Well done LeBron, you’ve shown the world how self-centered you are.

Fanhouse: Might LeBron James be starting a shoe war with Kobe Bryant?

Nike announced this week that three NBA stars will be wearing special shoes on Christmas Day. The cheapest of the three is Oklahoma City forward Kevin Durant’s Zoom KD III, which has a suggested retail price of $88 primarily because Durant doesn’t want a super expensive shoe.

The others that also will hit the stores Sunday are James’ LeBron 8 V/2, which has a suggested price of $160, and Bryant’s Zoom Kobe VI, which retails for $130. So the natural question is: Why in the heck does the Miami star’s shoe sell for $30 more?

“Yeah, it’s a better shoe,” James said Friday after a practice at UCLA on the eve of Miami’s Christmas Day battle with Bryant’s Lakers at the Staples Center. “But we’re all one Nike family.”

So why is it a better shoe?

“Because it is,” James said of his shoe, which is red with green laces while Bryant’s is green with red laces. “Because it’s LeBron’s shoe. It’s got my name on it. I take pride in my shoes every year and I’ve always taken pride in having the best shoe. So they’re going to cost a little more if you decide to wear them.”

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  • Heat Hater

    I really don’t like low-cut shoes. I’m afraid they’ll give lots of ankle sprains to users out there. Even if high tops don’t boost protection that much, I would still feel safer in them.

    • gameplan

      kobe had his finals shoes edition callled the big stage, and the ring ceremony which is the coolest color of all kobe v. Why did lebron doesn’t have eliminated edition and coward edition which is all white that means surrender.

  • Sisco

    I hate lebron for real go 24


    he’s supporting his own Shoes… Kobe would do the same… “Classless” lmao

  • 3StarAndTheSun

    Kobe doesnt care bout the shoe, he cares bout the ring

  • j.crack

    Those green Kobes that some of the players were wearing had to be the ugliest thing ive seen in a while hahaha. White & Yellow jerseys with neon green shoes = fail. LeBrons shoes matched their jerseys atleast. I prefer hightops also when Im playing ball but my friend has a pair of the Kobes & says they’re really light though & he likes how they feel.

  • mctina

    Maybe lechoke should worry less about his stupid shoes and worry more about rings he is such a little baby “waaa waa im better look at me im better cause i have no nba rings waa waa but i have cooler shoes” oh my how i would to see him get his shoes shovef down hos big mouth!!!

    • Lebron is scared

      Seriously. Doesn’t Lebron look like he’s about to cry everytime he starts complaining to the ref? “Waahhh I got fouled waaahhhh waaahhh. Do something ref!”

  • lakersnationisthebest

    what a self-centered beeeeeeooooootchhhhhhhh

  • http://LaNation MrDreLa

    Lebron’s shoes does look better;but are we playing basketball or is it a fashion show. Let’s go Lakers need to get back to a winning state of mind

  • http://LaNation MrDreLa

    It’s sickening watching your team play so horrible



    • http://deleted Short Dog Loc

      Bowass is a bitch.
      F Laqueen.


        Yeah, for those of you on twitter check out “The Games” comments to bitch bowwow after the game!

  • lakers0828

    Thats good Lebron You can have better shoes then kobe shoot you can even have better outfits then kobe but one thing your not better at is closing games and winning championships

  • I bought the Grinches

    That’s funny because when I was in line at Lakewood, demand seemed to lean more towards the Kobes. My name says it all!

  • Sonny

    LeBron is uglier than Kobe
    LeBron 26 looks older than Kobe 32

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