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Yes, Laker fans, I said it. Lets not blame Mitch for the Lakers struggles for finding some big name talent. Lets face the facts, we do not, nor may we ever know how good of General Manager Mitch Kupchack can be.

Dr. Jerry Buss is growing old and weary and he decided to start handing the team over to his son Jim Buss. Jim is the one who drafted Bynum and the one that has not traded him for anyone.

The fact of the matter is, the Lakers front office does not have a set vision. Mitch is trying to do his job as General Manager, yet Jim Buss thinks he knows more about basketball than a man that played for the Lakers and a man that was trained by the greatest General Manager of all time — Jerry West.

There is a big fight over whose team it really is, and when it comes down the final decision it rests in not Mitch’s hands but Jim Buss. This is one of the main reasons why Jerry West left seven years ago. He saw it coming, and he didn’t one to be a puppet to Jim Buss.

Yes, some radio stations blame Mitch for allowing himself to be a puppet, but what is he suppose to do? The final word does not rest with him, it rests with Buss.

This is the bottom line, Mitch seems to be focused on building a contender around Kobe Bryant, yet Jim Buss wants to build it around Andrew Bynum. I surely understand Kobe’s frustration with an organization who can’t even decided who to build the team around and what moves are good ones.

Jason Kidd would have been in purple and gold if Mitch would have had his way, yet us as Laker fans put him to blame for all the Lakers troubles. Laker fans you have every right to be upset, heck, I am very upset about the current state of the Lakers. But lets not crucify a man who has been a puppet for Jim and Jerry Buss. The scapegoat if you will.

I have confidence that Jerry West trained Mitch right, and you should too.

The only way to fix this, is to get Jim Buss out of personnel decisions and have him focus on being an owner.

Laker fans, the big moves could be approaching, just sit back and let Mitch do his job, and hope and pray Buss allows him to, because if so, we might have some big additions this off-season.

  • Daniel

    Either you’re Mitch Kupcake himself trying to make an excuse for yourself or, youre the dumbest Laker fan ever. You did not make one valid point in this waste of time article. Of course it’s Mitch’s fault, along with everybody else. But mostly it’s his fault. He sucks as a general manager, and his track record proves it. If you really knew what you were talking about you would have shown why you think it wasn’t his fault. I have one question for you which will prove I’m right. What significant trade has he made that helps the Lakers, and has turned out right?…..Thought so!

  • fred0s

    That is true, stupid Jim Buss. Let Mitch do his job you dumbass.

  • http://Lakers.com Ed24

    Fuck Jim Buss. I think he was the “Insider” that blamed Kobe for Shaq leaving. Fuck that motherfucker. I hope he burns in hell.

  • http://getgarnett.com kb2471

    Fuck him

  • Ahmed

    how can mitch make a good trade when jim buss is hanging over every single move that he can make. If it was in Mitch’s power, jason kidd would have been a laker. The lakers wouldnt have drafted bynum, yet someone that could have helped us now. all im saying is that there is a clear split in the laker front office that has caused our current troubles. and people jump on mitch’s back like he is in charge of all basketball operations. thats what i was trying to say


    I wish magic can just buy this team and run it the way it needs to be.

  • Faith

    So right…Jim Buss is the bane of our existence!

    Why do you think Mitch is “asking” Kobe how good Socks would be in 5 years? Because he has doubts and can’t rightly convince “Jim” himself. Or rather he’s already spoken with Jim but was overruled. You put Kobe in there…and what do we have? An opening for the “maybe” Socks will be traded.

    Mitch looks like a wreck…he puts his heart and soul on this organization. While I may not like him for not standing up to Jim Buss much…I can see he’s at least trying to right the drowning titanic that Jim Buss is dragging down.

  • Anonymous

    This is what I’ve been saying the whole fucking time. The ignorance of the people here never cease to amaze me. Although I cannot whole-heartedly put the blame on just Buss himself, he’s just the final guy to authorize a decision. Mitch is partially to blame for not pushing or convincing Buss to just go for it.

