LeBron joins “The View” and says his favorite team to play against is the Los Angeles Lakers. Check out the video below:

Can Christmas day be further away?

  • Lakers 24 7

    Whoopie said many people call Lebron, “the best in basketball, one of the greatest of all time”

    one of the greatest of all time? Come on, really? LeBron IS great, but doesn’t have sh*t to back it up, besides an MVP award.

    • Talisa Sherman

      I totally agree!!!!

  • Lakers 24 7

    BTW, I thought there was gonna be a whole discussion on the Lakers, so I watched the whole 7 mins only to hear Lebron say “My favorite team to play against is the Los Angeles Lakers” at the last 10 seconds. lol

    • James

      LOL, seriously. I actually got some potato chips thinking I was going to really enjoy this 7 minute clip. Man, we got owned.

    • touchingmyself

      Yeah right!?! That’s like fcukin false advertisement or somethin man! We all just got duped sittin around watchin the View like a bunch of women waitin for somethin ground breakin to happen. Fcukin useless Whoopie bullsh!t! And why the hell was this video even posted? Lame!

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    why did i just sit and watch that whole vid? 7mins of my life gone….

    • willow

      Sh*t me too!!! I thought he was gonna emphasize on why the Lake Show is his favorite opponent but damn! It’s just 7 mins of my life I will never get back! Aaaahhhh!!!!!!

  • http://hooters.com RonArtestRepeat

    LeBron, when Kobe retires, Come team up with drew.

  • chad

    Thanks Chris. To save everyone the pain of watching an episode of the view – go to 6min 42sec of the clip and that is where you get the clip about the LAKERS. That was painful hahaha

  • 007

    AGREE. i watched that entire vid for 5 seconds worth exactly what Chris included in the title. geez. take the movie down and just keep the title.

  • http://www.jjceleb.com Megan Fox JJC

    Wow. He explained why he didn’t shake the Orlando Magic’s hands by comparing their appearance to the women on the show. What a douche. He doesn’t even realize he’s a role model to younger kids. He just made it okay to not congratulate someone because of their looks. Note I do not he was trying to joke around … but still; he should have answered it differently.

  • ricky

    Damn it! Wasted 7 minutes of my life watching him talk. I was hoping he was gonna go into detail with the Lakers and talk about his comparison to Kobe…oh well, it matters not because come the regular season, Kobe and the Lakers are gonna BEAST all other 29 teams and you can take that to the bank!

  • Short Dog

    Kobe is the greatest of all time. Then comes Magic. Kareem and so on. Lebron is the NBA’s baby-that’s all.

  • touchingmyself

    LeBrick is the only I know that likes to have his å$$ handed to him. Otherwise why would his favorite team to play against be the Lakers? Our boys embarrassed him twice last year, not to mention, we stopped their 19 game win streak! He can psyche himself up all he wants and convince himself that the Lakers are his favorite team to play against, but com’on now… what kid looks forward to going to school and gettin punked by the school bully who gives him a daily å$$ beatin and then takes his milk money away?

    Com’on LeHype, all that Dr Phil psycho babel of tryin to convince oneself to go through their fears doesn’t always work! And this is definitely one of those scenarios! You thought you got embarrassed last year? Man, I almost feal sorry for you for what you’ll have to endure this year! ALMOST… except I wanna see Kobe and his crew layeth the smack down on you and Snaq so badly! Can’t wait to open up that present this year!