Hosts of the Voice of the Nation, David Brickley, and Jason Riley went live last night minutes after the NBA nixed the trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers.

Questions from #LakerNation were discussed, debated, and answered.

  • Taseen Shana

    Don’t you think it’s fair since Lakers gave up two out of 4 best players?

  • Rodrigomdeza

    Cant Chris Paul pursue legal action?

    • Jastesco

      Not really it’s in the bilaws that league can nix any deal

  • Rodrigo deza

    Can’t Chris Paul pursue legal action. If the lead rejected this trade, wouldn’t they reject the howard trade as well?

    • Camachoerick60

      It is being reported that chris paul is going after legal action to make this deal GO so we will have to see

  • richirich

    Are you mad at David Stern?

  • richirich

    If you were David Stern would you agree to the deal?

  • richirich

    Do you think David Stern is right with the call on not taking the deal?

    • Drew Andrekopoulos

      No!!! He’s out of line!!!

  • Adb_ktb18

    This is a stupid act by the NBA….they are all crazy….GO LAKERS FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT!!!

  • 4riley

    If we can’t trade for him no one should be able to trade at all!!!!



  • pb2000

    Is it me or is Odom making a fool out of himself right now? Last time I checked the NBA was a business & Odom isn’t behaving professionally. Shut up and do business. (Coming from a true Odom fan!)

  • Jaq33824

    I just read an article and it stated that Mark Cuban was the most vocal, in regards to the Chris Paul trade. Cuban is a tool and should mind his own business. He is just jealous because Dallas is a pathetic city! Go LA!

  • Kmac_321

    ughhh…I just think this entire situation…is B.. S… sick of it… trade them now!

  • J Botello
  • lakerfan4life

    make it happen.  the team needs to improve speed on the back court.


    Players should strike and make stern resign..strikes over til he resigns 

  • Hayward King

    In my eyes as a Lakers fan this a double standard. It’s alright for Miami to make moves, but not L.A ? last i checked a small market team won the NBA championship. Marc Cuban needs to worry about his team, and as for Dan Gilbert get over it…LBJ is gone

  • C T

    the nba is hating on the lakers ! and so are the owners! cuban was just mad because chantler left dallas! Goood thing they didnt let you buy the dodgers!

  • J Skop

    actualy…its 29 teams:)

  • Kingspad3

    nobody said anything when the NBA helped dan gilbert and his sorry ass cavs with 2 top 5 draft picks, or when the heat signed james & bosh or when NY gave up half they roster for carmelo none of the owners open they mouth then so why start now #FAIL NBA

  • DrDavis

    What Happen? Why?

  • Kobe