  • Buhbur

    Mitch is an idiot. Jim is an idiot. End of story.

  • ice

    Daniel you are fuckin stupid….mitch would have made significant trades if it wasnt for Jim’s repeals.

  • Lakerfan2007

    Amazing. I cannot believe there is a person in the world who tries to defend Mitch Kupchak. Jim Buss as the problem? He picked Bynum, who happens to be the only Laker that any other team in the league is interested in.

    Look at Kupchak’s actions. Nice move picking another rookie point guard. Awesome choice to give Radmanovic more money than anyone else. Extending Cook’s contract? Great decision. Hey, what about Smush Parker, Aaron Mckie, Shammond Williams, etc? Why is it that so many players get signed by Kupchak, then, when their contract is up, end up out of the league? If you seriously think that Kupchak is anything other than incompetent then you are an idiot. Take a look at the current roster. Now, tell me, how is THAT roster over the salary cap and paying the luxury tax? That is a joke. Kupchak should have been fired long ago.

  • k0be da 1 andonly


  • Cyrus

    Yes, Jimmy Buss is the problem but at the end of the day, its Kupchack’s signature approving trades and signings.

    Although I don’t have much respect for Bill Plaschke form LA-Times, but he had an article in the Times right after Lakers got eliminated by the Suns and I thought it was an accurate assessment on Mitch Kupchack, below is part of the article, if you want to read the full article click on the link at the bottom:

    “..But the fingerprints belong to Kupchak.

    It was Kupchak who traded All-Star Caron Butler and ballhandler Chucky Atkins for Brown, whose one moment of brilliance in this series didn’t compensate for his long moments of being a bonehead.

    It was Kupchak who drafted Brian Cook ahead of Leandro Barbosa and Josh Howard, then signed Cook to a $10.5-million extension, and for what?

    It was Kupchak who gave decent money to Aaron McKie, Slava Medvedenko and Vlade Divac and great money to Vladimir Radmanovic.

    And, yes, it is Kupchak who is still paying Brian Grant, and does anybody even remember him?

    The trade of Shaquille O’Neal was not Kupchak’s fault. But it has been his job to figure out how to build a contender out of the Kobe Bryant remains.

    Three years later, the place is still a wreck.

    With O’Neal, Bryant’s team won three championships and 20 playoff series.

    Since O’Neal, Bryant’s team has won four playoff games.

    “We’re very aware of Kobe Bryant’s age, we’re aware of that window, and we’re making every effort to make this the best team possible,” Kupchak said.

    Yes, Kupchak has made some good moves for the current team, including trading for Maurice Evans and drafting Ronny Turiaf.

    But since replacing West, Kupchak has yet to make his mark with the sort of fearlessness that creates championships. No, acquiring Karl Malone and Gary Payton for that combustible 2003-2004 season does not constitute a mark…”


  • Cyrus


    Where is Fatty??? A few days ago he complained about headache and left and has disappeared form the face of the blogsphere since.

  • lakersforlife77

    seriously man all this blind mitch bashing pisses me off sometimes, he’s not the greatest gm, but he certainly isn’t the worst. And all all of you people who say you can do a better job then mitch, plz stfu.

  • Daniel

    [quote comment=”8898″]Daniel you are fuckin stupid….mitch would have made significant trades if it wasnt for Jim’s repeals.[/quote]

    Hmmm, where shall I start with you Ice….How about, let me ask you this..Where you there to prove that Mitch has been trying to make trades? Do you know for a fact that Mitch is a brilliant G.M.? Why are you assuring that Mitch would have made deals? He has been here how many years? I doubt Jim Buss has vetoed all his wonderfull trades….Yeah Jim Buss is an idiot, but Mitch has some power, hes the G.M…Do you seriously think any G.M. would let himself be punked around like alittle bitch and told what to do? ….Wait, never mind, it’s Mitck were talking about, youre right, he’s a little bitch who doesn’t have the balls to stand up to Laker management. Either way you put it, he sucks, whether it be because he just doesn’t know what he’s doing, or because he’s a bitch.

