Now that Bynum is evolving to a superstar, will the Lakers even bother talking to Indy? I mean, I doubt Indy would give up O’Neal without including Bynum in the package, right? Sound-off in the comments and tell us what you think!

HOOPSWORLD: There has been speculation recently that the Indiana Pacers will again open the door to trading Jermaine O’Neal. It’s not hard to see why that comes up, especially in light of how good Danny Granger is playing for the Pacers. Indiana sources contend trading O’Neal is not something the club is looking to do this season, but admitted an offseason sign-and-trade was possible if Jermaine indicated a desire to leave, something he has not done.

A Western conference source involved with a team that’s made passes at Indiana regarding O’Neal says that league-wide Jermaine is viewed as damaged goods. That means that while there is tremendous upside, his inability to stay healthy has really killed his trade value.

The source indicated Indiana will never get in return what he brings when he plays. With the turmoil going on in New Jersey and the teams with bloated contracts like New York and Dallas, it would seem that by the trade deadline, the offers would increase.

The real question on JO’s future seems to lie in his own desire to move, and his ability to stay healthy – it’s always dangerous to trade for a big man with knee problems and JO is wearing the “bionic” brace these days.


    hes not worth it. bynum showed all of us why the lakers didnt trade him

  • GetBisonDele

    oh no

    Let the “trade sasha kwame and a 2nd round pick for J.O” commence


  • kgmvp

    Trade Lamar and fillers for JO. That´s the only trade that we could do if we want this guy. We cannot trade Bynum!!!!

  • kobe_one_kanobe

    Now the b’itches are coming to us

  • Ignard

    Unless they’ll take Kwame’s contract and or Sasha or Luke and some draft picks The Lakers should say thanks but no thanks.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    kwame and luke for jo is enough, he is not worth it more, every one who plays against him this season has his best game (like stoudamire 42 – d-ho 30/15)
    his d is questionable, his offense always been, since he is the only center with less 50% filed goals…

  • blackmamba

    kwame, luke, crittenton… more than enough for that injury prone all-star… heck, we’d give them a better deal by throwing in sharpshooter vlad rad to make the contracts match.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

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    If players like Stoudamire and Howard have had thier best game when playing JO, why would you trade FOR him????

    If his D is questionable (which it is) and his offense is suspect (the only center that shoots less than 50%), then why would you give up Luke and Kwame for him???

    You’ve basically said, he’s not that good, which I agree with.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    well, i still think jo could be more valuable than luke & kwame
    but i would not give up more

  • ricky

    so 2 big name all-star caliber players in jason kidd and jermaine o’neal are now in trade talks. as much as i like kidd and what he can bring to the court..triple-doubles..i dont think its a good idea to compromise our young guards (farmar, javaris) for him. which is why i am going to support a jermaine o’neal trade instead or jason kidd.

    i think this would be the best trade

  • tdoom15

    I agree, Jo over Kidd if you have to choose one. And for whoever said JO’s defense is suspect, is…to put state it frankly is WRONG. Last season JO had his best defensive season EVER. He had his hopes up he’d be in LA over the summer, feels like he doesnt fit here, and doesnt want to be here. But mark my words, put him in LA and he will thrive, no doubt in my mind.

    If JO is suspect, it’s bc everyone like him who comes here, becomes suspect. I live in indy, followed the pacer’s for a long time, although LA is my team. Let me start by giving examples… S. Jack, Artest, Al Harrington, ect…all come here, and realize they can take it easy, sit out an extra 10 games with a sprained ankle, bc that seems to be the popular trend around here. However, look at them when they left. Al in ATL, Jack in GS, Artest in Sacto…all putting up career type numbers. My theory is the same will happen with jermaine IF he plays with a player like Kobe Bryant. Even if he misses 15 games a season, it’s not like the Laker’s cant survive with the players they have, and if he is ready for the playoffs, that is all that will matter.

    The basis of my proposal…3 way trade between, NJ, Ind, LAL.

