UPDATE: Live stream has ended.

  • Phone

    Is it just me.. or I can’t see anything.. even after hitting the Play button.

  • http://thetruthrenaissance.wordpress.com/ BE_A_LakerFan

    I watched about 45 minutes of the practice this afternoon. It was great to see the team back together, along with the new additions. I can’t wait for the season to start. Go Lakers!

  • bbz62

    not working for me either.

  • Chris

    I can’t see anything either.

  • keeponkeepinon18

    Maybe it was over this morning?

  • http://thelakersnation.com Kam Pashai

    Its over.

  • gus26

    for anybody that watched it (and is not an overly optimistic home that thinks our rookies will be all stars):

    did ebanks and caracter look nba ready?

    what kind of shape is theo in?

    did anyone stand out?

    did artest look thinner?

    • http://57.amklac/ laffs atu

      They are who we thought they were. Lakers = Scrubs

      • Howie

        i didnt know scrubs can win two championships in a role, i bet the thunder have won many in your nba book now huh? Ignorant idiot.

    • ignard

      I don’t think anybody is counting on either of these guys to do much, at least not this season. They’re gonna be projects just like Drew and Farmar were. Caracter has the best chance at playing time because of his size and Drew’s injury. They look ok, they look like they’ll be decent NBA players. Look at it this way, they’ll both start their careers off with Phil Jackson as their coach. Ebanks will get hands on training at his position from freckin Kobe,Ron Artest and Matt Barnes and Caracter has Pau and Drew to learn from, they be alright.

      • ignard

        they’ll be alright.

  • http://thetruthrenaissance.wordpress.com/ BE_A_LakerFan


    As I said before I only watched about 45 minutes of it, but I didn’t get to see much from the rookies. They had an interview with Mitch and he said that he’ll look to see how they perform in the exhibition games. In reference to Theo, he looked pretty good running up and down the court. Mitch said they look to limit his minutes during the pre-season and that he knows his role on the team.
    Nobody really stood out in the few drills that I saw. They did however mention that upon speaking with the coaching staff that Luke Walton looked good coming into camp, even though they are closely monitoring his the health of his back. Also, they said that Steve Blake is looking really good and his athleticism is better than they expected. He also stayed behind and talked to Phil for about 45 minutes yesterday and was trying to pick his brain about the triangle.
    I’m sure NBA.com will have a video available soon where you can watch the entire broadcast again. They did this same thing last year and I was able to watch at a later date. You can also check out the media day interviews on NBA.com and also if you’re on Twitter.. the Lakers reporter did a run down of today’s practice stream.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    if the rookies can learn to pass bryant the ball ,get the hell out of his way and try to rebound his 20+ misses.sums up the laker triangle offense.

    • si pepe


    • Ronster0

      Must be Celts fan.

  • ilikebasketball

    Not sure if it was mentioned, but i found out today that the Finals of last year will be released as a collector’s edition. all 7 full games WITH bonus features.


    but a bif FUCK YOU to the NBA for selling that weak ass championship dvd though. at least, now we know why it was so pathetic.

  • KUSH

    Fight for what you love. Count your blessings..

  • Alyson

    Nice feed, but this is pointless. I rather watch an edited version so I can get on with my day and not be some pathetic loser working the toll bridge booth who has nothing to do but watch this.

    I finally figured out what you guys are: hoopshype.com for the lakers. Just copy, paste, link and embed.

    I like the more original stuff at http://www.LakerNation.com.

    Btw, you should change your Logo from LN to TLN. False Advertising and trying to ride off the great stuff they do over there.

    Both sites are great, but you guys should stop pretending to be original because you guys truly aren’t.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    hows that taste laker nation?DAMN!!

    • si pepe

      winning two championships in a row tastes so good!!! now im laffing atu beggar!

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    si caca,no body seems to give a rats-ass about your lakers,its miami thats must see T.V.Enjoy the past,unless the lakers buy another all-star to carry the night crawler/mamba.miami miami miami………………bitter.

  • laffs atu

    Everyone except me knows Kobe is the best…

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    I need to get a life..