  • http://Lakers.com Ed24

    Guys I was feeling a little down about the whole Kobe situation so I decided to go to youtube and watch some clips of Kobe. I found Kobe’s game winner against the Suns in the 2006 playoffs and watch it over a dozen times. It gave me goosebumps all over. After I was finished watching the clip I reminded myself that Kobe is truely the greatest player in NBA history and that the Lakers have to do everything in their power to please Kobe. That is the least they can do. I mean the guy has earned. The Lakers owe it to Kobe to do their best and bring KG to the Lakers. Everybody in the Lakers organization needs to realize this. I have a little advice for Mitch and that asshole Jim Buss. Don’t take no for an answer, listen to Kobe because he knows what’s best for the team, because after all he is the one on the court busting his ass every night to try and get a victory, and be aggressive and get a deal done with Minny.

  • megaloco10

    well said ed24.

    kg 2 LA!!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/slausonballer Sameer

    Truly what this Ahmed guy said is pretty dang true…but what I’m 100% sure is that this daniel guys is even dumber than the laker’s management!!! All together….he ranks with Jim bus..but probably not as stupid….i mean just because he is the gm doesn’t mean he has some power..he tries to make good deals like the Kidd deal….but bus stops it because hes to much in bynum’s butt….buss thinks he has the CHANCE to be a star but thats all it is a small CHANCE!!!! kobe on the other hand …..is a star and in my opinion the greatest b-ball player ever…..so who are u going to build around bynum or kobe…..L.A. and I want a championship now and we don’t want to wait for bynum to develop to be an average player which is probably is all he will ever be….Bus and Daniel are 2 big idiots…..Mitch could be better!!!….but he tries his best….n is not close to being one of the worst gm’s out there so ….ya what I think the laker’s need is kg and to get rid of jim buss….plain n simple…

  • http://www.yahoo.com juanman888

    Put Jeannie in charge!!! She seems like the only Buss that has the balls & the knowledge on handling a team!!! Heck she can handle Phil, what more an organization!!!

    Fire mitch, remove jim “the horse lover” buss and hire a true blodded laker as a GM that has complete control of the basketball aspect of the organization…

    Lakers for life!!!

  • Kevin McHale

    Although I am reluctant to do so, I will release some information about ongoing talks between the Timberwolves and Lakers. The details are still being worked out, but the trade will undoubtedly make both teams much better and should make Kobe want to stick around. All I can let you know at this time is that the two key players involved are Brian Cook and Mark Madsen.

    Celebrate away!


    Mr. McHale

  • http://myspace.com/crunklilgangsta Kenny

    he is to blame

  • Faith

    Cyrus, I don’t know. He hasn’t emailed me. I’m sure he’s just taking a blog break.

  • http://Lakers.com Ed24

    come on, find some new news please. I’m bored I want to hear new things about the Lakers. Please find something new to post up, at this point I don’t care even it is a rumor, just post it up!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cyrus

    Thank you Faith. It was just the way he suddenly took off. I hope he overcomes whatever it is. Like yourself, his posts are smart and educated which is good for this site.

  • FuckJimBUss

    Fuck jim Buss, man, fatass, motherfucking bitch, all he fucking knows is fucking messing up the lakers, man, and fuck tat old ass jerry buss, fucking stupid, even so, i still think Mitch is part of this mess.

  • http://www.youtube.com/darkice18 darkice18

    heres some new news KG was at the GALAXY game for David Beckham’s debut :D


  • http://lakersground.net tryangles

    The simple fact that Kobe made public that he apologized to Mitch and made no mention of any other apologies, specifically to the Buss family speaks volumes.

    While I don’t agree too much with many of Mitch’s decisions, the reality is, none of us knows what is happening behind closed doors. When we think Lakers roster management, Mitch of course “appears” to be completely synonomous with this simply because of his job title.

    It is a known fact that Jim and Jerry have their fair share in making roster moves. Unless any of you really know what is happening behind closed doors, it would be best to stop pinning this on one person. You’re simply letting everyone know how idiotic and short-sighted you are if you do otherwise.

