Lil Wayne makes his NBA Finals predictions.

lilwayneThis Is 50: “Just so no one gets it twisted: the Lakers are winning the NBA Finals. Now that KG is out, the C’s aren’t gonna go anywhere, which is a shame. You always like to have the defending champs in there to fight like hell to hold on to their crown. Doc Rivers doesn’t want to believe it. And as competitive as KG is, I can’t imagine even being around him right now — how frustrated he must be because all he wants to do is get out on that court. He’s probably breaking stuff in his house, he’s so mad.

Anyway, so now we’re looking at a Lakers versus Cavaliers final, and that’s going to be amazing. Kobe won’t get the best of LeBron, but the Lakers will get the best of the Cavs. I’ll be rooting for the Lakers, and LeBron already knows that. So it’s not like I’m gonna show up in a Kobe jersey and make ‘Bron Bron cry. He knows I’ve been a Laker fan my whole life so it’s all good. That don’t mean he likes it, but he ain’t gonna cry when he sees me at the games screaming for Pau Gasol and Trevor Ariza.

But LeBron will be OK. He’s gonna win the MVP this year. That will be his consolation prize. Phil Jackson and the Lakers will walk away with more rings, but LeBron will get his trophy.”

  • lakerschamps-09

    hahaha weezy f haha tell em… i agree wit

  • Whogivesaratsass

    Lil’ who?

  • WifelovesLuke

    True and unbiased basketball people recognize that LA is just too big, too long, too deep, too good and have the reigning MVP to boot. ESPN, TNT and ABC just need to hype the eventual match up of prince lebron and King Kobe to make it interesting. Lebron will have an MVP trophy and a nice playoff run, but Kobe and the Lake Show will raise the trophy that really matters most.

  • e-bucher

    why would we care??? obama can pick us for all i care…
    this is all talk…when are we going to start to do the “walk?”??

    if we keep defending like the way we do…last years finish is inevitable…

  • Mitch4Pres

    wayne knows what the deal is

  • L.A. Queen

    @ WHOgivesaratsass:

    Exactly WHOgivesaratsass WHO? LOL

    If u don’t give a ratsass why r u on here reading it and taking the time to post? DUH!

    Go Weezy!We love you!

    Lakers are THE BEST!!

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    dont worry guys
    this super expert predicted we win
    so dont worry anymore about blowing leads everygame
    we r gonna win

    lil who?

  • sketch

    STFU! why does every opinion from these so called “celebrities” count for anything? just make your albums, make your videos with your whores and so off all your bling while you parade through the ghettos showing how much money you got without giving anything back to the communities or your peeps and keep your pie hole shut! oh and “Kobe won’t get the best of Lebron?” did you even see the 2 regular season games that they played? Kobe outplayed LeHype with a back pinkie and a dislocated ring finger on his shooting hand! you’re an IDIOT so STFU!!!!!!!

  • sketch

    Why’d I get censored? Since when is W H O R E S considered profanity guys?

  • FreakinCrod

    Wow, a rapper who isn’t on bron bron’s nuts? We need to step up our D big time if we want to win the chip, otherwise we might be in for some disappointment.

  • lafanfromindiana

    This article belongs on TMZ.

  • L.G.Fuad411

    that actually sounds right. he’s knows his stuff.

  • p()()P


  • KB24ForLife

    lol that’s hilaroius

  • Lakers 24 7

    Wasn’t Wayne in that Nike commercial with Lebron? lol I thought he was ridin’ Lebron wagon too. I’ve never seen Wayne at a Laker game lol. Wayne ain’t even from LA, he’s from New Orleans, why isn’t he a Hornets fan?

  • devan

    great. the man who ruined hip hop thinks we are gonna win. We as fans need to get off this cocky crap, and just watch them walk the walk


    Who da fuc minds this punkass rhetoric?

  • Rich

    Lil Wayne actually knows his sports. He was on Around The Horn and he did pretty good which surprised me.

  • 187 on a BOSTON SUKDIK


  • oooPatrick

    lol f*ck the haters. would you prefer him backing the cavs, talking sh*t?