USA Today: The on-court chemistry between Bryant and James has already been evident. It is similar to the Michael Jordan – Magic Johnson duo on the 1992 Dream Team when USA Basketball paired up the NBA’s greatest scorer with the league’s most creative facilitator.

“Being on the court with both of them is trouble,” said New Jersey Nets point guard Jason Kidd, who will make sure the right player gets the ball and who Bryant and James say is the true leader of the team. “You almost fall into the trap where you think you can do anything. Everybody wants to talk about wanting to play with me, but I want to play with those guys because they make the game so easy.”

“It’s easy,” James added. “You don’t have to second-guess yourself because he is there backing you up. I’ve always been quoted as saying Kobe Bryant is the best player in our league, and I’ll continue to say that. You automatically try to feast off of that. Why wouldn’t you? Why wouldn’t you want to copy the best player in the world to better your game?”

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  • keep24

    Phoenix Coach Mike D’Antoni, who marveled at his ferocity as Kobe won the All-Star MVP here in February, is marveling at him again as an assistant coach on this team.

    “He loves playing and he loves to compete and it just carries over,” said D’Antoni. “I think all the guys are doing it this summer. It’s been a joy.

    “No matter who we’re playing, what we’re doing, he’s competing. He works out like a fiend. I mean, he works out in the morning, at night. It’s pretty impressive.”

    Said Detroit guard Chauncey Billups: “I’ve always said from the beginning that I felt like Kobe was the best player in the league. We’re around a very elite group right now and you can still see his greatness.

    “The same can be said for a few more players but Kobe’s the cream of the crop out there.”

    The U.S. team may not be tested here, nor are the Lakers likely to get their questions answered. In both cases, that time is coming, but it’s not now.

  • magicbalala245

    LeBron knows he wants to copy he knows good job LeBron You know the best player in the game

  • keep24


    You better be working your @$$ off in the gym and on the court. The future of a once proud dynasty is resting on your shoulders!

    Hit the weights, grow some basketBALLS and try to show some heart.

    you’re not in Kansas anymore! This is LA!!!!!!!!

  • lakerfan81

    I know James is maybe the most physically gifted athlete in the NBA (though Howard is probably close behind), but I just don’t think his game fits the FIBA rules. He has no mid-range shot (though if he ever develops one and learns to use his freakish size and strength on the inside properly everyone will have to watch out), no outside shot, and he won’t get the calls he does in the NBA. The only reason he is out there is because NIKE sponsors the team. Here would be my twelve man roster for the Olympics, if i Could choose any US players:

    PG: Kidd, Billups
    SG: Kobe, Miller (or Redd), Wade or Iverson (or someone with a better outside shot)
    SF: Mello (or Lebron but not both), Bowen, Battier or Prince
    PF: Duncan, KG
    C: Chandler (or Camby but I’m not 100% sure where he is from), Howard

    Kobe and Duncan are the two best basketball players on the planet. Kidd makes everyone better. Bowen and Battier are both good shooter and defenders, Miller is a great defender and Wade or Iverson can create their own shot and get to the basket at will. Chandler is a great rebounder and shot blocker, and Howard is a freak of nature like Shaq was. This team has everything covered, Defense, offense, role players. Duncan and Kidd should help with chemistry since they both make everyone around them better and don’t mind other people having the spot light.

  • keep24

    “I know James is maybe the most physically gifted athlete in the NBA”


    I know that’s what the NBA and NIKE wants us to believe but why do Laker fans believe this?

    James and Wade are the two most over rated players in the league.

  • Ed

    keep 24, you made the smartest comment of the day.

    “James and Wade are the two most over rated players in the league.”

  • lakerfan81

    I’m not saying he is the best basketball player. There is a big difference between being physically gifted and being a good basketball player. He just has a great combination of size, strength and speed. There are a lot of holes in his game that need to be filled before he becomes a a great basketball player.