  • Newtdog

    Ok i gotta say somethin. The J. kidd trade would have been a disaster. Think about it. They were gonna trade Andrew Bynum and kwame brown for Kidd. Now at first glance it seems like a good deal for both teams, however think about it. Who the hell was gonna play center for us the rest of the season????? We were gonna play the rest of the season without a center. That would have been a terrible move

  • Daniel

    [quote comment=”8909″]Truly what this Ahmed guy said is pretty dang true…but what I’m 100% sure is that this daniel guys is even dumber than the laker’s management!!! All together….he ranks with Jim bus..but probably not as stupid….i mean just because he is the gm doesn’t mean he has some power..he tries to make good deals like the Kidd deal….but bus stops it because hes to much in bynum’s butt….buss thinks he has the CHANCE to be a star but thats all it is a small CHANCE!!!! kobe on the other hand …..is a star and in my opinion the greatest b-ball player ever…..so who are u going to build around bynum or kobe…..L.A. and I want a championship now and we don’t want to wait for bynum to develop to be an average player which is probably is all he will ever be….Bus and Daniel are 2 big idiots…..Mitch could be better!!!….but he tries his best….n is not close to being one of the worst gm’s out there so ….ya what I think the laker’s need is kg and to get rid of jim buss….plain n simple…[/quote]

    Hmm, Sameer or Ahmed or Apu whatever the fuck your name is, once again you talk out of your ass….How are you so sure about what you say? Do you know Jim Buss? Did he come to your apartment and tell you, man I keep vetoing deals cause I love Bynum…How do you know that Kupcake keeps doing great trades but they keep getting vetoed? hmmm..yeah you don’t.I am not saying Buss is cool or great hes a dumbass too like yourself, but what I am saying they’re all to blame. Why stick up for Kupcake? It’s amazing how you and your brother seem to know the innerworkings of the Laker management. Please spare us your crap, we all know Kupcake sucks, and Jim Buss sucks, but don’t spew your shit like you know what the fuck youre talking about.

  • G_Man

    What people forget is that Mitch has to find Players that fit this Offense. The Triangle is not your typical offense. You need shooters. You need Big Men. You need good post passing. The Triangle and the Personel that Jackson demands is what Mitch is working with. Jackson demands Big Points Guards. Smush at the time fit that profile. Albeit he was a head case I think Phil thought he could handle. But Ultimately Jerry Buss is the Last say in every stinking move this Club has made. Mitch and Jim can suggest and give thier Ideas But Daddy Buss is the One with all the Money. Jerry is the one that had met with Pat Riley here in Los Angeles. And then Traded Shaq to Miami. Hes the one that knew they were getting Brian Grants Contract. He is also the One that made promises to Kobe He hasnt kept. So Daddy Buss is the Problem people. Hes the one that has given the OK to all that has transpired. Its his team, His money and His sole responsibility for all the problems that have happened in the last 4 years. So Blame Daddy Buss and Not Mitch for all these problems. Mitch didnt want Bynum and we all know that, Jim did. But Daddy Buss gave the Final O.K. Maybe he needs to rethink keeping this team in the Family. Thats my take.

  • Daniel

    oh and by the way, just cause you’re gm does mean you have some power. If he didn’t he wouldn’t be called our general manager. He has input…

  • daboss1848

    It’s nice to see both sides of the spectrum here from the fans.

    One thing immediately strikes me is that Jerry West is being given credit for the same things that Mitch gets slammed for – i.e. patience on rookies, missing draft talent, and making bad trades to appease a superstar. Jerry West operated during the time that acquiring players was based on cash – that is how he was able to attract Shaq. He then picked a scrawny HS kid that hogged the ball and threw up air ball after air ball. Shaq was the guy in his prime, and KB was the rookie punk. Shaq and all the Laker fans were screaming for KB’s immediate trade. An interesting note is that Shaq was screaming trade KB for Kidd too – except that Kidd was actually in his prime at that time.