    Lakers get: JO, Kidd, collins
    Nets get: Tinsley, Brown, Radman, LAL 1st rd pick
    Pacers get: Odom, Ariza, Farmar, LAL 2nd rd pick

    Lakers get: obviously a happy Kidd and JO, a chance to win now as well as keep their future intact with Java and Bynum.

    Nets get: Seasoned and talented PG in Tinsley while Williams develops (only his contract is somewhat unattractive). Expiring contract of Brown, and Radman who could be a consistant 3pt threat and some size in NJ. They also get rid of Kidd’s large contract and headaches, as well as a future first rd pick.

    Pacers get: Odom, that has size as well as speed and the ability to hit the 3 ball which Jim Obrien has been wanting. Ariza, freakish athlete who slashes and also is a PERFECT fit for the Pacers (besides you’ve got to think LA traded for Ariza to use primarily as trade bait, that was my first impression). They also get rid of Tinsley’s antics and contract, get a solid over-achieving player in Farmar, as well as a future 2nd rd pick.

    Obviously, that would be the main components for a 3-way deal, give or take a minor player or draft pick here or there, but in my opinion it seems to be a win-win situation for all teams. This is ofcourse assuming NJ doesnt get a much better offer for Kidd, which given the situation, he should be a buy cheap type of trade prospect…and as sexy as Terry and Stack (exp contract) sounds, Terry has a bad contract, and you dont get the draft pick.

    If that does not work, go after JO, if he can be had without giving up bynum or odom…GREAT, if the Pacer’s require odom, which they should and will bc they can get more else where, aka Chicago, I still say pull the trigger.

    At this point, with the current team, all of it’s success will depend on Bynum’s development, that is assuming LO snaps out of it and plays more consistantly, which he will. Either you try to win with what you have no in the next couple yrs, or trade for JO now. Giving up Kobe, in my opinion is not an option.

  • Edward

    I think JO no matter how bad (he can’t be worse than kwame) is the tough man we need in LA. He is strong, and can open up our team. Imagine the line-up.

    PG – Fish / Farm / Critt
    SG – Kobe / Critt
    SF – LO / Rad / Ariza
    PF – JO / Ronny
    C – Bynum / Mihm

    Seeing as we are doing okay without Kwame, the addition of JO would not hurt at all, and although Luke is a decent SF, Odom is consistently better than him, and Rad just kills is with his 3s when he’s able to make them, and when we need Ariza will take SF and Odom can always go back to being PF. Imagine a useful version of Kwame, and you have JO. We don’t need Kidd, we need a player that’s “Tough”.

  • Edward

    Oh, and free agents after this year:
    Baron, Arenas, Elton, Kidd, Marion

    I say we don’t have to resign some of our players. But anyways, if we can tough out a year Elton and JO although both injury prone, but when healthy Elton is better than JO hands down, and for around the same paycheck. So why not wait? A job in the same city where he won’t have to move is a good prospect to a player. Marion would be a good addition but I don’t think we can afford him. Either way, we need more big men, our guards are good as they are, so we couldn’t really use Arenas, Baron, or Kidd.

  • drake hunter

    As much as I like Kidd, I don’t oppose of trading for him but if I did have a choice, I would take JO instead and take a gamble on Kidd in the offseason. Either way getting at least one of these players will not only better the team, but gives us a chance to compete in a 7 game series with the rest of the best in the west in the playoffs. The following trade should work. Send Kwame, Ariza, and Crittenton and 2nd round pick to Indy for JO. I’d would say Walton but I think Indy would prefer Ariza for their uptempo offense. Crittenton will also get the chance in Indy that he won’t get in LA playing behind Farmar. Yes I’ve made my choice over the two and I chose Farmar. We have two home grown young PG’s with great potential so we can give up one for the other. Funny thing is that Crittenton actually makes more than Farmar. I think Walton is actually very good for the Lakers coming off the bench. He does all the little things that go unnoticed and is a very smart player. Either way, with this trade we rid ourselves of two players who really aren’t playing right now and one player who wasn’t on the team to start the year and we gain a player that can make a really big impact. This trade will make-up for Mitch throwing Mo Evans and not Vujacic into the Orlando trade and opens up yet another spot on the team. That can allow us to sign veterans to fill out the roster. These veterans don’t even need to play but as long as they are experienced can really help the growth of this team.

