoffs, raising ticket prices (esp. the Lakers), it’s apparent that the refs want a piece of the profit. Well … that’s too bad refs coz ever year I’ve seen more and more bad calls by the refs and that just isn’t right for all our teams in the NBA. And it’s getting worse every year. Especially in the playoffs with rejections and lame flagrant foul calls.

    Replacement refs? How bout replacing them with robots? (being sarcastic).

    We need refs that can referee the game closely and fair. Coaches remind their players saying , “Hey. [name of ref] over there doesn’t call fouls late in the game” or “[name of ref] will let us play, be more aggressive.”

    Sometimes we undermine how coaching isn’t just about drawing plays now in the NBA.

  • touchingmyself

    WTF!?! These motha fcukas are gettin paid to have the best seat in the house during the games! They get to fcuk around with the players and when the players get unruly, they kick them the fcuk out! And did I mention that they get PAID! Quit your cryin and go out and get a real job like the rest of us you fcukin @$$holes!

    Remember what happened to the MLB umps and refs threatened to lockout a couple of years back? Remember what happened? Yeah well, laters fools… the NBA will just bring in a whole slew of new cattle to graze on the plain. Hopefully these guys will be making better calls than what has been displayed the last few seasons.

    The NBA refs are deciding the games instead of allowing the players to settle it on the court. A whole lot of phantom calls and obvious missed calls. They need to go! Also, this way the NBA can start with a clean slate and be rid of these “Tim Donaghys”! We all know that there’s more than that fool fixing games anyway. His friend Foster that refed the game in which the Lakers blew the 21 point first quarter lead… yeah right, like he had no imvolvement in the outcome of the game!

    Stern, the NBA, and all the smart fans know that there’s more of those degenerate gamblin refs out there. What an @$$ Stern is in trying to sell us on the lone rogue ref crap! Hey Stern, you do know that there actually was a one armed man that killed Dr. Richard Kimble’s wife don’t you? Your lone rogue ref theory is all bull$h!t just like you, and we all know it!

    • desecrator93

      Calm down lol

      • touchingmyself

        Fcuk that!

      • touchingmyself

        Frankly, it’s a bit slow in the summer time when it comes to the NBA. So, any time there’s any bit of news to get me going, I’ll force the issue. You’ve got a good disposition about keeping calm, but it’s a lot more fun for me to fire off a few cheap shots here and there… know what I’m saying?

  • touchingmyself

    See, how bored I am? I’m leaving 3 replies to your 1. Ha! C’mon, get the season started already! Let’s end the baseball season and just get the tip off going at Staples!

  • LakersFirst

    Thost bum refereees do a lousy job anyway. They should all be replaced.

  • Dan Andreas

    Wow, I guess blowing out the candles on your birthday cake really does work! Starting the season WITHOUT Steve Javie, “Uncle Fester”, and Dick “Nosferato” will be the BEST gift I ever recieved! Thank you greedy, overpaid for your talents refs! Don’t you know a blind man with asthma and one leg could do a better job than you? I hope you’re all replaced FOREVER!

    And hopefully this is the last time NBA refs dominate the headlines of the NBA. I bet they’re trying to negotiate a way for the NBA to start selling Crawford and Bevetta jerseys…

  • taylor gipple

    wow. just when i thought the reffing couldnt get any worse.