ESPN: An informal survey of team executives and agents here in Vegas has turned up pretty much no one who thinks the Lakers will match the four-year offer sheet worth an estimated $17 million that Ronny Turiaf has signed with Golden State, as much as the Lakers went into free agency hoping to retain Turiaf and Sasha Vujacic.

The theory in circulation holds that minutes will simply be too scarce in L.A.’s frontcourt next season with Andrew Bynum coming back from injury to partner Pau Gasol to sanction a long-term contract to a clear-cut backup.

And as my man Sam Amick from The Sacramento Bee points out, retaining Turiaf leaves the Lakers with no hope — thanks to luxury-tax concerns — of taking on the extra contract (Kenny Thomas) they’ll need to swallow if they can convince the Kings to agree to a swap featuring Lamar Odom and Ron Artest.

The Lakers’ interest, by all accounts, remains hot after their toughness and defense were repeatedly punked in a six-game NBA Finals loss to the Boston Celtics. Word is L.A. believes that any fears about Artest’s reliability can be assuaged by the fact that Phil Jackson would be coaching him and that Kobe Bryant would be his teammate. Kobe and Ron-Ron share a mutual respect that suggests no threat to the Lakers’ pecking order.

Insists one source close to the process: “[Lakers owner] Jerry Buss actually likes Ron Artest’s game and his personality.”

  • D Lo

    Not so much “saving up” as much as it is “making room” for KT who’ll have to come along as well.

  • airrics23

    I say lets do it. Bring on Ron-Ron.

  • lskerfan567


  • LD2k

    Insists one source close to the process: “[Lakers owner] Jerry Buss actually likes Ron Artest’s game and his personality.”

    It has always been a known fact that Buss wasn’t interested in Ron Artest. What changed?

    Perhaps being one piece away from yet another title did. Either way, this Artest-to-LA story is picking up quickly. It’ll be interesting to see what they end up offering/taking. I have a gut feeling we’ll get away with another steal ;)

  • Smush Walton

    I hope if we have to take Kenny Thomas the Kings take either Smush Walton or Vlad Moronovich. Getting rid of one or both of these pieces of garbage would be a HUGE improvement.

  • ricky

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    LD2k, I totally have that same feeling that we may just get another steal from the kings. as much as they express their interest in odom, im sure they dont want to take on his $14 million contract even thought they will be sending out just as much if odom was in the deal.

    i think that if they lakers can somehow convince the kings to take radmanovic/walton/future picks for artest/filler OR radmanovic/mihm/future picks for artest/filler would be a sweet deal for the lakers. that would be the ULTIMATE steal as was the one for gasol this past season. =]



    TRADE WALTON N RADMONOVICH FOR ARTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xtro

    Doooooooo iiiittttttt!!!!!!!!

  • lakersforlife77

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    Be realistic. We’re not getting butler back and miami won’t trade us marion for odom straight up, an the Pistons are not gonna trade Prince for Odom. Ron Artest is the only realistic option.
    LOL What is up with all this Caron Butler talk now. We gave him away and he’s never coming back people, just let it go already, move on.


    I will be happy when we post something on Marion(I just heard the Warriors are interested),at least we can watch him on YOUTUBE admitting that he would love to be a LAKER and that him and Kobe have talked about playin’ in LA,Artest hasn’t said NUTHIN’ to the effect.

  • BringDFishBack

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    Yep just like the KG to LA was happening. Same with KG to Phoenix. And Melo to Detroit. Oh wait did any of those happen?

    Does everything the Lakers do have to do with Artest? Can they not make a move becase they feel it is best for the team?


    I’d rather the Lakers go and get Mikki Moore,just give’em Vlad.

  • Trade Suggestion

    Turiaf is gone. He’s got a good deal from Golden State and you can’t turn that down. So congrats to Turiaf.

    On the flip side of things, there are considerable rumors about Lakers wanting to pursue Artest. Don’t get me wrong, I like Artest, but he does have that unquestionable baggage that he brings along. You can’t be guaranteed that everything is gonna mesh 100%. If he does come to LA, maybe since he’s coming to a championship contending team, just maybe this will change him for the better. But at the same time its kinda big risk to take and I hate that big IF factor.

    So I’ve been thinking about OTHER options. I mean, is Artest the only considerable option that could help the Lakers?! What about pulling some trades with other teams… say like the Detroit Pistons. They already have some tough-minded, defensive players and they can put up some decent offensive numbers as well. Plus it’s no secret that Joe Dumars has gone public about wanting to make some “major” changes (right after the firing of Flip Saunders). I’ve been hearing some rumors of a T-Mac for Chauncy Billups & Tayshaun Prince deal (or some variation with at least one of these players) for some time. I think the Lakers, as an ALTERNATIVE, should explore what Detroit has to offer.

    Obviously, it would seem, that in order to trade for a talent we gotta give up talent. Unless you’re gonna find some other team that would pull a “Memphis Grizzlies” type of move. I would doubt that. So realistically saying, any deal for some good talent in return, would have to include Lamar Odom.

    So what would you guys think of a Lamar Odom & Luke Walton (AND/OR Vlad Rad) deal for like a Billups/Prince OR any combination of these Detroit players in Hamilton, Billups, McDyess, Prince, etc. I know for sure Detroit is not willing to give up Stuckey (he’s cheap, played well in playoffs, plus Billups is aging), Hamilton (they will probably listen to offers), and Wallace.

    What do you guys think of this as alternative for Ron Artest?

  • Billy Kupchak

    Official Energy Drink of the Phoenix Suns!

  • ab4sure

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    Miami would trade Marion for LO in a heartbeat. Riley loves LO and would love to have all three guys in the starting lineup (Wade, LO, Beasley). After coming in last they would definitely be a PO team.


    For the 1st time AB,WE AGREE!

  • ab4sure

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    And it is the 2nd time you were right. You were right that Miami would trade for LO and you were right it was the first time we agree. Now keep being right. J/K