  • Flush Odumb

    Odumb, Kwame, Sasha, Walton, Mihmm draft picks. if a deal can be worked out with these pieces then fine.

    DonLt give our star bench playerd

  • Shaq786

    no more than, lamar, mihm, sasha, and a first rounder (or 2 second rounders)!… if we can get that done, PULL IT MITCH!

    otherwise, odom, kwame, farmar… for kidd, magloire, and malik allen!

  • Alvin

    Nope, no need to kill our chemistry. (unless its for Jkidd)

  • YalalaP the One

    do this trade in order to help bynum in the paint…

    the lakers will be a dominant force in the west after doing this trade…..i think indiana would love this trade they will have 5 young talents..

  • Flush Odumb

    I don’t know if JO is all that great. He seems to be injury prone and I thought his numbers have gone down the past few years.

    It might be better in the long run flush the crapola (i.e. Lame-ar, Kwame, Sasha, Mihm) at the end of the year and get a couple of decent free agents. Seems like there will be more to choose from then.

  • lakerfan81

    At this point in time I would not trade much to get JO. He is a 7′ tall jump shooter (at a pretty low percentage) with bad knees. If you can get him for real cheap, then I say go for it, but otherwise at this point he just is not worth a lot. If he comes back strong from his knee injuries by FEB then the asking price will go up. But I’m not sure if he is, my guess is that he has knee problem for the rest of his, probably short, career. I think his numbers will start to decline, they already are offensively, but I think his defensive numbers start to go down as well if not this year then by next.

  • jagjr10

    LO for JO

  • 24allup inya

    LO Kwame and 1 pick for JO should get it done.But who do you go after Kidd or JO???Al final el pendejo de Jerry no va hacer nada…


    For those that think JO is washed up or injury prone,let reiterate,HE IS OUR ONLY HOPE FOR A CHAMPIONSHIP but ONLY IF WE KEEP BYNUM(I even have to admit this YOUNGIN’is special).A combination of JO/AB will put a hurtin’on any team in the league.This would the most DANGEROUS COMBO IN RECENT memory or years.Kobe points will drop,which is what he wants to do because as we seen in FIBA international games,DEFENSE is the KEY.The PACK RULES!!!!

  • Fred A.

    Go Ricky, Go Ricky, Go Ricky This trade is what I looking for. Championship Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • fred0s

    Jermaine is a prick. If we get garbage like him, then we should only trade garbage out to get him, for example, Radmanovic, Brown, Mihm, Vujacic, you know, garbage players. Last year I would have said he was worth it, but this year, he just plain sucks. Hell, I think he is already turning into Steve Francis.

  • lakerschamps08

    hey people… um well i think just to get my 2 cents in, that we trade for JO AND KIDD IN SAME TRADE A THREE WAY and not give kobe,fisher,luke,ariza and try keep farmar out(not likely)… other one is just wishing but get kidd seperately and then get jo seperately and keep odom…hahaahah lol
    im pretty sure this is NO WAY GONNA HAPPEN BUT YEA…lol


    I like the fact that we at LAKERNATION are starting to think more of contending NOW as opposed to next year(not saying we’ll win it ALL but….).JO makes perfect since.Don’t be FOOLED into thinking he’s injury prone vets have a way of playing when they want to(SEE Vince Carter when he was a Toronto Raptor).Instead of building around Kobe,try building around “The KB/AB Connection”.The Pack Rules!!!

  • getgasol

    Trade Odom for him straight up. He’s not worth much more.