Recap: Live Q&A with Spero Dedes

    Kam Pashai is a co-founder and creative director for
    • Tim M.

      I have class at 11, but i’d like to submit this, hopefully you guys will see it.

      Spero, you’ve become a fan favorite on the radio broadcast. At the same time, you’re broadening your palette elsewhere. Where do you see your future with the Lakers?

    • b0omshakalaca

      Spero is a classy dude. Can’t wait until he takes Joel Myers job…

    • Chris Manning

      It was a pleasure having Spero on with us here at

      Thank you once again Spero!

    • Tim M.

      what an awesome dude.

    • Andrew Rafner


    • drew

      I couldn’t be here live, but this was a great interview to read. I’m finishing up school in Broadcasting/Journalism so it was great reading some of these answers. I hope one day I can be as successful early on in my career at a young age, just like Spero.

    • Mitch4Pres

      spero is the homie. keep up the good work


      Spero is the sh!t!!! great work guys, i actually read the whole thing and wanted to keep reading more!