Great article on how important this playoff run is for Kobe and the Lakers.

ouryearFox Sports: Here’s what passes for adversity in Lakerland:

The team has failed, not once, not twice, but three times over the course of the 2008-09 season to post an eight-game winning streak.

Sure, a healthy-again Andrew Bynum — the Lakers’ other seven-footer — scored 22 the other night. But don’t be fooled by that. They still can’t beat Portland in Portland.

Even worse, there’s Jordan Farmar. What of his demotion to third-string point guard status? Say it ain’t so. Has Phil lost faith in him? Perish the thought.

Pretty soon, I hope. In the absence of authentic hardship, artificial obstacles were invented. The dearth of compelling storylines resulted in counterfeit ones. Curiously enough, the real angle has remained virtually ignored. Until now. The only way to judge this particular Lakers vintage is in the postseason. The line of demarcation separating success and disappointment could not be more clear. Anything short of a championship is failure, a resounding one at that.

You can’t say this about many teams. But it certainly applies here, to this Lakers team, to their championship coach, and their star, the reigning MVP. Kobe Bryant has been proclaimed Michael Jordan’s rightful heir — a title he sought — so many times that people have actually started believing it.

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  • Yash

    If lakers cant win this season IDK what to expect from the lakers. We got pretty easy tasks. No one is the west can compete with us, even the blazers, I believe if we meet them we will beat them in 5 or 6. Cuz Kobe wants to win there badly.

    If the game is tight u can expect this to happen again

  • Vibe


  • paulpierce_best

    what legacy kobe has no legacy? wth? lol. obvious that shaq carried that team to 3 peat. what legacy are u talking about lmao. not even close. lol

  • ME

    paul pierce…uhh please double check who YOU think is the best before you speak…one championship every 30 years doesnt count my friend.

  • Angelo Vergara

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    Looks like Celts are gonna have to wait another 30 years with KG gone. Hahaha.

  • dem0n

    Even though the Blazer is the dark horse for the Lakers on their home court but they haven’t win any game on the Lakers court either. they haven’t been in the playoff for the past 5 seasons. Especially when they don’t have anybody with playoff experience (maybe Steve Blake and one other player from them). There is nothing (IMO) that we will lose this time. THAT IS HOW CONFIDENT I AM WITH THE LAKERS!!!! I’ll just enjoy the game.

  • lakers2000

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    Where is Shaq now, dumbass? Haa Haa Haaa! Get a dog, name it life, and then you’ll have one! Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CG

    this article got me so pumped up.

    Where’s the respect?
    “Finally, on his way to the interview podium, Boston’s tipsy third-string center, Brian Scalabrine, told him to take heart. “Kobe,” Scalabrine shrugged apologetically, “You already got three.” Three rings, he meant.”

    p.s. does anyone know where to get that photo w/ kobe and the larry o’brien trophy?