    Remind you of anything?

    Tables are turned – KB is now the veteran, and Bynum is the poor rookie forced to endure the wrath of the veteran and the Laker fans. Now KB is screaming for Kidd.

    Will Bynum become a superstar? I don’t know . . .the same way we didnt know KB would become a star – we just relied on real talent evaluators not a bunch of of wannabe, know it all, Monday morning quarterbacks (i.e., fans and radio personalities)

    The main problem is that we are spoiled – we expect championships – and when we dont get what we want we have to blame someone . . . unfortuantely, Mitch is that someone.

    Is Mitch good? Is he bad? I don’t know . . . but I do know that he is professional – he doesn’t name call, blame or expose anyone to the media – he just goes about his business the best way he knows how and takes his lumps. He never pointed to Buss for the Shaq exile – he took it on the chin. Mitch wasn’t the one who missed out on AK47, Mobley, and Manu for Devean, Celestand, and Jacobson.

    During the CBA era, while West was still here, Shaq was calling him out – saying Shaq’s the true GM, and they better get him some players – referring to the inability of KB, Eddie Jones, Van Exel, Elden Campbell, etc.

    “the grass is always greener” . . . let’s make Magic the GM? Was his coaching an indication of his brilliance of utilizing talent to achieve something?

    Is Mitch the best? No. Is he the worst? No.

    “I can do a better job of being GM!” – just because it works on paper, doesnt mean it will be agreed to. Let’s not forget, we are the Lakers – who in the world wants to help the best franchise achieve greatness again. We have to do it on our own – through talent evaluation (scout sytem), and patience (for our rookies to develop) – no not through free agency because the guy screaming the loudest didn’t take a smaller paycheck to have better talent put around him.

    Our ’00 championships were achieved through patience – waiting on a scrawny HS kid – and the small insignificant signings of aging veterans (Horry, Fox).

    The same people screaming that Miami is now screwed b/c they leveraged their team on an aging superstar are screaming for us to get KG . . . Is 1 championship enough to trade your current and future assets for? I don’t know, but let’s not be hypocritical

    My two cents . . .

  • http://www.myspace.com/slausonballer Sameer

    input …..everyone can say what they think n thats their take in it…n most gms have the power….but mitch doesnt wit buss vetoing it….so he cant use it making him powerless…

  • Darkblaze

    First of all, everyone blames Jim Buss for “hanging over Mitch and playing him as his puppet.” Never once did you give any fact as to how he’s using him. This article is just speculation. Anyone can speculate anything and write about it, it’s just a waste of time. Ok, it can be true that he is but you don’t give any facts. Learn to give facts and don’t be like ANY writer and just speculate.

  • nba analyst

    Dark Blaze……you have awfully high expectations of what this website is all about.

    Look, the concept of “Get Garnett” wedded to the idea that you get a bunch of folks on the internet to scream, holler, whine and have temper tantrums most seen in adolescent spoiled children….that somehow, NBA GM’s will turn stupid and give away one of the great players in the league to the Lakers. The same Laker players that are ripped left and right during the regular season…now all of a sudden are superstars worthy to be in a trade to bring in Kevin Garnett. As if Kevin McHale or Danny Ainge or Rod Thorn hasn’t seen the shortcomings of Lamar Odom and Kwame Brown….or haven’t been around long enough to understand the risk of Andrew Bynum.

    But I’m an addict…I have to keep coming back to see what the latest “connect the dots” scheme is among the myopic fans are. Kevin Garnett is eating at In-N-Out…gee, they don’t have those in Minneapolis…HE MUST BE COMING TO THE LAKERS. Garnett is seen at the most celebrity driven soccer match played on US soil in a decade…and it is in Los Angeles…..KG IS COMING TO THE LAKERS!!
    KG highlights were on ESPN Classic a day ago…ESPN is owned by Disney, which has a theme park in Anaheim…..KG IS COMING TO THE LAKERS!!

    So I’m as guilty as anyone….please, don’t let me spoil it….